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Revert "HDFS-14759. HDFS cat logs an info message."

This reverts commit cd2785ceb1bca693bc083060adf8aac149310c6a.

Revert "HADOOP-16061. Upgrade Yetus to 0.10.0"

This reverts commit 565751e73901fb0e4017297480e8cc272d06f915.

(cherry picked from commit 244385d7ebcb846acd896f49d1ee958043a86d87)

Set version to 3.1.3 and preparing for 3.1.3 release.

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YARN-9785. Fix DominantResourceCalculator when one resource is zero. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt, Sunil Govindan, Bilwa S T.

YARN-9797. LeafQueue#activateApplications should use resourceCalculator#fitsIn. Contributed by Bilwa S T.

(cherry picked from commit 03489124ea1b8d5648ade5e3563e39b5bc323384)

Revert "HDFS-14706. Checksums are not checked if block meta file is less than 7 bytes. Contributed by Stephen O'Donnell."

This reverts commit d42b48d4d0aa08f7570c0f3a80e7fbf58833a6b2.

HDFS-14706. Checksums are not checked if block meta file is less than 7 bytes. Contributed by Stephen O'Donnell.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit 915cbc91c0a12cc7b4d3ef4ea951941defbbcb33)

(cherry picked from commit 2c7f49743fba587e32398c81412db9eac426cf98)

HDFS-14633. The StorageType quota and consume in QuotaFeature is not handled for rename. Contributed by Jinglun.

(cherry picked from commit 62d71fbac3789c7d484bc76ced9ec7fa6ff94de1)

HDFS-8178. QJM doesn't move aside stale inprogress edits files. Contributed by Istvan Fajth.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

HDFS-12212. Options.Rename.To_TRASH is considered even when Options.Rename.NONE is specified. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.

Make DataNodePeerMetrics#minOutlierDetectionSamples configurable (#1314). Contributed by Lisheng Sun.

Signed-off-by: sunlisheng <sunlisheng@xiaomi.com>

(cherry picked from commit 915271245b9a3f682409db380eb311ffd465b041)

(cherry picked from commit b516d2ea7b2b96a1af350edd7964d3e082ee4fe7)

HDFS-14706. Checksums are not checked if block meta file is less than 7 bytes. Contributed by Stephen O'Donnell.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit 7bebad61d9c3dbff81fdcf243585fd3e9ae59dde)

(cherry picked from commit 9c0d6e16573a055665318bce8f7d38a92c897393)

YARN-9756: Create metric that sums total memory/vcores preempted per round. Contributed by Manikandan R (manirajv06).

(cherry picked from commit d562050cec83a2bc2ffb6d109ed3d64b394b870d)

YARN-9438. launchTime not written to state store for running applications

(cherry picked from commit 9568656cd21d9c02168e18ce35c6726077bbf3a1)

(cherry picked from commit 0c498de6e87c6bdc959afa31deb03d0907e0e1a1)

HDFS-14779. Fix logging error in TestEditLog#testMultiStreamsLoadEditWithConfMaxTxns

(cherry picked from commit 8ab7020e641e65deb002a10732d23bb22802c09d)

(cherry picked from commit d255efa5f8dc57c1411ec2fe040bd22516393edd)

YARN-9775. RMWebServices /scheduler-conf GET returns all hadoop configurations for ZKConfigurationStore. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph

(cherry picked from commit 8660e48ca15098e891c560beb3181c22ef3f80ff)

(cherry picked from commit e4249c320257586384035ea3fc286fe54cc699a1)

YARN-9642. Fix Memory Leak in AbstractYarnScheduler caused by timer. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt.

(cherry picked from commit d3ce53e5073e35e162f1725836282e4268cd26a5)

HDFS-14674. [SBN read] Got an unexpected txid when tail editlog. Contributed by wangzhaohui.

HADOOP-15998. Ensure jar validation works on Windows.

* use a different path separator for artifacts to test

* fail if and commands fail (including the jar listing)

* handle different line endings from jar listing

* make sure we have bash 3.1+

Co-authored-by: Sean Busbey <busbey@apache.org>

Signed-off-by: Abhishek Modi <abmodi@apache.org>

Signed-off-by: Rohith Sharma K S <rohithsharmaks@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit b86582ce2b8b00c128add054bcb80951c38cb3d3)

HDFS-14396. Failed to load image from FSImageFile when downgrade from 3.x to 2.x. Contributed by Fei Hui.

(cherry picked from commit bd7baea5a5d4ff351645e34c0ef09b7ba82f4285)

HDFS-13596. NN restart fails after RollingUpgrade from 2.x to 3.x. Contributed by Fei Hui.

(cherry picked from commit abc8fde4caea0e197568ee28392c46f1ce0d42e1)

YARN-9774. Fix order of arguments for assertEquals in TestSLSUtils. Contributed by Nikhil Navadiya.

(cherry picked from commit 84b1982060422760702eca6f1ef515c6ad3e85a5)

HDFS-14276. [SBN read] Reduce tailing overhead. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

Revert "HDFS-14476. lock too long when fix inconsistent blocks between disk and in-memory. Contributed by Sean Chow."

This reverts commit e978c6c9ed83301fcf8359c35e74ed68045c1a61.

YARN-9765. SLS runner crashes when run with metrics turned off. Contributed by Abhishek Modi.

(cherry picked from commit 10ec31d20ee1b6a0b1da915acb6b6ec33f2cd415)

HDFS-14759. HDFS cat logs an info message. Contributed by Eric Badger.

(cherry picked from commit 8aaf5e1a14e577a7d8142bc7d49bb94014032afd)

HDFS-14582. Failed to start DN with ArithmeticException when NULL checksum used. Contributed by Surendra Singh Lilhore.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit f95988113da3f06f6d975f99f1ee51d88a793537)

(cherry picked from commit 03c62c7989f818c49d5afca0ac94c7e72a091066)

HDFS-14665. HttpFS: LISTSTATUS response is missing HDFS-specific fields (#1291) Contributed by Siyao Meng.

HDFS-13201. Fix prompt message in testPolicyAndStateCantBeNull. Contributed by chencan.

(cherry picked from commit aa6995fde289719e0b300e11568c5e68c36b5d05)

(cherry picked from commit b004d305e933bdb588b84062be87c23168640697)

HDFS-14311. Multi-threading conflict at layoutVersion when loading block pool storage. Contributed by Yicong Cai.

(cherry picked from commit fbe87eddbc30fe5191c008b496fb83e51ef4ee4a)

(cherry picked from commit f78dcbaae5535e3e05c9f29986b8963ba262baa9)