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HADOOP-15923. create-release script should set max-cache-ttl as well as default-cache-ttl for gpg-agent.

(cherry picked from commit 703b2860a49577629e7b3ef461d8a61292e79c88)

(cherry picked from commit a86b665340696bd83b6062025282dda40eaaa9fb)

(cherry picked from commit 5884b1c28f4bd9137e6eb04ab7d0ad080b55b50f)

YARN-8233. NPE in CapacityScheduler#tryCommit when handling allocate/reserve proposal whose allocatedOrReservedContainer is null. Contributed by Tao Yang.

(cherry picked from commit ee1cb3b6e86e26864251d8f4e9c2277fc08c73ea)

(cherry picked from commit 7f81ebeb92a35e7fcda2279f42b17e7eeb79ebb4)

HADOOP-15900. Update JSch versions in LICENSE.txt.

(cherry picked from commit d43cc5db0ff80958ca873df1dc2fa00054e37175)



(cherry picked from commit 939827daa65b61431cdb66d0ac266b902b8734c4)

(cherry picked from commit 1f3899fa3b46543e49702f71ce7641463a893886)

HADOOP-15899. Update AWS Java SDK versions in NOTICE.txt.

(cherry picked from commit 72ee45acffc895649b09fa759d61ff0f58bb9b9a)

(cherry picked from commit 9c64d42914e4cf328ee6a6f6c4c40182ba8279aa)

Minor fix in index.md.vm

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Update index.md.vm for 2.9.2 release.

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Update the version from 2.9.2-SNAPSHOT to 2.9.2

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Addendum: Fix potential FSImage corruption. Contributed by Xiao Chen.

(cherry picked from commit dd70b1f53836961029767660398819a3b04eec58)

(cherry picked from commit c19baf19dac4bca4fd0402105f8a0508c518e65a)

HADOOP-15868. AliyunOSS: update document for properties of multiple part download, multiple part upload and directory copy. Contributed by Jinhu Wu.

(cherry picked from commit 7574d18538e838f40581519080d7c8621c65e53b)

(cherry picked from commit 366541d834f70fd6f8d4c5296a9e844236c6fd74)

(cherry picked from commit c5a227062fae33ce3137161802d6f090a6af010e)

(cherry picked from commit ca22bf175f91980f78dedf1cd27f114acd56fa50)

(cherry picked from commit a0aa610143fd32050e5e862b130d582d132d8fbb)

HADOOP-15822. zstd compressor can fail with a small output buffer. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 8f97d6f2cdfccefba5457ae3d561e9ce0109da3f)



(cherry picked from commit ca699774a235c3aede8da0448e38308a5be139a6)

HADOOP-15866. Renamed HADOOP_SECURITY_GROUP_SHELL_COMMAND_TIMEOUT keys break compatibility. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

(cherry picked from commit 52cb766ad0bbea378a529fcff3cf372cf0a33cde)

(cherry picked from commit f23f339a6c02eb20af1d920c4c5c72ed25244459)

YARN-7502. Nodemanager restart docs should describe nodemanager supervised property. Contributed by Suma Shivaprasad.

(cherry picked from commit e50334513c781a10368e7353bec6674f89eb0a7b)

HADOOP-15850. CopyCommitter#concatFileChunks should check that the blocks per chunk is not 0. Contributed by Ted Yu.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit e2cecb681e2aab8b7c5465719cac53dce407a64c)

(cherry picked from commit a7dd244a4995cbf20feb054530fc5913ccf384ac)

modified: hadoop-tools/hadoop-distcp/src/main/java/org/apache/hadoop/tools/mapred/CopyCommitter.java

(cherry picked from commit 84726679f0441bfa0788ad5a5ac2bfa4353afedb)

(cherry picked from commit 8360d15abc29e9ed5f7a2117ab6ac882248e8458)

(cherry picked from commit f2739f3f598cdad8acf6285abf76f95a502dbb63)

HADOOP-15859. ZStandardDecompressor.c mistakes a class for an instance. Contributed by Jason Lowe

(cherry picked from commit 9abda83947a5babfe5a650b3409ad952f6782105)

Fix potential FSImage corruption. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

HDFS-13802. RBF: Remove FSCK from Router Web UI. Contributed by Fei Hui.

(cherry picked from commit f63ee083db7c261207b726f0f44be2e5a92124f3)

HADOOP-15679. ShutdownHookManager shutdown time needs to be configurable & extended.

(cherry picked from commit 5da49631b61c2766f38b18091eff16e3bdc0b4da)

HDFS-13976. Backport HDFS-12813 to branch-2.9. Contributed by Lukas Majercak.

HADOOP-15835. Reuse Object Mapper in KMSJSONWriter (jeagles)

YARN-8858. CapacityScheduler should respect maximum node resource when per-queue maximum-allocation is being used. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

(cherry picked from commit edce866489d83744f3f47a3b884b0c6136885e4a)

HDFS-13964. RBF: TestRouterWebHDFSContractAppend fails with No Active Namenode under nameservice. Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

(cherry picked from commit 3bfff0f79e7246cbb2989c720c14cfa2566a9d1a)

HADOOP-15820. ZStandardDecompressor native code sets an integer field as a long. Contributed by Jason Lowe

(cherry picked from commit f13e231025333ebf80b30bbdce1296cef554943b)

HADOOP-15817. Reuse Object Mapper in KMSJSONReader. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles.

(cherry picked from commit 81f635f47f0737eb551bef1aa55afdf7b268253d)

(cherry picked from commit 7b88a57c379fe6eba7d685362e0bc756fdeff700)

YARN-8774. Memory leak when CapacityScheduler allocates from reserved container with non-default label. Contributed by Tao Yang.

(cherry picked from commit d7d0e55e0a2cbd64de38435fe18a6e65e3144486)

YARN-8804. resourceLimits may be wrongly calculated when leaf-queue is blocked in cluster with 3+ level queues. Contributed by Tao Yang

(cherry picked from commit 6b988d821e62d29c118e10a7213583b92c302baf)

HDFS-13790. RBF: Move ClientProtocol APIs to its own module Contributed by Chao Sun.

HADOOP-15671. AliyunOSS: Support Assume Roles in AliyunOSS. Contributed by Jinhu Wu.

(cherry picked from commit 2b635125fb059fc204ed35bc0e264c42dd3a9fe9)

(cherry picked from commit 5da3e8359757c0c1afaccc1d3a0f2bdc453e0311)

(cherry picked from commit 85e00477b8b3ee9c007aa111429588b6616128e2)

(cherry picked from commit c617dba49770d03f9a9a519f6353b2a2afc3a930)

HDFS-13908. TestDataNodeMultipleRegistrations is flaky. Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

(cherry picked from commit 56e0d635e0f49772d001c1fdb385110c705a622a)

MAPREDUCE-7138. ThrottledContainerAllocator in MRAppBenchmark should implement RMHeartbeatHandler. Contributed by Oleksandr Shevchenko

(cherry picked from commit 8382b860d4ef4f20d000537ded42a88e98bd2190)



MAPREDUCE-7137. MRAppBenchmark.benchmark1() fails with NullPointerException. Contributed by Oleksandr Shevchenko

(cherry picked from commit 34b2237e420cfbe3a97ddd44968de8bbe1ed30ab)