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YARN-7595. Container launching code suppresses close exceptions after writes. Contributed by Jim Brennan

HDFS-12881. Output streams closed with IOUtils suppressing write errors. Contributed by Ajay Kumar

(cherry picked from commit 9ae8d1a8de2ffbc8a0082a0089f477d4cefea030)



HDFS-12907. Allow read-only access to reserved raw for non-superusers. Contributed by Rushabh S Shah.

(cherry picked from commit 08a50da95fd8509d87c6a3e5b46862b8eb6f7318)

YARN-7647. NM print inappropriate error log when node-labels is enabled. Contributed by Yang Wang.

(cherry picked from commit 7efc4f76885348730728c0201dd0d1a89b213e9c)

HDFS-12833. Distcp : Update the usage of delete option for dependency with update and overwrite option. Contributed by usharani.

(cherry picked from commit 8d69b7f2d41e6a76c8c706ead21b1abe86592881)

HDFS-12396. Webhdfs file system should get delegation token from kms provider. Contributed by Rushabh S Shah.

MAPREDUCE-5124. AM lacks flow control for task events. Contributed by Peter Bacsko

HDFS-12638. Delete copy-on-truncate block along with the original block, when deleting a file being truncated. Contributed by Konstantin Shvachko.

(cherry picked from commit 60fd0d7fd73198fd610e59d1a4cd007c5fcc7205)

YARN-7495. Improve robustness of the AggregatedLogDeletionService. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

(cherry picked from commit 5cfaee2e6db8b2ac55708de0968ff5539ee3bd76)

HDFS-11754. Make FsServerDefaults cache configurable. Contributed by Mikhail Erofeev.

(cherry picked from commit 53509f295b5274059541565d7216bf98aa35347d)

HDFS-12832. INode.getFullPathName may throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException lead to NameNode exit. Contribuited by Konstantin Shvachko.

(cherry picked from commit d331762f24b3f22f609366740c9c4f449edc61ac)

HDFS-12754. Lease renewal can hit a deadlock. Contributed by Kuhu Shukla.

(cherry picked from commit 45f59bde60a21138fdb0fb846588db422d1c97a5)

YARN-7496. CS Intra-queue preemption user-limit calculations are not in line with LeafQueue user-limit calculations. (Eric Payne via wangda)

Change-Id: I4dada78a227408a1f2d9bc18099041aad81d67d7

HADOOP-15047. Python is required for -Preleasedoc but not documented in branch-2.8. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham.

YARN-7525. Incorrect query parameters in cluster nodes REST API document. Contributed by Tao Yang.

YARN-7489. ConcurrentModificationException in RMAppImpl#getRMAppMetrics. Contributed by Tao Yang.

(cherry picked from commit 5c2986e58dfc86fada8554a3f48cd417a4458abc)

YARN-7469. Capacity Scheduler Intra-queue preemption: User can starve if newest app is exactly at user limit. Contributed by Eric Payne.

(cherry picked from commit 61ace174cdcbca9d22abce7aa0aa71148f37ad55)

YARN-7361. Improve the docker container runtime documentation. Contributed by Shane Kumpf

(cherry picked from commit fac72eef23bb0a74a34f289dd6ef50ffa4303aa4)



Preparing for 2.8.4 development.

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Fixing Job History Server Configuration parsing. (Jason Lowe via asuresh)

HDFS-12318. Fix IOException condition for openInfo in DFSInputStream. Contributed by legend.

(cherry picked from commit 3123895db0518552eb357093fddf0e8ff1a6cadf)

MAPREDUCE-6975. Logging task counters. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph.

(cherry picked from commit 61bbdc511e4e98c11a05d7c3bc01f3e971adbe13)

YARN-7370: Preemption properties should be refreshable. Contrubted by Gergely Novák.

(cherry picked from commit e6ec02001fc4eed9eb51c8653d8f931135e49eda)

HADOOP-14919. BZip2 drops records when reading data in splits. Contributed by Jason Lowe

(cherry picked from commit 2fae63aa60c43b62bd908a9499562fe528603185)

HADOOP-14990. Clean up jdiff xml files added for 2.8.2 release.

(cherry picked from commit a8083aaa6f4bcc7287f2b65018a946a840123c50)

YARN-7244. ShuffleHandler is not aware of disks that are added. Contributed by Kuhu Shukla

HDFS-9914. Fix configurable WebhDFS connect/read timeout. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

Add CHANGES.md and RELEASENOTES for 2.8.2 release.

(cherry picked from commit 3793d2b9cfdae97a534a6eb6e38e84e2f00c2b83)

Add several jdiff xml files for 2.8.2 release.

(cherry picked from commit a25b5aa0cf5189247fa38e7b0a188d568eba1b6c)

(cherry picked from commit 1f2a2ba2be50e4361b3093578a98e09d6f82af5c)

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Set jdiff stable version to 2.8.2.

(cherry picked from commit 06b56f649376020cde382bde25f90dc0547c4277)

(cherry picked from commit 4b75ebb68eb87e9f18676915652085c30ea78f7e)