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HDFS-13547. Add ingress port based sasl resolver. Contributed by Chen Liang.

YARN-8568. Replace the deprecated zk-address property in the HA config example in ResourceManagerHA.md (bsteinbach via rkanter)

(cherry picked from commit 8478732bb28e9e71061d6b4a043a3a1b5c688902)

HADOOP-15571. Multiple FileContexts created with the same configuration object should be allowed to have different umask. Contributed by Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli.

(cherry picked from commit 629f7008b531bad469903e6a1f6f8cb4be691f36)

Revert "HDFS-13641. Add metrics for edit log tailing. Contributed by Chao Sun."

This reverts commit c83b1fc668d30045cca23e1cbe00c9accb30d644.

HDFS-13641. Add metrics for edit log tailing. Contributed by Chao Sun.

(cherry picked from commit 8e7548d33be9c4874daab18b2e774bdc2ed216d3)

Update CHANGES, RELEASENOTES, and jdiff for 3.0.3 release. (cherry picked from commit 5a82f10e3254bc0745c2dda6bcef888d3ff0d1c3)

Add 2.9.1 release notes and changes documents

(cherry picked from commit f3f544b00475583c4c9fe52be0d2004390979bd0)

(cherry picked from commit a700d05f72b3695722f652626d35668f34e35285)

Update CHANGES, RELEASENOTES, and jdiff for 3.0.2 release.

(cherry picked from commit f6ecb76d0b919b9836600fe28ec9e637b223cd54)



(cherry picked from commit 42e82f02812c38f2965bd5fccbf71bed6ff89992)

Update 3.0.1 jdiff file and jdiff stable api version (cherry picked from commit 4859cd7cc936d5fcf115a2f1cb06fe45a742ff5d)

Update releasenotes and changelogs for 3.0.1 release (cherry picked from commit 98d7a5aaef2bbef46e0e7b6c876490f9235c59f5)

Revert "HADOOP-15027. AliyunOSS: Support multi-thread pre-read to improve sequential read from Hadoop to Aliyun OSS performance. (Contributed by Jinhu Wu)"

This reverts commit 082a707bae4bb97444a34c00eecd62975807388d.

HDFS-9049. Make Datanode Netty reverse proxy port to be configurable. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.

(cherry picked from commit 09efdfe9e13c9695867ce4034aa6ec970c2032f1)

HADOOP-15027. AliyunOSS: Support multi-thread pre-read to improve sequential read from Hadoop to Aliyun OSS performance. (Contributed by Jinhu Wu)

(cherry picked from commit 9195a6e302028ed3921d1016ac2fa5754f06ebf0)

(cherry picked from commit 55142849db02a9191db0dd6f4e1401ff19ec242a)

HDFS-13004. TestLeaseRecoveryStriped.testLeaseRecovery is failing when safeLength is 0MB or larger than the test file. (Zsolt Venczel via lei)

(cherry picked from commit 3bd9ea63df769345a9d02a404cfb61323a4cd7e3)

HDFS-12919. RBF: Support erasure coding methods in RouterRpcServer. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

YARN-7727. Incorrect log levels in few logs with QueuePriorityContainerCandidateSelector. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph.

(cherry picked from commit 128d773a2315fa6baaa3a52b13c53c77e741b69c)

YARN-7590. Improve container-executor validation check. Contributed by Eric Yang.

(cherry picked from commit bc285da)

YARN-7735. Fix typo in YARN documentation. Contributed by Takanobu Asanuma.

(cherry picked from commit fbbbf59c82658e18dad7e0e256613187b5b75d0f)

HDFS-12802. RBF: Control MountTableResolver cache size. Contrubuted by Inigo Goiri.

(cherry picked from commit d9006d8a4e34eae78dfa1cf3be50eeb81c2fc11f)

HADOOP-15060. TestShellBasedUnixGroupsMapping.testFiniteGroupResolutionTime flaky. Contributed by Miklos Szegedi.

(cherry picked from commit 12d0645)

YARN-7665. Allow FS scheduler state dump to be turned on/off separately from FS debug log. (Wilfred Spiegelenburg via Haibo Chen)

(cherry picked from commit 8ee7080e5da15d8841d5f7bbf72ca033905c9751)

HDFS-12994. TestReconstructStripedFile.testNNSendsErasureCodingTasks fails due to socket timeout. (Contributed by Lei (Eddy) Xu)

(cherry picked from commit 47563d86fe6ba1a2de934c9ed740d0aafbf72d4e)

YARN-7716. metricsTimeStart and metricsTimeEnd should be all lower case in the doc.

(cherry picked from commit f725b9e267c604fbcec09956e3a39caf04798809)

YARN-6948. Invalid event: ATTEMPT_ADDED at FINAL_SAVING. Contributed by lujie

(cherry picked from commit 90c86d6e090d668414681fcb5eb02add5d419b33)

YARN-7663. RMAppImpl:Invalid event: START at KILLED. Contributed by lujie

(cherry picked from commit ebff4decfe86571d203859928e28e6855862737b)



YARN-7508. NPE in FiCaSchedulerApp when debug log enabled in async-scheduling mode. Contributed by Tao Yang.

(cherry picked from commit b26e30ab1655a8cdf369862a5512db5c2a88ec46)

HDFS-12945. Switch to ClientProtocol instead of NamenodeProtocols in NamenodeWebHdfsMethods. Contributed by Wei Yan.

(cherry picked from commit 2ee0d64aceed876f57f09eb9efe1872b6de98d2e)

YARN-7699. queueUsagePercentage is coming as INF for getApp REST api call. Contributed by Sunil G.

HDFS-11848. Enhance dfsadmin listOpenFiles command to list files under a given path. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

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HDFS-12988. RBF: Mount table entries not properly updated in the local cache. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

(cherry picked from commit 83b513ac6d5448f3771b0b95f91e7aa7961ae2cc)