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merged pylucene_3_6 into branch_3x
added rule for bootstrapping ivy
added (Thomas Koch)
version 3.6.0
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- added JavaList to, a Python java.util.List (Thomas Koch)

move to release branch
SOLR-3316: Distributed grouping failed when rows parameter was set to 0 and sometimes returned a wrong

hit count as matches.

SOLR-3331: sync LICENSE.txt too
SOLR-3331: solr NOTICE.txt is missing information
Merged revision(s) 1310303 from lucene/dev/trunk:

LUCENE-3962: Fix missing entries in CHANGES.txt before release of 3.6.

fix smokeTestRelease to not expect lib/ (instead test-framework), and temporary disable the requirement that all classes have some javadocs (see LUCENE-3887, more work to be done there for another day
Add support for passing through new tests.* system properties; also, provide default values for all of them
unconfuse NOTICE.txt files (jar locations etc)
LUCENE-3946: some tips on dealing with ant classpath in the ivy avail check error
LUCENE-3952: validate depends on compile-tools, which does too much
LUCENE-3945: use sha1 checksums to verify jars pulled from ivy match expectations
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LUCENE-3951: fix ivy resolve invocation in the bootstrap profile in the Lucene/Solr grandfather POM to handle both the case where sysprop ivy.default.ivy.user.dir is set and where it is not
LUCENE-3951: Include ivy resolve invocation to download the patched jetty test dependencies in the bootstrap profile in the Lucene/Solr grandfather POM
add ivy-check for these special inline usages too
nuke obsolete comment
LUCENE-1866: exclude deprecated russian test file (detected as binary locally, but not on hudson)
LUCENE-1866: remove merge oops (double import)
LUCENE-1866: add exclusion for bocchan test file
LUCENE-1866: better RAT reporting
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LUCENE-3947: fix rat-sources task to work with tools/ directories
SOLR-3310: nuke the solr-langdetect maven packaging
LUCENE-3944: Make the 'generate-maven-artifacts' target use filtered POMs placed under lucene/build/poms/, rather than in each module's base directory. The 'clean' target now removes them.
fix URLs in docs to not rely on redirects (merge r1309022)
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tweak build instructions related to ivy bootstraping (merge r1309015)
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