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Fix docker argument sanitization.

Update maven version to 3.0.0-alpha3

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Sanitize arguments before launching Docker containers.

(cherry picked from commit b46cd315f7c81cfd89be40f1edacaf9a11282e15)



Validate docker image name before launching container.

(cherry picked from commit e120ee865aa78eaff4a80122c5f3207a97b4924d)



YARN-6336. Jenkins report YARN new UI build failure. Contributed by Sunil G.

(cherry picked from commit bb6a214cd34b9c87b0ba68205c680024ad294587)

YARN-6278. Enforce to use correct node and npm version in new YARN-UI build. (Sunil G via wangda)

(cherry picked from commit c61bc2d843ace614078be24b2dcbf3fb43d6f358)



Update straggler 3.0.0-alpha2-SNAPSHOT versions to 3.0.0-alpha2

HADOOP-14004. Missing hadoop-cloud-storage-project module in pom.xml. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka.

(cherry picked from commit 8a2e1d4cbe45f44f30e48f3fb5d840c1b074293e)

YARN-5928. Move ATSv2 HBase backend code into a new module that is only dependent at runtime by yarn servers. Contributed by Haibo Chen.

(cherry picked from commit b01514f65bc6090a50a583f67d1ecb5d74b6d276)

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Set maven version to 3.0.0-alpha2 for release branch.

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YARN-6028. Add document for container metrics (Contributed by Weiwei Yang via Daniel Templeton)

YARN-6104. RegistrySecurity overrides zookeeper sasl system properties. Contributed by Billie Rinaldi

YARN-6110. Fix opportunistic containers documentation. (Akira Ajisaka via asuresh)

HADOOP-13999 Add -DskipShade maven profile to disable jar shading to reduce compile time. Contributed by Arun Suresh

HADOOP-13496. Include file lengths in Mismatch in length error for distcp. Contributed by Ted Yu

(cherry picked from commit 77401bd5fcca5127c9908156971eeec468371f47)

HADOOP-14001. Improve delegation token validity checking.

HDFS-110268. Correctly reconstruct erasure coding file from FSImage. Contributed by SammiChen.

HDFS-11259. Update fsck to display maintenance state info. (Manoj Govindassamy via lei)

HDFS-11287. Storage class member storageDirs should be private to avoid unprotected access by derived classes. (Manoj Govindassamy via lei)

HDFS-11316. TestDataNodeVolumeFailure#testUnderReplicationAfterVolFailure fails in trunk. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HADOOP-13965. Groups should be consistent in using default group mapping class. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HADOOP-13996. Fix some release build issues.

HDFS-10759. Change fsimage bool isStriped from boolean to an enum. Contributed by Ewan Higgs.

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YARN-5556. CapacityScheduler: Support deleting queues without requiring a RM restart. (Naganarasimha G R via wangda)

HADOOP-13955. Replace deprecated HttpServer2 and SSLFactory constants. Contributed by John Zhuge.

HDFS-11290. TestFSNameSystemMBean should wait until JMX cache is cleared. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

HDFS-10733. NameNode terminated after full GC thinking QJM is unresponsive. Contributed by Vinitha Gankidi.

YARN-5831. FairScheduler: Propagate allowPreemptionFrom flag all the way down to the app. (Yufei Gu via kasha)

Revert "HADOOP-13989. Fix typo in hadoop-client shade configuration. Contributed by Joe Pallas."

This reverts commit 7e81063c13a636c551d3281966a24ccfcfd46793.

YARN-6016. Fix minor bugs in handling of local AMRMToken in AMRMProxy. (Botong Huang via Subru).