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[CAMEL-7295] camel-quickfix feature should install Mina 1.x bundles

Checked. Quickfix4j bundle correctly resolves all imported mina


CAMEL-7287: Fixed camel-sjms to use NoLocal as false which is the default in JMS spec. This can prevent camel-sjms from connecting to durable topics.

CAMEL-7286 fixed the same issue of other aws clients





CAMEL-7286 polish the code of SnsEndpoint

CAMEL-7286 Fixed the issue of amazonSNSEndpoint option

CAMEL-7284 Added the Missing setter for ApnsDelegate with thanks to Marcin

Updated the NOTICE.txt of apache-camel

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CAMEL-7277 camel-ssh should close the session when execution is finished.

CAMEL-7264 Added file path header when HDFS consumer pull the message

CAMEL-7262 fixed the NPE issue of calling String.replaceAll via simple expression in Karaf

CAMEL-7229 Fixed the issue of CxfRsProducer override bean bus

CAMEL-7258 camel-xmljson: add tests for marshalling and unmarshalling JSON arrays.

CAMEL-7258 Fix camel-xmljson elementName and arrayName settings when using the xmljson() DSL. This closes #105.

CAMEL-7256 Fixed the NPE of DefaultCxfRsBinding

CAMEL-7254: Fix IMAP peeking, use simpleName() for classcheck

Signed-off-by: david <>

Updated the spring.schemas files after Camel 2.12.3 release






CAMEL-7241 Fixed the ByteBuffer to String conversion issue

CAMEL-7239 Address the SchemaFactory thread safe issue.

Improved javadoc contract of idempotent repo.

CAMEL-7223: Avoid using hard-coded ports for the unit-tests

CAMEL-7223: Avoid using hard-coded ports for the unit-tests Conflicts: components/camel-solr/src/test/java/org/apache/camel/component/solr/

CAMEL-7219: Fixed language component to be able to load resources from classpath.

CAMEL-7213 NIOConverter need to call flip() when we put something into the buffer

CAMEL-7209 Fixed the unit test failure of XmlConverterTest

CAMEL-7209 Fixed the issue that NIOConverter.toByteArray return bad data with thanks to Radek

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-2.11.4

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Bump version range even higher for jsch, consistent with newer camel versions

Update version range for jsch so that feature validation doesn't fail

upgrade jsch 0.1.49 to 0.1.50