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HADOOP-16581. Revise ValueQueue to correctly replenish queues that go below the watermark (#1463)

(cherry picked from dd0834696a694564af65a1355c9d13275f44df51)

HADOOP-16069. Support configure ZK_DTSM_ZK_KERBEROS_PRINCIPAL in ZKDelegationTokenSecretManager using principal with Schema /_HOST. Contributed by luhuachao.

(cherry picked from commit 298f07abceb4bb854630c9058e1697d4ef3d2ae2)

HADOOP-16582. LocalFileSystem's mkdirs() does not work as expected under viewfs. Contributed by Kihwal Lee

(cherry picked from commit d4205dce176287e863f567b333e0d408bf51ae6d)

HDFS-14822. [SBN read] Revisit GlobalStateIdContext locking when getting server state id. Contributed by Chen Liang.

HDFS-13959. TestUpgradeDomainBlockPlacementPolicy is flaky. Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

(cherry picked from commit 1851d06eb3b70f39f3054a7c06f0ad2bc664aaec)

HDFS-14836. FileIoProvider should not increase FileIoErrors metric in datanode volume metric. Contributed by Aiphago.

Reviewed-by: He Xiaoqiao <hexiaoqiao@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit 5dd859a8a0d038ff04acbb96741a215d6a0e8c29)

YARN-2255. YARN Audit logging not added to log4j.properties. Contributed by Aihua Xu.

(cherry picked from commit f8c14326ee0026f2c57a4d061bff5fadec74b74d)

YARN-9837. Fixed reading YARN Service JSON spec file larger than 128k. Contributed by Tarun Parimi

(cherry picked from commit eefe9bc85ccdabc2b7303969934dbce98f2b31b5)

YARN-9833. Race condition when DirectoryCollection.checkDirs() runs during container launch. Contributed by Peter Bacsko.

(cherry picked from commit c474e24c0b73c0f52a7d5af2495355f4a0799344)

HDFS-14303. Addendum: check block directory logic not correct when there is only meta file, print no meaning warn log. Contributed by qiang Liu.

HADOOP-16555. Update commons-compress to 1.19. (#1425) Contributed by YiSheng Lien.

(cherry picked from commit 1843c4688a3040c48f6834d166494cbf68b5e4fd)



HDFS-14699. Erasure Coding: Storage not considered in live replica when replication streams hard limit reached to threshold. Contributed by Zhao Yi Ming.

(cherry picked from commit d1c303a49763029fffa5164295034af8e81e74a0)

HDFS-14838. RBF: Display RPC (instead of HTTP) Port Number in RBF web UI. Contributed by Xieming Li

(cherry picked from commit c255333e20c9af6166db5931d70151011d540359)

YARN-9824. Fall back to configured queue ordering policy class name

(cherry picked from commit f8f8598ea5e86330fa5b553963f5632da286409d)

YARN-9821. NM hangs at serviceStop when ATSV2 Backend Hbase is Down. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph.

YARN-9820. RM logs InvalidStateTransitionException when app is submitted. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph

YARN-9764. Print application submission context label in application summary. Contributed by Manoj Kumar

(cherry picked from commit 43e389b9801e09741fdf78fef067b8ac60f691c8)

Preparing for 3.2.2-SNAPSHOT development.

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YARN-9813. RM does not start on JDK11 when UIv2 is enabled. (Adam Antal/Eric Yang via wangda)

Change-Id: I18b8edc930b2efa0652f59c246931ad0d46827f3

(cherry picked from commit 34b82e6da0a471010cdae613ba39487889d79369)

YARN-8995. Log events info in AsyncDispatcher when event queue size cumulatively reaches a certain number every time(addendum). Contributed by Jonathan Hung.

YARN-9795. ClusterMetrics to include AM allocation delay. Contributed by Fengnan Li.

YARN-9817. Fix failing testcases due to not initialized AsyncDispatcher - ArithmeticException: / by zero. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph.

HADOOP-16255. Add ChecksumFs.rename(path, path, boolean)

Contributed by Jungtaek Lim

Change-Id: If00a4d7d30456c08eb2b0f7e2b242197bc4ee05d

YARN-9763. Print application tags in application summary. Contributed by Manoj Kumar

YARN-9761. Allow overriding application submissions based on server side configs. Contributed by Pralabh Kumar

YARN-9810. Add queue capacity/maxcapacity percentage metrics. Contributed by Shubham Gupta

(cherry picked from commit 0ccf4b0fe16a8c879a560f2a612a3185eb2df72b)

YARN-9718. Fixed yarn.service.am.java.opts shell injection. Contributed by Eric Yang

(cherry picked from commit 2e2e5401f297545181323b126a69eaa2239afb02)

YARN-8995. Log events info in AsyncDispatcher when event queue size cumulatively reaches a certain number every time. Contributed by zhuqi.

YARN-9804. Update ATSv2 document for latest feature supports.

YARN-9785. Fix DominantResourceCalculator when one resource is zero. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt, Sunil Govindan, Bilwa S T.

(cherry picked from commit bb26514ba9e8a038749c4acd592a47d5cd5bf92a)