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NO JIRA - Simplify test data

CAMEL-12251: WARN about blueprint component definition problems

(cherry picked from commit 0bce5ce21f28ce998a01282c0fd3dd7e63fef859)

[CAMEL-12016] Since 2.16.3, ChannelFuture was never release when a connection error occurs. The fact is, pool.borrowObject(); (L224) didn't throw connection exception anymore.

Add schema references for release 2.18.5

Signed-off-by: Gregor Zurowski <>

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

  1. … 601 more files in changeset.
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-2.18.5

  1. … 601 more files in changeset.
Fix Checkstyle issue

Signed-off-by: Gregor Zurowski <>

Fix Checkstyle issue

Signed-off-by: Gregor Zurowski <>

CAMEL-11772 - Fix potential ClassCastException when creating the message ID in camel-sjms and camel-jms

CAMEL-11772 - Fix potential ClassCastException when creating the message ID in camel-sjms and camel-jms

CAMEL-11632: QuartzScheduledPollConsumerScheduler causes trigger misfires on each application start. Make this consumer more similar to the regular quartz consumer and how it start.

CAMEL-11681: camel-cxf - getting TypeConversionException when schema-validation-enabled=true for unwrapped response. Thanks to Chio Chuan Ooi for test case that show this regression.

CAMEL-11698: Make s3 consumer auto close s3objects if an exception was thrown during creating exchanges/batch to avoid leaking resources. Thanks to Mykhailo Vlakh for reporting.

CAMEL-11765: camel-undertow - Consumer adds duplicate headers

CAMEL-11750: SubmitOrderedCompletionService should avoid eating CPU cycles if a task is not ready and the returned delay value would be too fast, eg 1 nano which essentially would do a while loop with cpu active all the time.

CAMEL-11723: dump model as xml should use utf-8 encoding as input and output so the parsing is consistent regardless of default system encoding and when end user use special chars in the route descriptions.

CAMEL-11690: Fixed routing slip and dynamic router EIP to not trigger multiple async callback done on the other callback.


CAMEL-11750: Camel route with multicast (parallel) generate huge CPU load

Fixed issue with huge CPU load: added 1 second delay for a task that is 2nd in the queue order, 2sec for 3rd task, 3sec for 4th taks, etc. That helps to decrease CPU load and does not broke previous logic.

CAMEL-11755: toD should ignore when dynamic uri is empty

CAMEL-11523: Bridge properties parser should support default values as well. Thanks to Ronny Aerts for sample project to reproduce this issue.

CAMEL-11748 - Camel-Undertow: transferException option doesn't work

CAMEL-11728 - Camel-AWS S3: Avoid warn log message about content length

CAMEL-11706: Remove duplicate type converter methods from HBaseModelConverter

[CAMEL-11720]camel-google-drive should be able to honor the proxy configuraion from the camelContext

(cherry picked from commit 02b369800f3bbee9fb69d94ba076bcfb0e094362)

(cherry picked from commit b003c155fa2762a1eb9a54275fb737bf790c8f62)




CAMEL-11724 - Camel-Hdfs2: No need for initialDelay and delay as configuration properties since they are already parameters of ScheduledPollConsumer



[CAMEL-11719]add a string to ChildReference converter for camel-google-drive

(cherry picked from commit 3044de6223fa030c70c146d08967ac1984d4978c)

(cherry picked from commit d9a573862141be4f67c9c0ab02186e1118d595ce)

XML Security update

CAMEL-11716: added a test for error in handling return parameters in db functions

CAMEL-11716: Fix sql-stored to return result from function call