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[CAMEL-13951] Implement PostgresAggregationRepository to handle special PostgreSQL behavior

(cherry picked from commit 6974f9b60a504eb967b5e643254c441040df7f9c)

(cherry picked from commit 6f2348cf09a14ba4863e2364289a151da865fbcd)

(cherry picked from commit ab9746c1d3b0a2101f0d2d098212d26aacabb17d)

CAMEL-13951: Expose setter for transaction propagation using name. Fix tests

(cherry picked from commit 067e53c91f9691a3cbb2bf83dbe16a87e9fa3f46)

(cherry picked from commit 01b7916023680c24b9922b0bce56a22f9fb9a20e)

CAMEL-13951: Allow to set custom transaction propagation for camel-sql aggregation repository, which can be needed for Postgres with optimistick locking.

remove unnecessary comment code

(cherry picked from commit 33c143b257ae3da43f6a9f4177e8993772baaf37)

(cherry picked from commit 81a7b9a467dcabbbb0c327fa2656b280b87b6541)

(cherry picked from commit 241ad96dd8083f740605eaa4857c4057bfe5469a)

CAMEL-13931 tempFileName directory is not auto-created if it is relative before the endpoint path

[CAMEL-13942]UnitOfWork should be done after send back response

(cherry picked from commit 101c4eb80b4d1aa6bd267a72d8fe315f74d917a9)

(cherry picked from commit 4b176b5a3b7cbff552312fb443d3b4d98eb7d43d)



(cherry picked from commit 5746bbfe720f6449a73f43bc108c499965fcc14c)

CAMEL-13941: avoid NullPointerException when Conduit is null

CAMEL-13924 - failIfNoConsumers option does not work with enabled block option

CAMEL-12471: Fix overriding rabbit mq exchange name with EXCHANGE_OVERRIDE_NAME header.

Updating Commons Compress

[CAMEL-13898]ensure camel-cxf consumer can propagate protocol headers from camel exchange headers when throwing a soap fault

(cherry picked from commit e5bb417c5b1d06c9cee18443f0b30fbc808eae02)

(cherry picked from commit fdfa5b4c4c7ec301bf39dfc597bd6aaf6dcfeb21)

(cherry picked from commit cb6135a7bc018035594a9853f65891038dc5e7bd)

Updating CXF

Update to Jackson databind to pick up CVE fixes

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Updating Commons Beanutils

Upgrade Tika to version 1.22

CAMEL-13795: Fixed test

CAMEL-13795: Fixing the issue of already declared namespaces within the child (#3070)

* CAMEL-13795: Fixing inheritNamespaceToken if child already contains it

* CAMEL-13795: Fixing possible nullpointer

* CAMEL-13795: code cleanup

CAMEL-13770: Configuring Camel components with spring-boot should support Map/Set/List types as we did previously.

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CAMEL-13776 - backport issue fixed

Updating XML Security

CAMEL-13750: Omit JMSCorrelationID when sending with useMessageIDAsCorrelationID

[CAMEL-13424]avoid using hardcode port in test

(cherry picked from commit b13bbfd7c1dacaf126b72cbf5ba72a9c5b505c18)



(cherry picked from commit 31af2fc0966ae92e4bd412699ec6424ec93e39ae)

(cherry picked from commit 86126c61ab118f86f3ed0740e7677d34e39f1b43)

[CAMEL-13424]Rest Component custom routeId is not accessible in processor(added testcase from jira ensure it works now)

(cherry picked from commit 79c2ad868603255f79ebe7f9e660e498e64e0e2d)

(cherry picked from commit 3616ab9ea34c6ca1532b657179ca7ada6132907c)

(cherry picked from commit 0f7408b8944e6481c21c2212536f6a9f4b7dea83)

[CAMEL-13724]camel route customized id isn't correct if there are more than one Rest DSL route availble

(cherry picked from commit 457479046dec039ffb1e23e69f15804df71d34b8)

(cherry picked from commit 39ad88e5e0e2fe05f59dd7ab94d9fefed97f6ec0)

NO JIRA - Simplify test data

CAMEL-13466: CamelContext should stop routes which failed to start when Camel is shutting down. This is to ensure resources leaks etc from those failed routes are also stopped, eg in karaf or app servers to have all resources stopped when you undeploy. Thanks to Julien Greffe for reporting and a prototype fix and to Jean Baptiste for working on a PR.

CAMEL-13687: NotifyBuilder - Add fromCurrentRoute functionality

Incremented to SlfJ 1.7.26 (CAMEL-13696)

Fixed CS