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CAMEL-11630: Fixed CS. This closes #1883.

surrounded with try/catch/finally to ensure entity manager always closes

closing entity manager

[CAMEL-11623] Catch throwable

Catch throwable

"CAMEL-11620:Requiredement for date string to be longer than pattern is invalid

CAMEL-11608 - Camel-AWS: Camel-Kinesis needs Jackson Dataformat CBOR to work in OSGi

CAMEL-11607: Fix npe in MBeanInfoAssembler when debug is enabled.

If debug is enabled and cache is not initialised an npe is thrown

when stopping the component.



CAMEL-11572 - Fix camel-lumberjack component lifecycle

[CAMEL-11564]avoid ClassCastException when the gzip is enabled for the cxf endpoint with camel destination

(cherry picked from commit d154650b293b8158de8cb7a19c4fcbc25ba67130)

(cherry picked from commit 3a738454069a1bdbeb02df2a55aa6855a48296e2)

[CAMEL-11552] Provide FailureEvent interface as a general means of retrieving the cause

[CAMEL-11551] Use base class for route events

[CAMEL-11551] Use common base class for context events

camel-ftp: OsgiParserFactory#setClassResolver had no effect

CAMEL-11524-resolve conflict

CAMEL-11533-resolve conflict for 2.18.x

Fixed CS

CAMEL-11540: Fixed issue with turning off ProducerCache

CAMEL-11533-merge #1820 and resolve conflict for 2.18.x

CAMEL-11423 Fix minor copy/paste issue.

CAMEL-11423 Make camel-olingo2/4 ACCEPT headers RFC-7231 compliant.

CAMEL-11424 Fix potential endless wait in camel-olingo2 and camel-olingo4

CAMEL-11520 URL-encode hipchat room names

This allows messages to be sent to room names containing spaces or other URL-unsafe characters.

CAMEL-11510: camel-twitter fixed paging to use page and count options, so you can get more data, in some of the twitter actions.

Added a bit of logging

CAMEL-11477: Can not override isUseAdviceWith in CamelBlueprintTestSupport

Fixed CS

CAMEL-11477: Can not override isUseAdviceWith in CamelBlueprintTestSupport

CAMEL-11472 - [camel-box] missing Karaf feature dependency, thanks to Alexey Markevich for the patch


CAMEL-11469 Use remainder of uri to parse config

The configuration now uses the remainder of the uri to parse out the properties. This can now cope with a '//' or not and stops further string manipulation where it isn't needed