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Preparing for 3.0.0-alpha4 release

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HDFS-12043. Add counters for block re-replication. Contributed by Chen Liang.

HADOOP-14596. AWS SDK 1.11+ aborts() on close() if > 0 bytes in stream; logs error. Contributed by Steve Loughran

Change-Id: I49173bf6163796903d64594a8ca8a4bd26ad2bfc

YARN-6751. Display reserved resources in web UI per queue (Contributed by Abdullah Yousufi via Daniel Templeton)

Revert "HDFS-11696. Fix warnings from Spotbugs in hadoop-hdfs. Contributed by Yiqun Lin."

This reverts commit 89a8edc0149e3f31a5ade9a0927c4b6332cf6b1a.



HADOOP-14611. NetworkTopology.DEFAULT_HOST_LEVEL is unused (Contributed by Chen Liang via Daniel Templeton)

HDFS-11881. NameNode consumes a lot of memory for snapshot diff report generation. Contributed by Manoj Govindassamy.

HADOOP-14479. Erasurecode testcase failures with native enabled. Contributed by Sammi Chen

YARN-6280. Introduce deselect query param to skip ResourceRequest from getApp/getApps REST API. Contributed by Lantao Jin.

YARN-5311. Document graceful decommission CLI and usage. Contributed by Elek, Marton.

HADOOP-14609. NPE in AzureNativeFileSystemStore.checkContainer() if StorageException lacks an error code. Contributed by Steve Loughran

HADOOP-14297. Update the documentation about the new ec codecs config keys. Contributed by Kai Sasaki.

Add -E option in 'ls' to list erasure coding policy of each file and directory if applicable. Contributed by luhuichun via lei.

YARN-6743. yarn.resourcemanager.zk-max-znode-size.bytes description needs spaces in yarn-default.xml (Contributed by Lori Loberg via Daniel Templeton)

MAPREDUCE-6536. hadoop-pipes doesn't use maven properties for openssl

Signed-off-by: Ravi Prakash <raviprak@apache.org>

HDFS-11870. Add CLI cmd to enable/disable an erasure code policy. Contributed by lufei.

HADOOP-14602. allow custom release notes/changelog during create-release

Signed-off-by: Chris Douglas <cdouglas@apache.org>

HADOOP-14190. Add more on S3 regions to the s3a documentation. Contributed by Steve Loughran

HADOOP-14515. Addendum. Specifically configure zookeeper-related log levels in KMS log4j.

MAPREDUCE-6697. Concurrent task limits should only be applied when necessary. Contributed by Nathan Roberts.

HADOOP-14546. Azure: Concurrent I/O does not work when secure.mode is enabled. Contributed by Thomas

HADOOP-14573. regression: Azure tests which capture logs failing with move to SLF4J. Contributed by Steve Loughran

HADOOP-14601. Azure: Reuse ObjectMapper. Contributed by Mingliang Liu

YARN-6738. LevelDBCacheTimelineStore should reuse ObjectMapper instances. Contributed by Zoltan Haindrich

HADOOP-14536. Update azure-storage sdk to version 5.3.0 Contributed by Georgi Chalakov

HDFS-12040. TestFsDatasetImpl.testCleanShutdownOfVolume fails. Contributed by hu xiaodong.

HDFS-12045. Add log when Diskbalancer volume is transient storage type. Contributed by steven-wugang.


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HADOOP-14594. ITestS3AFileOperationCost::testFakeDirectoryDeletion to uncomment metric assertions. Contributed by Mingliang Liu

HDFS-12033. DatanodeManager picking EC recovery tasks should also consider the number of regular replication tasks. Contributed by Lei (Eddy) Xu.