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Update document to reflect new features of ADL support in 2.8.0 release.

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HDFS-11431. hadoop-hdfs-client JAR does not include ConfiguredFailoverProxyProvider. Contributed by Steven Rand.

HADOOP-14173. Remove unused AdlConfKeys#ADL_EVENTS_TRACKING_SOURCE. Contributed by John Zhuge.

Change-Id: I5dc6f885816b8834f718874542dfa373458b0333

(cherry picked from commit 5a40bafdaeec693e613aa02e79dbaaccfdab6f60)

HADOOP-14123. Remove misplaced ADL service provider config file for FileSystem. Contributed by John Zhuge.

Change-Id: Ic956e2eb8189625916442eaffdc69163d32f730e

(cherry picked from commit c5ee7fded46dcb1ac1ea4c1ada4949c50bc89afb)

HADOOP-13037. Refactor Azure Data Lake Store as an independent FileSystem. Contributed by Vishwajeet Dusane

(cherry picked from commit edf149b9790a96563fe7bba289a040542c8ab8f2)

(cherry picked from commit b4b4ca9199fbdcd172be995c5b9b1ff3c468da89)

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HADOOP-14062. ApplicationMasterProtocolPBClientImpl.allocate fails with EOFException when RPC privacy is enabled. Contributed by Steven Rand

HADOOP-14087. S3A typo in pom.xml test exclusions. Contributed by Aaron Fabbri.

(cherry picked from commit f597f4c43e0a6e2304b9bcaf727d6d8d15a365f9)

(cherry picked from commit d2d0872f4d109b09cdc3d8e9b163544e56469621)

(cherry picked from commit 20fa7664d17f7a7d8179e143ae35dfc1eb6f44e8)

Treat encrypted files as private. Contributed by Daniel Templeton.

(cherry picked from commit f01a69f84f4cc7d925d078a7ce32e5800da4e429)

(cherry picked from commit 120f680318d766f44787fd0eec88270d61172523)

(cherry picked from commit dd5d0103dfe38dacd5d9379ceb2931ab910f11ab)

HDFS-11498. Make RestCsrfPreventionHandler and WebHdfsHandler compatible with Netty 4.0.

(cherry picked from commit 5e74196ede9bfc20eb6d6fe3aa6a0e5c47a40fdd)

(cherry picked from commit 6e75c1e2f04be03410dd942df4dc3e94bf7b4b24)

(cherry picked from commit 3f23d50c9ae627fc5326055a0a5aed4fd16c5040)

YARN-6270. WebUtils.getRMWebAppURLWithScheme() needs to honor RM HA setting. Contributed by Xuan Gong

YARN-6274. Documentation refers to incorrect nodemanager health checker interval property. Contributed by WeiWei Yang

(cherry picked from commit 05237636d3a359dc502e8fa2d66bfdcea274f86c)

HADOOP-14138. Remove S3A ref from META-INF service discovery, rely on existing core-default entry. Contributed by Steve Loughran

(cherry picked from commit 51fefbe38bf40373d2855163fa6444821b0f994c)

HADOOP-14028. S3A BlockOutputStreams doesn't delete temporary files in multipart uploads or handle part upload failures. Contributed by Steve Loughran.

(cherry picked from commit 05ab09ca87a8818bea2ba78c251b1272be61c0c5)

YARN-6143. Fix incompatible issue caused by YARN-3583. (Sunil G via wangda)

(cherry picked from commit 0566b30875dfc61dbbba4cde0d42e15b116e85b8)

(cherry picked from commit 920847edcef57c71651dc66b6c11cf9fbd13e6da)

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HADOOP-14017. User friendly name for ADLS user and group. Contributed by Vishwajeet Dusane

(cherry picked from commit 924def78544a64449785f305cb6984c3559aea4d)

(cherry picked from commit acf20c8318270eaa8fdf6259ec7b07344e3bd7e5)

(cherry picked from commit 518705b8e3b6435894def73dc37104cdba38fe00)

HADOOP-13826. S3A Deadlock in multipart copy due to thread pool limits. Contributed by Sean Mackrory.

(cherry picked from commit e3a74e0369e6e2217d1280179b390227fe1b1684)

HADOOP-14081. S3A: Consider avoiding array copy in S3ABlockOutputStream (ByteArrayBlock). Contributed by Rajesh Balamohan

(cherry picked from commit 274c02d2fa06581891ba9bb9041fa20baa83582a)

HADOOP-14049. Honour AclBit flag associated to file/folder permission for Azure datalake account. Contributed by Vishwajeet Dusane

(cherry picked from commit f4329990250bed62efdebe3ce2bc740092cf9573)

(cherry picked from commit a14686680228d13386ccde7272e3b5bdabe7c792)

(cherry picked from commit f0df481c76fbff4c8f362db89a060ee736d3f411)

YARN-6200. Reverting since the same functionality achieved by YARN-1623 Revert "YARN-5068. Expose scheduler queue to application master. (Harish Jaiprakash via rohithsharmaks)"

This reverts commit f102c4f6c8b5a38f73e41282215e9bc38240eed8.

HADOOP-13929. ADLS connector should not check in contract-test-options.xml. (John Zhuge via lei)

(cherry picked from commit 71c23c9fc94cfdf58de80effbc3f51c0925d0cfe)

(cherry picked from commit ed4388f903d34a2c09845d200e1e717397b217e1)

(cherry picked from commit 674b9cdab1e753a070dfb104f499d829f7ba4094)

HDFS-11379. DFSInputStream may infinite loop requesting block locations. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

(cherry picked from commit 22f8b6613707e7d08905656f2e11c6c24a6a8533)

Revert "HADOOP-13119. Add ability to secure log servlet using proxy users. Contribute by Yuanbo Liu."

This reverts commit e86c832119c3a9c54bcc18db7fa49efb3934a3b8.

Revert "HDFS-8377. Support HTTP/2 in datanode. Contributed by Duo Zhang."

This reverts commit f70b9d92413940739ed6f6cd468e6d09702939d1.

(cherry picked from commit 67d2875f8fe83cdeb621856031eb0892a65ec946)



(cherry picked from commit 83f1e3b10ab40f3a5b62afbb122d70b49550e8e7)

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HADOOP-13119. Add ability to secure log servlet using proxy users. Contribute by Yuanbo Liu.

(cherry picked from commit a847903b6e64c6edb11d852b91f2c816b1253eb3)

HADOOP-13962. Update ADLS SDK to 2.1.4. (John Zhuge via lei)

(cherry picked from commit ccf2d662443fc169835d66b715441529658b245c)

(cherry picked from commit d3a6124ffaa76f0aeaad1a3c58e005a65f507a10)

(cherry picked from commit 87abe01ab1edf0bfe3e9ac10a78cbb1c3ccf1a12)

HADOOP-13956. Read ADLS credentials from Credential Provider. (John Zhuge via lei)

(cherry picked from commit e015b563197a475e354bf84fd27e7bbcc67e00a4)

(cherry picked from commit 01624f0c1b7eba9fe4b5778e1da9d38545af3722)

(cherry picked from commit 5eaec560d98fe127b5506c50b4c079d14b28b5ef)

Update release version in pom.xml.

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HADOOP-14001. Improve delegation token validity checking.

(cherry picked from commit 176346721006a03f41d028560e9e29b5931d5be2)

(cherry picked from commit c6c29d0080964e55ff84246af1e4149d1ef3162a)

(cherry picked from commit b8b8b9a32b0b12ea3f6356f0317729197871eac4)

Update document to reflect right versions, new features and big improvements on 2.8 release.

(cherry picked from commit fbcc45c8d1f0c72fa72466515a7443075a28c71e)

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YARN-6072. RM unable to start in secure mode. Contributed by Ajith S.

(cherry picked from commit e459092a08933ea8637a2f37fbae0d9875e6870d)