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HDFS-13547. Add ingress port based sasl resolver. Contributed by Chen Liang.

Revert "Fix potential FSImage corruption. Contributed by Ekanth Sethuramalingam & Arpit Agarwal."

This reverts commit 53c7d82d539f1a4afcb37ebeaaa0a1a7c25fe942.

HADOOP-15476. fix logging for split-dns multihome . Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

YARN-8600. RegistryDNS hang when remote lookup does not reply. Contributed by Eric Yang

(cherry picked from commit 603a57476ce0bf9514f0432a235f29432ca4c323)

Setting version to 3.1.1

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YARN-8606. Opportunistic scheduling does not work post RM failover. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt.

(cherry picked from commit a48a0cc7fd8e7ac1c07b260e6078077824f27c35)

YARN-8522. Application fails with InvalidResourceRequestException. (Zian Chen via wangda)

Change-Id: I34dd7fa49bd4d10580c4a78051033b1068d28f1e

(cherry picked from commit 5cc8e99147276a059979813f7fd323dd7d77b248)

(cherry picked from commit f4a3b26f9a5a4b3295699a3f2dae293ed743b678)

YARN-8418. App local logs could leaked if log aggregation fails to initialize for the app. (Bibin A Chundatt via wangda)

Change-Id: I29a23ca4b219b48c92e7975cd44cddb8b0e04104

(cherry picked from commit 4b540bbfcf02d828052999215c6135603d98f5db)

(cherry picked from commit 7b552c9d722ed243cb6e17122edcecda62f54e68)

YARN-8591. [ATSv2] NPE while checking for entity acl in non-secure cluster. Contributed by Rohith Sharma K S.

(cherry picked from commit 63e08ec071852640babea9e39780327a0907712a)

YARN-8558. NM recovery level db not cleaned up properly on container finish. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt.

(cherry picked from commit 3d586841aba99c7df98b2b4d3e48ec0144bad086)

YARN-8508. Release GPU resource for killed container. Contributed by Chandni Singh

(cherry picked from commit ed9d60e888d0acfd748fda7f66249f5b79a3ed6d)

(cherry picked from commit c2c3eee69c8b389525fbde800e057dbcb2fc643e)

HDFS-13765. Fix javadoc for FSDirMkdirOp#createParentDirectories. Contributed by Lokesh Jain.

HADOOP-15593. Fixed NPE in UGI spawnAutoRenewalThreadForUserCreds. Contributed by Gabor Bota

(cherry picked from commit 77721f39e26b630352a1f4087524a3fbd21ff06e)

(cherry picked from commit a869bd970e832c4d770b3cee6257225260f4d235)

YARN-8545. Return allocated resource to RM for failed container. Contributed by Chandni Singh

(cherry picked from commit 40fad32824d2f8f960c779d78357e62103453da0)

(cherry picked from commit 177f6045ac4ae6e2dbae2e04da8c9cebb5da8748)

YARN-8541. RM startup failure on recovery after user deletion. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt.

(cherry picked from commit 8e65057eb10d03db08781da7a5ad8855155883ed)

YARN-8546. Resource leak caused by a reserved container being released more than once under async scheduling. Contributed by Tao Yang.

(Cherry-picked from commit 5be9f4a5d05c9cb99348719fe35626b1de3055db)

(cherry picked from commit b89624a943268e180e0e1532b3a394ff580a962c)

YARN-8301. Added YARN service upgrade instructions. Contributed by Chandni Singh

(cherry picked from commit 10014a4d88f239d3c072e51bc0739cba1fca9406)

(cherry picked from commit 4f2a129f2e2326ca28659d93b412cf8649ed5025)

YARN-8528. Final states in ContainerAllocation might be modified externally causing unexpected allocation results. Contributed by Xintong Song.

(cherry picked from commit 004e1f248ef20b78f9d12d6f1fe04f66d8c56158)

HADOOP-15547/ WASB: improve listStatus performance. Contributed by Thomas Marquardt.

MAPREDUCE-7118. Distributed cache conflicts breaks backwards compatability. (Jason Lowe via wangda)

Change-Id: I89ab4852b4ad305fec19812e8931c59d96581376

(cherry picked from commit b3b4d4ccb53fdf8dacc66e912822b34f8b3bf215)

YARN-8501. Reduce complexity of RMWebServices getApps method. Contributed by Szilard Nemeth

(cherry picked from commit 5836e0a46bf9793e0a61bb8ec46536f4a67d38d7)

HADOOP-15614. TestGroupsCaching.testExceptionOnBackgroundRefreshHandled reliably fails. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

(cherry picked from commit ccf2db7fc2688d262df3309007cb12a4dfedc179)

HADOOP-15610. Fixed pylint version for Hadoop docker image. Contributed by Jack Bearden

(cherry picked from commit ba1ab08fdae96ad7c9c4f4bf8672abd741b7f758)

HDFS-13733. RBF: Add Web UI configurations and descriptions to RBF document. Contributed by Takanobu Asanuma.

(cherry picked from commit 1af87df242c4286474961078d306a5692f85debc)

Fix potential FSImage corruption. Contributed by Ekanth Sethuramalingam & Arpit Agarwal.

(cherry picked from commit 0a1e922f3d8eca4e852be57124ec1bcafaadb289)

YARN-8538. Fixed memory leaks in container-executor and test cases. Contributed by Billie Rinaldi

HADOOP-15598. DataChecksum calculate checksum is contented on hashtable synchronization. Contributed by Prasanth Jayachandran.

(cherry picked from commit 0c7a578927032d5d1ef3469283d7d1fb7dee2a56)

YARN-8511. When AM releases a container, RM removes allocation tags before it is released by NM. (Weiwei Yang via wangda)

Change-Id: I6f9f409f2ef685b405cbff547dea9623bf3322d9

(cherry picked from commit 752dcce5f4cf0f6ebcb40a61f622f1a885c4bda7)

HDFS-13524. Occasional "All datanodes are bad" error in TestLargeBlock#testLargeBlockSize. Contributed by Siyao Meng.

(cherry picked from commit 88b2794244d19b6432253eb649a375e5bcdcf964)

HDFS-13475. RBF: Admin cannot enforce Router enter SafeMode. Contributed by Chao Sun.

(cherry picked from commit 359ea4e18147af5677c6d88265e26de6b6c72999)