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YARN-6979. [Addendum patch] Fixed classname and added javadocs. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit 7a82d7bcea8124e1b65c275fac15bf2047d17471)

YARN-6979. Add flag to notify all types of container updates to NM via NodeHeartbeatResponse. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit 8410d862d3a72740f461ef91dddb5325955e1ca5)

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HDFS-12117. HttpFS does not seem to support SNAPSHOT related methods for WebHDFS REST Interface. Contributed by Wellington Chevreuil.

YARN-6969. Clean up unused code in class FairSchedulerQueueInfo. (Larry Lo via Yufei Gu)

(cherry picked from commit 8991f0baec62625c45144e2544066195800ab95b)

HDFS-11450. HDFS specific network topology classes with storage type info included. Contributed by Chen Liang.

Revert "HADOOP-14732. ProtobufRpcEngine should use Time.monotonicNow to measure durations. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru."

This reverts commit bdc425057ebedb8f0988ce4dae18fdcd67c8523f.

YARN-7007. NPE in RM while using YarnClient.getApplications(). Contributed by Lingfeng Su.

(cherry picked from commit e05fa3451db343c0d22496b332910874b6be5b7f)

HADOOP-14769. WASB: delete recursive should not fail if a file is deleted. Contributed by Thomas Marquardt

(cherry picked from commit c6b4e656b76b68cc1d0dbcc15a5aa5ea23335b7b)

HDFS-12316. Verify HDFS snapshot deletion doesn't crash the ongoing file writes.

(cherry picked from commit 4230872dd66d748172903b1522885b03f34bbf9b)

YARN-3254. HealthReport should include disk full information. Contributed by Suma Shivaprasad.

(cherry picked from commit f9a0e2338150f1bd3ba2c29f76979183fd3ed80c)

MAPREDUCE-6936. Remove unnecessary dependency of hadoop-yarn-server-common from hadoop-mapreduce-client-common (haibochen via rkanter)

(cherry picked from commit ab051bd42ee1d7c4d3b7cc71e6b2734a0955e767)

MAPREDUCE-6940. Copy-paste error in the TaskAttemptUnsuccessfulCompletionEvent constructor. Contributed by Oleg Danilov

YARN-7020. TestAMRMProxy#testAMRMProxyTokenRenewal is flakey. Contributed by Robert Kanter

(cherry picked from commit 14553061be0a341df3e628dcaf06717b4630b05e)

HADOOP-14660. wasb: improve throughput by 34% when account limit exceeded. Contributed by Thomas Marquardt.

YARN-6741. Deleting all children of a Parent Queue on refresh throws exception. Contributed by Naganarasimha G R.

YARN-6965. Duplicate instantiation in FairSchedulerQueueInfo. Contributed by Masahiro Tanaka.

(cherry picked from commit 588c190afd49bdbd5708f7805bf6c68f09fee142)

HADOOP-14773. Extend ZKCuratorManager API for more reusability. (Íñigo Goiri via Subru).

(cherry picked from commit 75dd866bfb8b63cb9f13179d4365b05c48e0907d)

HDFS-12301. NN File Browser UI: Navigate to a path when enter is pressed

(cherry picked from commit f34646d652310442cb5339aabbbb269f10dfa838)

HADOOP-14662. Update azure-storage sdk to version 5.4.0. Contributed by Thomas Marquard

YARN-5978. ContainerScheduler and ContainerManager changes to support ExecType update. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit 4d7be1d8575e9254c59d41460960708e3718503a)

HADOOP-14732. ProtobufRpcEngine should use Time.monotonicNow to measure durations. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru.

YARN-6917. Queue path is recomputed from scratch on every allocation. Contributed by Eric Payne

(cherry picked from commit 5558792894169425bff054364a1ab4c48b347fb9)

YARN-6987. Log app attempt during InvalidStateTransition. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

(cherry picked from commit 3325ef653d6f364a82dd32485d9ef6d987380ce3)

HADOOP-14741. Refactor curator based ZooKeeper communication into common library. (Íñigo Goiri via Subru).

YARN-6959. RM may allocate wrong AM Container for new attempt. Contributed by Yuqi Wang

HADOOP-14627. Support MSI and DeviceCode token provider in ADLS. Contributed by Atul Sikaria.

(cherry picked from commit 7769e9614956283a86eda9e4e69aaa592c0ca960)

Revert "YARN-6882. AllocationFileLoaderService.reloadAllocations() should use the diamond operator"

This reverts commit ce0cdc50d9700118139e7907dede274d2db93fda.

HDFS-11303. Hedged read might hang infinitely if read data from all DN failed . Contributed by Chen Zhang, Wei-chiu Chuang, and John Zhuge.

(cherry picked from commit 8b242f09a61a7536d2422546bfa6c2aaf1d57ed6)

YARN-6687. Validate that the duration of the periodic reservation is less than the periodicity. (subru via curino)

(cherry picked from commit 28d97b79b69bb2be02d9320105e155eeed6f9e78)

YARN-6882. AllocationFileLoaderService.reloadAllocations() should use the diamond operator (Contributed by Larry Lo via Daniel Templeton)

(cherry picked from commit 0996acde6c325667aa19ae0740eb6b40bf4a682a)