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HDFS-15446. CreateSnapshotOp fails during edit log loading for /.reserved/raw/path with error java.io.FileNotFoundException: Directory does not exist: /.reserved/raw/path. Contributed by Stephen O'Donnell.

HADOOP-17090. Increase precommit job timeout from 5 hours to 20 hours. (#2111). Contributed by Akira Ajisaka.

Signed-off-by: Ayush Saxena <ayushsaxena@apache.org>

HADOOP-17032. Fix getContentSummary in ViewFileSystem to handle multiple children mountpoints pointing to different filesystems (#2060). Contributed by Abhishek Das.

YARN-9903: Support reservations continue looking for Node Labels. Contributed by Jim Brennan (Jim_Brennan).

HDFS-15421. IBR leak causes standby NN to be stuck in safe mode.

(cherry picked from commit c71ce7ac3370e220995bad0ae8b59d962c8d30a7)

HDFS-15436. Default mount table name used by ViewFileSystem should be configurable (#2100)

* HDFS-15436. Default mount table name used by ViewFileSystem should be configurable

* Replace Constants.CONFIG_VIEWFS_DEFAULT_MOUNT_TABLE use in tests

* Address Uma's comments on PR#2100

* Sort lists in test to match without concern to order

* Address comments, fix checkstyle and fix failing tests

* Fix checkstyle

(cherry picked from commit bed0a3a37404e9defda13a5bffe5609e72466e46)

HDFS-15429. mkdirs should work when parent dir is an internalDir and fallback configured. Contributed by Uma Maheswara Rao G.

(cherry picked from commit d5e1bb6155496cf9d82e121dd1b65d0072312197)

HDFS-15427. Merged ListStatus with Fallback target filesystem and InternalDirViewFS. Contributed by Uma Maheswara Rao G.

(cherry picked from commit 7c02d1889bbeabc73c95a4c83f0cd204365ff410)

HDFS-15418. ViewFileSystemOverloadScheme should represent mount links as non symlinks. Contributed by Uma Maheswara Rao G.

(cherry picked from commit b27810aa6015253866ccc0ccc7247ad7024c0730)

HDFS-15406. Improve the speed of Datanode Block Scan. Contributed by hemanthboyina

(cherry picked from commit 123777823edc98553fcef61f1913ab6e4cd5aa9a)

SPNEGO TLS verification

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit 81d8a887b0406380e469c76ed2e41022a6372dd7)

HDFS-15403. NPE in FileIoProvider#transferToSocketFully. Contributed by hemanthboyina.

(cherry picked from commit f41a144077fc0e2d32072e0d088c1abd1897cee5)

HDFS-15387. FSUsage#DF should consider ViewFSOverloadScheme in processPath. Contributed by Uma Maheswara Rao G.

(cherry picked from commit 785b1def959fab6b8b7ffff66410bcd240feee13)

(cherry picked from commit 120ee793fc4bcbf9d1945d5e38e3ad5b2b290a0e)

YARN-10312. Add support for yarn logs -logFile to retain backward compatibility. Contributed by Jim Brennan

HADOOP-17060. Clarify listStatus and getFileStatus behaviors inconsistent in the case of ViewFs implementation for isDirectory. Contributed by Uma Maheswara Rao G.

(cherry picked from commit 93b121a9717bb4ef5240fda877ebb5275f6446b4)

YARN-10295. CapacityScheduler NPE can cause apps to get stuck without resources. Contributed by Benjamin Teke

YARN-10296. Make ContainerPBImpl#getId/setId synchronized. Contributed by Benjamin Teke

YARN-10300: appMasterHost not set in RM ApplicationSummary when AM fails before first heartbeat. Contributed by Eric Badger (ebadger).

(cherry picked from commit 56247db3022705635580c4d2f8b0abde109f954f)

HDFS-15211. EC: File write hangs during close in case of Exception during updatePipeline. Contributed by Ayush Saxena. *Added missed test file.

Revert "MAPREDUCE-7277. IndexCache totalMemoryUsed differs from cache contents. Contributed by Jon Eagles (jeagles)."

This reverts commit 6bf255b4ead3130d45a8483245b65e742a19642f.

HADOOP-17047. TODO comment exist in trunk while related issue HADOOP-6223 is already fixed. Contributed by Rungroj Maipradit

HADOOP-17059. ArrayIndexOfboundsException in ViewFileSystem#listStatus. Contributed by hemanthboyina

HDFS-15396. Fix TestViewFileSystemOverloadSchemeHdfsFileSystemContract#testListStatusRootDir. Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

(cherry picked from commit a8610c15c498531bf3c011f1b0ace8eddddf61f2)

HDFS-15389. DFSAdmin should close filesystem and dfsadmin -setBalancerBandwidth should work with ViewFSOverloadScheme. Contributed by Ayush Saxena

(cherry picked from commit cc671b16f7b0b7c1ed7b41b96171653dc43cf670)

(cherry picked from commit bee2846bee4ae676bdc14585f8a3927a9dd7df37)

HADOOP-17029. Return correct permission and owner for listing on internal directories in ViewFs. Contributed by Abhishek Das.

(cherry picked from commit e7dd02768b658b2a1f216fbedc65938d9b6ca6e9)

HDFS-15330. Document the ViewFSOverloadScheme details in ViewFS guide. Contributed by Uma Maheswara Rao G.

(cherry picked from commit 76fa0222f0d2e2d92b4a1eedba8b3e38002e8c23)

(cherry picked from commit 418580446b65be3a0674762e76fc2cb9a1e5629a)

HDFS-15386. ReplicaNotFoundException keeps happening in DN after removing multiple DN's data directories (#2052)

Contributed by Toshihiro Suzuki.

(cherry picked from commit 545a0a147c5256c44911ba57b4898e01d786d836)



YARN-10286. PendingContainers bugs in the scheduler outputs. Contributed by Andras Gyori

HADOOP-17056. Addendum patch: Fix typo

(cherry picked from commit 5157118bd7f3448949da885e323c163828c35aee)

HADOOP-17062. Fix shelldocs path in Jenkinsfile (#2049)

(cherry picked from commit 704409d53bf7ebf717a3c2e988ede80f623bbad3)