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YARN-9584. Should put initializeProcessTrees method call before get pid. Contributed by Wanqiang Ji.

(cherry picked from commit 67414a1a80039e70e0afc1de171831a6e981f37a)

HADOOP-15059. Undoing the switch of Credentials to PB format as default - done via HADOOP-12563 for supporting 2.x to 3.x upgrades.

(cherry picked from commit f19638333b11da6dcab9a964e73a49947b8390fd)

HADOOP-15104. AliyunOSS: change the default value of max error retry. Contributed by Jinhu Wu

HADOOP-15024. AliyunOSS: Support user agent configuration and include that & Hadoop version information to oss server.

(cherry picked from commit abaabb5deccc770bb38c933174a4e91c081a45c7)

HADOOP-14993. AliyunOSS: Override listFiles and listLocatedStatus. Contributed Genmao Yu.

(cherry picked from commit fb809e05dca29b87d730ccd2123220d5a3b7c479)

HDFS-12840. Creating a file with non-default EC policy in a EC zone is not correctly serialized in the editlog. Contributed by Lei (Eddy) Xu.

(cherry picked from commit 67662e2ac9e68f32b725c8118cf2be79a662fca5)

(cherry picked from commit f3143d225afec0ad95d9e4b81b91d760b5b77c52)

HADOOP-15080. Aliyun OSS: update oss sdk from 2.8.1 to 2.8.3 to remove its dependency on Cat-x json-lib

YARN-7607. Remove the trailing duplicated timestamp in container diagnostics message. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

HDFS-12889. Addendum patch to add missing file.

(cherry picked from commit 6cca5b3bcb440095f12d3eda88101fa250ac000a)

(cherry picked from commit a8be4b559ae0c09930effc136c782e33f6081b8e)

HDFS-12872. EC Checksum broken when BlockAccessToken is enabled.

(cherry picked from commit 56b1ff80dd9fbcde8d21a604eff0babb3a16418f)

HDFS-12889. Router UI is missing robots.txt file. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham.

(cherry picked from commit 44b06d34a537f8b558007cc92a5d1a8e59b5d86b)

(cherry picked from commit c81057d936353e385339ff0578aadaceeb465cb9)

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YARN-7381. Enable the configuration: yarn.nodemanager.log-container-debug-info.enabled by default in yarn-default.xml. (Xuan Gong via wangda)

Change-Id: I1ed58dafad5cc276eea5c0b0813cf04f57d73a87

(cherry picked from commit 0311cf05358cd75388f48f048c44fba52ec90f00)

HADOOP-15058. create-release site build outputs dummy shaded jars due to skipShade. Contributed by Andrew Wang.

(cherry picked from commit 5533648241b11f547ac10b64a126f3ae7a2f54c4)

(cherry picked from commit 486311cdc487966e9f0f8fff9dd58b7ce6f9c93e)

HDFS-11576. Block recovery will fail indefinitely if recovery time > heartbeat interval. Contributed by Lukas Majercak

(cherry picked from commit 42307e3c3abbfe0b83d9a2581deba327435b910f)

(cherry picked from commit 2399c96ee7395bed8318820018d5285d460ac9bc)

YARN-7589. TestPBImplRecords fails with NullPointerException. Contributed by Daniel Templeton

(cherry picked from commit 25df5054216a6a76d09d9c49984f8075ebc6a197)

(cherry picked from commit f222b9d362936621e72c1460d3a9e05e2de4c78b)

Revert "HDFS-11576. Block recovery will fail indefinitely if recovery time > heartbeat interval. Contributed by Lukas Majercak"

This reverts commit be664bd64d0dba3356f44605f870e988abfec932.

HDFS-11576. Block recovery will fail indefinitely if recovery time > heartbeat interval. Contributed by Lukas Majercak

(cherry picked from commit 5304698dc8c5667c33e6ed9c4a827ef57172a723)

(cherry picked from commit 482fd5a880994f37fc3ad9e0cc2d127737b70aef)

HADOOP-13493. Compatibility Docs should clarify the policy for what takes precedence when a conflict is found (templedf via rkanter)

(cherry picked from commit 75a3ab88f5f4ea6abf0a56cb8058e17b5a5fe403)

(cherry picked from commit 2c2ff7da052c35f62dff3ede22bf6c1ddec6c5bb)

YARN-7509. AsyncScheduleThread and ResourceCommitterService are still running after RM is transitioned to standby. (Tao Yang via wangda)

Change-Id: I8a6d821abb2fe32a93cc88658ed95094e79e3e8b

HDFS-11754. Make FsServerDefaults cache configurable. Contributed by Mikhail Erofeev.

(cherry picked from commit 53509f295b5274059541565d7216bf98aa35347d)

YARN-7541. Node updates don't update the maximum cluster capability for resources other than CPU and memory

(cherry picked from commit 8498d287cd3beddcf8fe19625227e09982ec4be2)

(cherry picked from commit 0e73efb1ad68398ce5f7cde51466cea8c2153659)

YARN-6647. RM can crash during transitionToStandby due to InterruptedException. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt

(cherry picked from commit a2c7a73e33045ce42cce19aacbe45c0421a61994)

YARN-7290. Method canContainerBePreempted can return true when it shouldn't. (Contributed by Steven Rand)

(cherry picked from commit 2bde3aedf139368fc71f053d8dd6580b498ff46d)

(cherry picked from commit f335d509d3a778f11265d3f45800dd6e75f7be59)

HADOOP-15067. GC time percentage reported in JvmMetrics should be a gauge, not counter. Contributed by Misha Dmitriev.

(cherry picked from commit d162252d7a7223631ff66ba0210953296407e55f)

HDFS-12754. Lease renewal can hit a deadlock. Contributed by Kuhu Shukla.

(cherry picked from commit 738d1a206aba05f0b4be7d633b17db7fcd1c74bc)

HDFS-12847. Regenerate editsStored and editsStored.xml in HDFS tests. Contributed by Lei (Eddy) Xu.

YARN-7430. Enable user re-mapping for Docker containers by default. Contributed by Eric Yang.

(cherry picked from commit 5f0b238a118f3992bd149d8c02e6a1376dee96d7)

(cherry picked from commit 6681e7238b15835317365fab10fc50505a7f04ed)

YARN-7469. Capacity Scheduler Intra-queue preemption: User can starve if newest app is exactly at user limit. Contributed by Eric Payne.

(cherry picked from commit 61ace174cdcbca9d22abce7aa0aa71148f37ad55)

(cherry picked from commit c3fb49667a4c11d993056e9e3c8ca4ec9479538f)

HADOOP-14876. Create downstream developer docs from the compatibility guidelines

(cherry picked from commit bfd588789a879b8583ea4abd59f4f5843c5ac285)

(cherry picked from commit 4a70e7538678d104b4b11b8889e14f908af10c00)

Update maven versions in preparation for 3.0.0 release.

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