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LUCENE-5944: delete old branch_4x
SOLR-6115: Cleanup enum/string action types in Overseer, OverseerCollectionProcessor and CollectionHandler
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LUCENE-5958: OOM or exceptions during checkpoint make IndexWriter have a bad day
LUCENE-5957: Add option for tests to not randomize codec (merged 1625812)
allow for write.lock (NativeFSLF leaves this) too
i before e except after c
Merged revision(s) 1625788 from lucene/dev/trunk:

fix test-help documentation bug

SOLR-6482: Add an onlyIfDown flag for DELETEREPLICA collections API command
LUCENE-5958: add more efficient test
give MDW verbosity when it throws deterministic exception
LUCENE-5949: Add Accountable.getChildResources
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LUCENE-5820: SuggestStopFilter should have a factory (merged trunk r1625193, r1625194, and r1625197)
  1. /dev/branches/branch_4x/lucene/suggest/src/resources
SOLR-6507: Fixed several bugs involving stats.field used with local params (merge r1625163)
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Merged revision(s) 1624924 from lucene/dev/trunk:

Don't use a SimpleFSLockFactory for RAMDirectoryFactory in Solr (fails tests in trunk)

Merged revision(s) 1624837 from lucene/dev/trunk:

Fix problem with open files on windows

Merged revision(s) 1624786 from lucene/dev/trunk:

Remove dead target

detect invalid major version when writing .si
LUCENE-5930: IntelliJ config: drop resource-only modules, add module groups, and add module for lucene/backward-codecs, and fix up a bunch of other little issues (merged trunk r1624671 and r1624689)
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LUCENE-5939: Fix backcompat test to not look for numerics in <= 3.2 (instead of <= 3.1)
LUCENE-5939: Add changes entry (merged 1624661)
LUCENE-5939: Regenerate old backcompat indexes to ensure they were built with the exact release
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SOLR-6508: SolrSchemalessExampleTests -> SolrSchemalessExampleTest (removed trailing 's' blocking execution under Ant); example-schemaless solr home is now copied to a temp dir before executing the tests. (merged trunk r1624616)
Increase min id length to allow ids past 10k
SOLR-6452: StatsComponent's stat 'missing' will work on fields with docValues=true and indexed=false
SOLR-6323: changed overank combined query elevation test.
SOLR-6323: ReRankingQParserPlugin should handle paging beyond number reranked
SOLR-6501: Binary Response Writer does not return wildcard fields
LUCENE-5925: use rename instead of segments_N fallback/segments.gen
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LUCENE-5933: fix eol-style
SOLR-6231: Remove debug code that shouldn't have been committed at all