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YARN-6959. RM may allocate wrong AM Container for new attempt. Contributed by Yuqi Wang

YARN-7020. TestAMRMProxy#testAMRMProxyTokenRenewal is flakey. Contributed by Robert Kanter

(cherry picked from commit 14553061be0a341df3e628dcaf06717b4630b05e)



YARN-6965. Duplicate instantiation in FairSchedulerQueueInfo. Contributed by Masahiro Tanaka.

(cherry picked from commit 588c190afd49bdbd5708f7805bf6c68f09fee142)

(cherry picked from commit a28a3dc8f2709738c28f70fc394f51d3b1266296)

HDFS-12301. NN File Browser UI: Navigate to a path when enter is pressed

(cherry picked from commit f34646d652310442cb5339aabbbb269f10dfa838)

(cherry picked from commit 895a35eac0422c1845ebe3c5bed1ac2bda1ac807)

YARN-6917. Queue path is recomputed from scratch on every allocation. Contributed by Eric Payne

(cherry picked from commit 5558792894169425bff054364a1ab4c48b347fb9)



YARN-6987. Log app attempt during InvalidStateTransition. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

(cherry picked from commit 3325ef653d6f364a82dd32485d9ef6d987380ce3)

HADOOP-14627. Support MSI and DeviceCode token provider in ADLS. Contributed by Atul Sikaria.

(cherry picked from commit 7769e9614956283a86eda9e4e69aaa592c0ca960)

HADOOP-14260. Configuration.dumpConfiguration should redact sensitive information. Contributed by John Zhuge.

(cherry picked from commit 582648befaf9908159f937d2cc8f549583a3483e)

HADOOP-13628. Support to retrieve specific property from configuration via REST API. Contributed by Weiwei Yang

(cherry picked from commit 00160f71b6d98244fcb1cb58b2db9fc24f1cd672)

HADOOP-13588. ConfServlet should respect Accept request header. Contributed by Weiwei Yang

(cherry picked from commit 59d59667a8b1d3fb4a744a41774b2397fd91cbb3)

HDFS-12278. LeaseManager operations are inefficient in 2.8. Contributed by Rushabh S Shah.

HDFS-12157. Do fsyncDirectory(..) outside of FSDataset lock. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.

(cherry picked from commit 74bcc8d1f213ffd18056b7d0590d0cd346abaff9)

HDFS-10326. Disable setting tcp socket send/receive buffers for write pipelines. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

MAPREDUCE-6927. MR job should only set tracking url if history was successfully written. Contributed by Eric Badger

(cherry picked from commit 735fce5bec17f4e1799daf922625c475cf588114)



YARN-6890. Not display killApp button on UI if UI is unsecured but cluster is secured. Contributed by Junping Du

HDFS-12131. Add some of the FSNamesystem JMX values as metrics. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

YARN-5349. TestWorkPreservingRMRestart#testUAMRecoveryOnRMWorkPreservingRestart fail intermittently. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 8ce8672b6b551dacb9467924fc70f88790f5891f)

YARN-6846. Nodemanager can fail to fully delete application local directories when applications are killed. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 48899134d2a77935a821072b5388ab1b1b7b399c)

YARN-6872. Ensure apps could run given NodeLabels are disabled post RM switchover/restart. Contributed by Sunil G

HADOOP-14702. Fix formatting issue and regression caused by conversion from APT to Markdown. Contributed by Doris Gu.

(cherry picked from commit d9a07b39046c323d430b98eff6603eaf58e18372)



HDFS-10480. Add an admin command to list currently open files.

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HADOOP-14683. FileStatus.compareTo binary compatible issue. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka.

(cherry picked from commit cf6794ebe93906c406a54acc5c8854dc600a9a7f)

(cherry picked from commit 60c10ea7b47f185997b215aea7a3f375ed713ac5)

YARN-5731. Preemption calculation is not accurate when reserved containers are present in queue. (wangda)

Change-Id: Ie8c5145f449582253dcf8c0f6f388e3660ab1c6b

YARN-6628. Unexpected jackson-core-2.2.3 dependency introduced. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

(cherry picked from commit b9640c02bf5072014299124cfd44880d7361a5a7)

HADOOP-14677. mvn clean compile fails. Contributed by Andras Bokor.

(cherry picked from commit 0fd6d0f2d361536b2baf859ddbb082eb2eadcfcf)

(cherry picked from commit b19415f1a18f4a2a121408f777fd9eaaeb52d074)

YARN-5728. TestMiniYarnClusterNodeUtilization.testUpdateNodeUtilization timeout.

(cherry picked from commit f8bed5e9a7d1ece127fb3da123bbfc26ada0016f)

(cherry picked from commit 98c3544e9407e3e1dfae9806d4a8181508952bed)

HADOOP-14455. ViewFileSystem#rename should support be supported within same nameservice with different mountpoints. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula.

(cherry picked from commit 8bfb9971cad1a83da852de4d12f1de4197d25d21)

HADOOP-14678. AdlFilesystem#initialize swallows exception when getting user name. Contributed by John Zhuge.

(cherry picked from commit f735ad1b67ed82d9b11b1afd7ae39035a6aed18b)

YARN-5892. Support user-specific minimum user limit percentage in Capacity Scheduler. Contributed by Eric Payne.

HDFS-11896. Non-dfsUsed will be doubled on dead node re-registration. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula.

(cherry picked from commit c4a85c694fae3f814ab4e7f3c172da1df0e0e353)