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modified poms for release 1.5.14

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Use mvn7 so that it uses Java 7 for the release. With Java 8 the build fails with Javadoc lint errors

Add maven-toolchains-plugin to be able to use Java 7+ for deployment and Java 1.5 for the build itself

WICKET-6005 allow updating of whole page

WICKET-5974 check whether container has setOutputMarkupId(true)

WICKET-5927 Velocity Remote Code Exception

Use custom velocity.properties for wicket-examples that is more strict and doesn't allow usage of class loaders

(cherry picked from commit 3e418cd4a22b1af3a854cfb994166b40f53915d3)

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WICKET-5838 Last-modified header of external markup is ignored

Remove urlConnection#setDoInput(false) when checking for the last modification time of a URL.

The commit that introduced this change assumed that the URL is always pointing to a file in some .jar but this is not correct - the resource could be remote too.

(cherry picked from commit e93fdd5ab088d8638c5f1f58e2d337823cbcc020)

WICKET-5756 Allow to use custom ciphers when using SunJceCrypt class

WICKET-5714 MockHttpServletRequest.buildRequest() should work for parameters with multiple values with multipart content type

Add the changelog for 1.5.11 and 1.5.12

Escape the value of the hidden field holding the focused element id

WICKET-5668 StringResourceModel with custom locale

(cherry picked from commit 98404f5541fee8064ff01dee7ff7f4209669245c)

WICKET-5643 WebPageRenderer should bind a Session if redirect is required and the session is temporary.

Check for "" too.

Log as an ERROR and do nothing more to really prevent serving a response to another client

(cherry picked from commit 8e24bfbd46a37103ea635bda63988c50c84d606e)

WICKET-5643 WebPageRenderer should bind a Session if redirect is required and the session is temporary.

(cherry picked from commit 0b2dbaab794918c159f913b50fbfb2958deb98d9)

WICKET-5502 Patch FileUploadBase to fix CVE-2014-0050

(cherry picked from commit b7fe180d850da71b0ac639ff741b0c590b4cd6eb)

WICKET-5491 Wicket.DateTime.getViewportHeight() returning undefined on IE8, positions calendar out of viewport

WICKET-5492 WebApplication ignores a SecurityException when reading the configuration type

(cherry picked from commit e5086fa35798649fe15b77ed12f6dc09ecb9ed75)

Return error code 404 (Not found) for blocked resources in production mode.

In dev mode return 500 so the user can see the error displayed on the screen and fix it

(cherry picked from commit dbad8851b184f4df81b61544fdabac6659029e0f)

Add a step to remove the previous version

WICKET-5416 BOM in UTF markup file breaks encoding detection

Copy BOMInputStream, ByteOrderMark and ProxyInputStream from commons-io 2.4 (http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/commons/proper/io/trunk/src/main/java/org/apache/commons/io/input/)

WICKET-5351 ResourceStreamResource should use the locale rs, not the member field

Same problem as WICKET-4632, but in the 1.5.x branch (4632 was only fixed in 6.x)

Upgrade maven-javadoc-plugin.

Version 2.9.1 contains fix for Javadoc vulnerability (CVE-2013-1571 [1], VU#225657 [2])

See http://markmail.org/message/3smkmpyvx4i4kphw

Fix WICKET-5259: skip username+password when searching for portnumber



WICKET-5256 Allow configuring the resource used by ResourceStreamRequestHandler

WICKET-5247 don't map handler when value for required placeholder is missing

WICKET-5234 OnEventHeaderItem can't be applied via AJAX

WICKET-5234 OnEventHeaderItem can't be applied via AJAX

restore default timezone after test