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YARN-9584. Should put initializeProcessTrees method call before get pid. Contributed by Wanqiang Ji.

(cherry picked from commit 67414a1a80039e70e0afc1de171831a6e981f37a)

Revert "YARN-8270 Adding JMX Metrics for Timeline Collector and Reader. Contributed by Sushil Ks."

This reverts commit 5b72aa04e104242d1761abf56822fb38e9915def.

YARN-9205. When using custom resource type, application will fail to run due to the CapacityScheduler throws InvalidResourceRequestException(GREATER_THEN_MAX_ALLOCATION). Contributed by Zhankun Tang.

(cherry picked from commit bc6374f282dbff3b9ed91fb5d7825d57e6720f5e)

YARN-9210. RM nodes web page can not display node info. Contributed by Jiandan Yang.

(cherry picked from commit d43df31751bcadab77d42b31e3e1dd5748b471b5)

YARN-9204. RM fails to start if absolute resource is specified for partition capacity in CS queues. Contributed by Jiandan Yang.

(cherry picked from commit abde1e1f58d5b699e4b8e460cff68e154738169b)

(cherry picked from commit 4edd883d4818dee3bcf2f8dea3e3d8ebf35d6605)

YARN-9194. Invalid event: REGISTERED and LAUNCH_FAILED at FAILED, and NullPointerException happens in RM while shutdown a NM. (lujie via wangda)

Change-Id: I4359f59a73a278a941f4bb9d106dd38c9cb471fe

(cherry picked from commit 6d7eedfd28cc1712690db2f6ca8a281b0901ee28)

(cherry picked from commit fe7cb2d84ac160c5fed00640d85e2c5c4c6d2412)

(cherry picked from commit a685ffe9a9d5cf073faa2625d1125839fb57bae2)

YARN-8747. [UI2] YARN UI2 page loading failed due to js error under some time zone configuration. Contributed by collinma.

(cherry picked from commit 104ef5df36fd45f1c2d07a2f3d441263aa85e22e)

(cherry picked from commit d07d275f942dcd9f65a8c867ffedd024c9307e0c)

Revert "HDFS-14084. Need for more stats in DFSClient. Contributed by Pranay Singh."

This reverts commit e8e55839a0c2b5479d7a25256ed1db751e09c122.

YARN-9173. FairShare calculation broken for large values after YARN-8833. Contributed Wilfred Spiegelenburg.

(cherry picked from commit 91e9c9f96eca01bbef7d22b4cff1ced3be1ac5e8)

YARN-8822. Nvidia-docker v2 support for YARN GPU feature. (Charo Zhang via wangda)

Change-Id: I416268888a7b6f097d218d84e8497dd70b4b6d8f

(cherry picked from commit 3570713a692e9985b51f534de50ce6d613f3b052)

HADOOP-16031. Fixed TestSecureLogins unit test. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka

(cherry picked from commit bba76b6f31d5452fe048dcc6853c12a1894024fe)

(cherry picked from commit a446949f568ed0269741f258bb50b3b4f95db142)

Preparing for 3.1.2 release

Change-Id: I46544065b0352024c8b6a23e96a8e10170c925ba

  1. … 82 more files in changeset.
Preparing for 3.1.3 development

Change-Id: I3c3d3ee47dc4fef239127b4452ff14676fa26e3d

  1. … 82 more files in changeset.
HADOOP-16030. AliyunOSS: bring fixes back from HADOOP-15671. Contributed by wujinhu.

(cherry picked from commit f87b3b11c46704dcdb63089dd971e2a5ba1deaac)

HADOOP-15996. Improved Kerberos username mapping strategy in Hadoop. Contributed by Bolke de Bruin

(cherry picked from commit d43af8b3db4743b4b240751b6f29de6c20cfd6e5)

(cherry picked from commit febafd0e4f6e7b0a95045565e149e3ed2bee4b6c)

HADOOP-15997. KMS client uses wrong UGI after HADOOP-14445. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

(cherry picked from commit 51427cbdfb39cb6f5774b7b70009d7ee4388edfc)

Revert "HADOOP-15759. AliyunOSS: Update oss-sdk version to 3.0.0. Contributed by Jinhu Wu."

This reverts commit e4fca6aae46a3c04fc56897986a4ab4e5aa98503.

Revert "HADOOP-15671. AliyunOSS: Support Assume Roles in AliyunOSS. Contributed by Jinhu Wu."

This reverts commit 2b635125fb059fc204ed35bc0e264c42dd3a9fe9.

(cherry picked from commit 1f425271a73fff1fdbe3fbfdb71e906fd1ac0574)

HDFS-14084. Need for more stats in DFSClient. Contributed by Pranay Singh.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit ecdeaa7e6ad43555031aed032e6ba7a14a17d7bc)

(cherry picked from commit 1f39eae7e6f59206b86f96063ffb2ebe15a9cbe1)

YARN-9164. Shutdown NM may cause NPE when opportunistic container scheduling is enabled. Contributed by lujie.

(cherry picked from commit cfe89e6f963ba25b5fff1ce48cad36d74b3c789c)

HADOOP-15323. AliyunOSS: Improve copy file performance for AliyunOSSFileSystemStore. Contributed wujinhu.

(cherry picked from commit 040a202b202a37f3b922cd321eb0a8ded457d88b)

MAPREDUCE-7174. Mapreduce example wordmedian should handle generic options. Contributed by Fei Hui.

(cherry picked from commit 9e7196749ee025db7668c648743d1deb72d3ca28)

HADOOP-16009. Replace the url of the repository in Apache Hadoop source code.

(cherry picked from commit eee29ed7066e9401c7530b8b6f3b221bacef9a8a)

HDFS-14171. Performance improvement in Tailing EditLog. Contributed by Kenneth Yang.

(cherry picked from commit e9a005dfcf4d2249235aeff4da85b321dddc1ca9)

(cherry picked from commit c48640ffbd3852b75f898325ae0b3ea0ba864578)

HDFS-14046. In-Maintenance ICON is missing in datanode info page. Contributed by Ranith Sardar.

(cherry picked from commit 686fcd4db34dfe8642ff4b25fffbc73e42217f30)

HDFS-14166. Ls with -e option not giving the result in proper format. Contributed by Shubham Dewan.

(cherry picked from commit 763e96ea2b18f584ba102b68271263be8c5d621c)

YARN-9154. Fix itemization in YARN service quickstart document. Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

(cherry picked from commit e98e963e5143600017d2d227d504140b8802439d)

HADOOP-15973. Configuration: Included properties are not cached if resource is a stream. Contributed by Eric Payne

(cherry picked from commit 3961690037fa4274a3640104b3c344e8626caa10)

HDFS-13661. Ls command with e option fails when the filesystem is not HDFS.

(cherry picked from commit d9635759182b614a1dd5034c30978e7c4be8d0dd)

YARN-9084. Reset container state and defer readiness check for upgrade. Contributed by Chandni Singh

(cherry picked from commit ccdd982e51f4413bc2e98d03e0a05b1133042a31)

YARN-9040. Fixed memory leak in LevelDBCacheTimelineStore and DBIterator. Contributed by Tarun Parimi

(cherry picked from commit 71e0b0d8005ea1952dc7e582db15c2ac09df7c91)