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HADOOP-16988. Remove source code from branch-2. (aajisaka via jhung)

This closes #1959

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HADOOP-16361. Fixed TestSecureLogins#testValidKerberosName on branch-2. Contributed by Jim Brennan via eyang

HADOOP-16933. Backport HADOOP-16890 and HADOOP-16825 to branch-2

Hadoop 16890. Change in expiry calculation for MSI token provider. Contributed by Bilahari T H

(cherry picked from commit 0b931f36ec83dc72729a9e84a0d313f471061c64)

HADOOP-16825: ITestAzureBlobFileSystemCheckAccess failing. Contributed by Bilahari T H

(cherry picked from commit 5944d28130925fe1452f545e96b5e44f064bc69e)

HADOOP-16840. AliyunOSS: getFileStatus throws FileNotFoundException in versioning bucket. Contributed by wujinhu.

(cherry picked from commit 6dfe00c71eb3721e9be3fc42349a81c4b013ada1)

HDFS-13339. Volume reference can't be released and may lead to deadlock when DataXceiver does a check volume. Contributed by Jim Brennan, Zsolt Venczel.

Remove WARN log when ipc connection interrupted in Client#handleSaslConnectionFailure()

Signed-off-by: sunlisheng <sunlisheng@xiaomi.com>

(cherry picked from commit d887e49dd4ed2b94bbb53b7608586f5da6cee037)

HADOOP-16778. ABFS: Backport HADOOP-16660 ABFS: Make RetryCount in ExponentialRetryPolicy Configurable to Branch-2. Contributed by Sneha Vijayarajan.

HADOOP-16734. Backport HADOOP-16455- "ABFS: Implement FileSystem.access() method" to branch-2. Contributed by Bilahari T H.

HDFS-15036. Active NameNode should not silently fail the image transfer. Contributed by Chen Liang.

HDFS-14991. Backport better time precision of configuration#getTimeDuration to branch-2 to support SBN read. Contributed by Chen Liang.

Revert "YARN-7411. Inter-Queue preemption's computeFixpointAllocation need to handle absolute resources while computing normalizedGuarantee. (Sunil G via wangda)"

Pulling this back into branch-2 prevented nodemanagers from coming up if extended resources are present.

This reverts commit ab83765a6c587f8378daed741f7d05598d076188.

HADOOP-15097. AbstractContractDeleteTest::testDeleteNonEmptyDirRecursive with misleading path. Contributed by Xieming Li.

(cherry picked from commit 92c28c100ee1aa414948cd510321ad13cb8639bc)

HDFS-14884. Add sanity check that zone key equals feinfo key while setting Xattrs. Contributed by Yuval Degani, Mukul Kumar Singh.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

Co-authored-by: Yuval Degani <ydegani@linkedin.com>

HDFS-14979 Allow Balancer to submit getBlocks calls to Observer Nodes when possible. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

(cherry picked from 586defe7113ed246ed0275bb3833882a3d873d70)

(cherry picked from dec765b329d3947f30273c0e7f0c4eb607ec42c9)

(cherry picked from 5cf36aa2b19aad8677e1a7553ff1f05805f772b7)

HDFS-14958. TestBalancerWithNodeGroup is not using NetworkTopologyWithNodeGroup. Contributed by Jim Brennan.

HDFS-14941. Potential editlog race condition can cause corrupted file. Contributed by Chen Liang and Konstantin Shvachko.

HDFS-14806. Bootstrap standby may fail if with in-progress tailing. Contributed by Chen Liang and Erik Krogen.

MAPREDUCE-7208. Tuning TaskRuntimeEstimator. (Ahmed Hussein via jeagles)

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Eagles <jeagles@gmail.com>

Revert "HADOOP-16598. Backport "HADOOP-16558 [COMMON+HDFS] use protobuf-maven-plugin to generate protobuf classes" to all active branches" Wrong patch applied; missed jdk7 handling

This reverts commit a36dbe6f354b0318c944177833f4952a9136ef58.

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Add 2.10.0 release notes for HDFS-12943

(cherry picked from commit ef9d12df24c0db76fd37a95551db7920d27d740c)

(cherry picked from commit 9ccfc2d6d3f3819da58ea9f0ff056ed03970a6e1)

(cherry picked from commit f29481f0466350d7bba0f8ec421f51a619607dcd)

YARN-9945. Fix javadoc in FederationProxyProviderUtil in branch-2

Make upstream aware of 2.10.0 release

(cherry picked from commit 7663db59c097c82eeed2df7a91168a4d7123c96b)

(cherry picked from commit 5d2ffcc7aac608746946dc2ed5711549a01a2055)

(cherry picked from commit 4d274f60bc4bf2800477800ec58b2b2c6f4f656e)

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YARN-9914. Use separate configs for free disk space checking for full and not-full disks. Contributed by Jim Brennan

(cherry picked from commit eef34f2d87a75e16b2cca870d99a5e1e28c31d9b)

HDFS-13901. INode access time is ignored because of race between open and rename. Contributed by Jinglun.

HDFS-14667. Backport [HDFS-14403] "Cost-based FairCallQueue" to branch-2. Contributed by Erik Krogen

HDFS-12749. DN may not send block report to NN after NN restart. Contributed by Xiaoqiao He.

(cherry picked from commit c4e27ef7735acd6f91b73d2ecb0227f8dd75a2e4)

HADOOP-16662. Remove unnecessary InnerNode check in NetworkTopology#add(). Contributed by Lisheng Sun.

HADOOP-16652. Backport of HADOOP-16587: Make ABFS AAD endpoints configurable

HADOOP-16640. WASB: Override getCanonicalServiceName() to return URI

(cherry picked from commit 9a8edb0aeddd7787b2654f6e2a8465c325e048a2)

HADOOP-16655. Change cipher suite when fetching tomcat tarball for branch-2