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NO JIRA - Simplify test data

Add XML schema references for release 2.19.5

Signed-off-by: Gregor Zurowski <>

Fixed test

CAMEL-11962: Fixed adviceWith not working with onException.

Fixed and speedup test

Fix Checkstyle issues

Signed-off-by: Gregor Zurowski <>

Fix Checkstyle issues

Signed-off-by: Gregor Zurowski <>

Fix Checkstyle issues

Signed-off-by: Gregor Zurowski <>

CAMEL-12358: Camel-SMPP: Use timeout when creating socket connection

CAMEL-12352 - make system property uppercase if given lowercase in simple expression

CAMEL-12348: camel-core - Potential NPE in ExchangeHelper.isStreamCaching

CAMEL-12342 - Camel-weather: has been moved to

CAMEL-12335: Fixed NPE in camel-sjms consumer if synchronous=true. Polished the logging code a bit.

CAMEL-12291: Added unit test

CAMEL-12291: Fixed Blueprint error: name is already instanciated as null and cannot be removed. Thanks to gnodet for the patch.

CAMEL-12292: SnsProducer/SqsProducer setting MessageAttributes with empty values which causes errors

CAMEL-12305: IntrospectionSupport - Hide sensitive values when logging

CAMEL-12305: IntrospectionSupport - Reduce DEBUG logging level

CAMEL-12293: Avoid KeyAlreadyExistsException for listTypeConverters JMX operation

CAMEL-12289: camel-opentracing: URISyntaxException in AbstractSpanDecorator

CAMEL-12284: camel-beanio - Set encoding option does not work

CAMEL-12222: Fixed CS

CAMEL-12256 - AWS S3 Consumer does not return custom headers in S3 Headers

CAMEL-12222: RestSwaggerServlet - added option to suppress "translateContextPath"

CAMEL-12251: WARN about blueprint component definition problems

(cherry picked from commit 0bce5ce21f28ce998a01282c0fd3dd7e63fef859)

camel-mail: make MailConfiguration#setTo set the to field

CAMEL-12228: Print command fails in case of multiple copies

CAMEL-11996: RabbitConsumer could hang when RabbitMQ connection is lost and autoAck=false. Thanks to Joel Mongård for the unit test.

CAMEL-12181: XML Signature: '#' missing in ObjectReference attribute of XADES element DataObjectFormat

CAMEL-11976: Fixed enum types for docs was wrong after upgrade