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HADOOP-15085. Output streams closed with IOUtils suppressing write errors. Contributed by Jim Brennan

YARN-7595. Container launching code suppresses close exceptions after writes. Contributed by Jim Brennan

HDFS-12881. Output streams closed with IOUtils suppressing write errors. Contributed by Ajay Kumar

HADOOP-15111. Aliyun OSS: backport HADOOP-14993 to branch-2. Contributed by Genmao Yu.

HDFS-12895. RBF: Add ACL support for mount table. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

(cherry picked from commit ee028bfdf1c88a27cd925bed93ebb599a164dd2e)

HADOOP-15104. Aliyun OSS: change the default value of max error retry. Contributed by Jinhu Wu.

(cherry picked from commit ce04340ec73617daff74378056a95c5d0cc0a790)

YARN-7642. Add test case to verify context update after container promotion or demotion with or without auto update. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

(cherry picked from commit 89b6c482c1720a7f7ac86ce022c403825a086fa0)

(cherry picked from commit 108f8b8fa1dd556eb27f3fd9c2a700947cfe4aa0)

YARN-7630. Fix AMRMToken rollover handling in AMRMProxy. Contributed by Botong Huang.

(cherry picked from commit 17ba74be29193ac15474f73baaaf4e647a95078b)

HDFS-12907. Allow read-only access to reserved raw for non-superusers. Contributed by Rushabh S Shah.

HDFS-12883. RBF: Document Router and State Store metrics. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

(cherry picked from commit 91c96bdf8eb9a06193b719186b527563091d7666)

YARN-7647. NM print inappropriate error log when node-labels is enabled. Contributed by Yang Wang.

(cherry picked from commit 7efc4f76885348730728c0201dd0d1a89b213e9c)

HDFS-12833. Distcp : Update the usage of delete option for dependency with update and overwrite option. Contributed by usharani.

HDFS-12875. RBF: Complete logic for -readonly option of dfsrouteradmin add command. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

(cherry picked from commit 5cd1056ad77a2ebb0466e7bc5933337b57f6fe30)

YARN-7608. Incorrect sTarget column causing DataTable warning on RM application and scheduler web page. Contributed by Gergely Novák.

YARN-7591. NPE in async-scheduling mode of CapacityScheduler. (Tao Yang via wangda)

Change-Id: I67e086d6d35c3166ec0f6305490ea6527bd6d799

(cherry picked from commit 41796ea60ab9dbd6a41dd8fd3c6ff50990bba2f5)

YARN-6704. Add support for work preserving NM restart when FederationInterceptor is enabled in AMRMProxyService. (Botong Huang via Subru).

(cherry picked from commit 670e8d4ec7e71fc3b054cd3b2826f869b649a788)

HADOOP-15024. AliyunOSS: Support user agent configuration and include that & Hadoop version information to oss server.

(cherry picked from commit 6e24fe2998734606868f2c39bc49a808f2856bc0)

HADOOP-14997. Add hadoop-aliyun as dependency of hadoop-cloud-storage. Contributed by Genmao Yu

(cherry picked from commit cde56b9cefe1eb2943eef56a6aa7fdfa1b78e909)

HADOOP-15012. Add readahead, dropbehind, and unbuffer to StreamCapabilities. Contributed by John Zhuge.

HADOOP-15056. Fix TestUnbuffer#testUnbufferException failure. Contributed by Jack Bearden.

(cherry picked from commit 19e089420999dd9d97d981dcd0abd64b6166152d)

(cherry picked from commit 1d1401ad3898834a740f4b9bfcea83d28635a3b6)

HADOOP-15080. Aliyun OSS: update oss sdk from 2.8.1 to 2.8.3 to remove its dependency on Cat-x json-lib.

(cherry picked from commit 67b2661e3d73a68ba7ca73b112bf6baea128631e)

YARN-7607. Remove the trailing duplicated timestamp in container diagnostics message. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

HDFS-11576. Block recovery will fail indefinitely if recovery time > heartbeat interval. Contributed by Lukas Majercak

HDFS-12889. Addendum patch to add missing file.

(cherry picked from commit 6cca5b3bcb440095f12d3eda88101fa250ac000a)

HDFS-12889. Router UI is missing robots.txt file. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham.

(cherry picked from commit 44b06d34a537f8b558007cc92a5d1a8e59b5d86b)

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HDFS-11751. DFSZKFailoverController daemon exits with wrong status code. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham

(cherry picked from commit 6d16a99ae8821c13eec90132e2c63a96fce4b08a)

HADOOP-14985. Remove subversion related code from VersionInfoMojo.java. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

(cherry picked from commit 9f1bdafedb60f83598819c6a682f659d6e168eb0)

YARN-5594. Handle old RMDelegationToken format when recovering RM (rkanter)

(cherry picked from commit d8863fc16fa3cbcdda5b99f79386c43e4fae5917)

HDFS-12396. Webhdfs file system should get delegation token from kms provider. Contributed by Rushabh S Shah.

YARN-7455. quote_and_append_arg can overflow buffer. Contributed by Jim Brennan

(cherry picked from commit 60f95fb719f00a718b484c36a823ec5aa8b099f4)