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Revert "HADOOP-13738. DiskChecker should perform some disk IO."

This reverts commit 7d5c00723cbb5266cbf40489da9b17b65aaaa1fb.

Revert "HADOOP-14445. Delegation tokens are not shared between KMS instances. Contributed by Xiao Chen and Rushabh S Shah."

This reverts commit 714a079ffb88540ec1e09d5023c35e1fa0dd016d.



(cherry picked from commit 9e4599fbd34b2f0a39f30a10c7e3eddc2bfd5a9e)

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Revert "HDFS-13430. Fix TestEncryptionZonesWithKMS failure due to HADOOP-14445."

This reverts commit e3a49fe1dd9e95c63a628fbff60b76e7d947d1f9.

(cherry picked from commit 0c59baebbf3292607e7177d9be3a9a18e12bfdf7)

Preparing for Hadoop 2.8.4 release.

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HADOOP-14841 Kms client should disconnect if unable to get output stream from connection. Contributed by Rushabh S Shah

(cherry picked from commit 4cdbdce752e192b45c2b9756c2d4bd24ceffdabd)

MAPREDUCE-7073. Optimize TokenCache#obtainTokensForNamenodesInternal

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit 1a95a4524a8c6c7be601ce8b92640a6a76164a2c)

(cherry picked from commit 58bcb90e7039bd4cec116fe66f1b1428dd493372)

HADOOP-15385. Many tests are failing in hadoop-distcp project in branch-2. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 2b48854cfd09a048d983c2a4870d9c95573b4fff)

HADOOP-15390. Yarn RM logs flooded by DelegationTokenRenewer trying to renew KMS tokens (xiaochen via rkanter)

(cherry picked from commit 7ab08a9c37a76edbe02d556fcfb2e637f45afc21)



HDFS-10183. Prevent race condition during class initialization. Contributed by Pavel Avgustinov.

(cherry picked from commit f40969a141ec6aff254c41e4185cc61ea9e4e554)

HADOOP-15396. Some java source files are executable

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit e4c39f3247da77d03c6015de4f18be75924fcb22)

(cherry picked from commit 228869e5f922a04f3e8ce7e547fdc31ed9f12127)

HADOOP-15180. branch-2 : daemon processes' sysout overwrites 'ulimit -a' in daemon's out file. Contributed by Ranith Sardar

(cherry picked from commit cbcd16e6b7c84878bb2e26c398e3bdf943e364d0)

HDFS-12828. OIV ReverseXML Processor fails with escaped characters

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit 2d9e791a9073de9f65fef5407efd3a42894bc97f)

(cherry picked from commit 8f341c673f4db981544faba79d0c20bfe9c3fd99)

HDFS-13430. Fix TestEncryptionZonesWithKMS failure due to HADOOP-14445.

(cherry picked from commit 650359371175fba416331e73aa03d2a96ccb90e5)

HADOOP-14970. MiniHadoopClusterManager doesn't respect lack of format option. Contributed by Erik Krogen

(cherry picked from commit 1a407bc9906306801690bc75ff0f0456f8f265fd)

YARN-8147. TestClientRMService#testGetApplications sporadically fails. Contributed by Jason Lowe

(cherry picked from commit 18844599aef42f79d2af4500aa2eee472dda95cb)

YARN-8120. JVM can crash with SIGSEGV when exiting due to custom leveldb logger. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 6bb128dfb893cf0e4aa2d3ecc65440668a1fc8d7)

HDFS-13427. Fix the section titles of transparent encryption document.

(cherry picked from commit c7cd362afd21add324c3a82c594b133d41cf8d03)

(cherry picked from commit be627ccfe373cb5dc4e8bb2a17495ef898caaee1)

HADOOP-14445. Delegation tokens are not shared between KMS instances. Contributed by Xiao Chen and Rushabh S Shah.

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HADOOP-14987. Improve KMSClientProvider log around delegation token checking. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao and Xiao Chen.

(cherry picked from commit 59d78a5088700350a5122c3a3ba5e76cd26d6a80)

(cherry picked from commit b8d8c25a18df467263b25677d45c9c60b43d4e68)



HADOOP-15317. Improve NetworkTopology chooseRandom's loop.

(cherry picked from commit 251fc1fb40b6ccd8d2955d8a60767a816749bb83)

HADOOP-15253. Should update maxQueueSize when refresh call queue. Contributed by Tao Jie.

(cherry picked from commit acfd764fcc9990e507c0e7cea746652375aaa632)

HADOOP-12862. LDAP Group Mapping over SSL can not specify trust store. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang and Konstantin Shvachko.

(cherry picked from commit 2216bde322961c0fe33b5822510880a65d5c45fd)

HDFS-13195. DataNode conf page cannot display the current value after reconfig. Contributed by maobaolong.

(cherry picked from commit d2c3a56ad8cd331040d737d0da23d1cd108987a4)

HDFS-12884. BlockUnderConstructionFeature.truncateBlock should be of type BlockInfo. Contributed by chencan.

(cherry picked from commit 8d898ab25f1c2032a07c9bbd96ba3d0c4eb5be87)

YARN-8054. Improve robustness of the LocalDirsHandlerService MonitoringTimerTask thread. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

(cherry picked from commit 5aa7052e319c3273243dda9993fb6c2d776eb7cc)

Revert "HADOOP-13119. Add ability to secure log servlet using proxy users. Contribute by Yuanbo Liu."

This reverts commit e72f485d8c9ae6e171f696ce4c7e11319494619f.

HDFS-12156. TestFSImage fails without -Pnative

(cherry picked from commit 319defafc105c0d0b69b83828b578d9c453036f5)

(cherry picked from commit b0c80f1c814827abf95316dc9c23701f8ef09d9a)

MAPREDUCE-6930. mapreduce.map.cpu.vcores and mapreduce.reduce.cpu.vcores are both present twice in mapred-default.xml. Contributed by Sen Zhao

(cherry picked from commit 32fa3a63e0e7d8bfb3d3b9b3c500ecb3a4874ecf)

HDFS-12614. FSPermissionChecker#getINodeAttrs() throws NPE when INodeAttributesProvider configured. Contributed by Manoj Govindassamy.

(cherry picked from commit 0aa52d4085f8c77dbfd9d913011c347882573ad9)



HDFS-13109. Support fully qualified hdfs path in EZ commands. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru.

(cherry picked from commit edf9445708ffb7a9e59cb933e049b540f99add1e)

(cherry picked from commit 321766bcc8f8c7ac3d0091a065ccabf8a16c13c5)