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MAPREDUCE-5124. AM lacks flow control for task events. Contributed by Peter Bacsko

Preparing for 2.7.6 development

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Revert MAPREDUCE-5124 from 2.7.5.

MAPREDUCE-5124. AM lacks flow control for task events. Contributed by Peter Bacsko

HDFS-12638. Delete copy-on-truncate block along with the original block, when deleting a file being truncated. Contributed by Konstantin Shvachko.

(cherry picked from commit 60fd0d7fd73198fd610e59d1a4cd007c5fcc7205)

HDFS-12832. INode.getFullPathName may throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException lead to NameNode exit. Contribuited by Konstantin Shvachko.

(cherry picked from commit d331762f24b3f22f609366740c9c4f449edc61ac)

HDFS-12823. Backport HDFS-9259 "Make SO_SNDBUF size configurable at DFSClient" to branch-2.7. (Erik Krogen via zhz)

Fixing Job History Server Configuration parsing. (Jason Lowe via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit b3df744fb651d480050cf355f7004e50e30f22ff)

MAPREDUCE-6975. Logging task counters. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph.

(cherry picked from commit 61bbdc511e4e98c11a05d7c3bc01f3e971adbe13)

HADOOP-14919. BZip2 drops records when reading data in splits. Contributed by Jason Lowe

(cherry picked from commit 2fae63aa60c43b62bd908a9499562fe528603185)

Remove parent's env vars from child processes. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.

Revert "HDFS-12502. nntop should support a category based on FilesInGetListingOps."

This reverts commit 53a261a7ed19acf583bd8ab64c4cd0189b9dd842.

HDFS-12502. nntop should support a category based on FilesInGetListingOps.

(cherry picked from commit 60bfee270ed3a653c44c0bc92396167b5022df6e)

(cherry picked from commit aecf6c50d351e7aed2008a682677a1edb104585d)

(cherry picked from commit 87f440739604f97261da9624afb36920a6a4c28f)

(cherry picked from commit f1ff21e00c21ba2514b81779389141db150882cc)

HDFS-12596. Add TestFsck#testFsckCorruptWhenOneReplicaIsCorrupt back to branch-2.7.

HDFS-12578. TestDeadDatanode#testNonDFSUsedONDeadNodeReReg failing in branch-2.7. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

HDFS-12420. Add an option to disallow 'namenode format -force'. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

(cherry picked from commit b6942cbe9b8c9469e8c2b64c3268d671f5a43e75)

(cherry picked from commit 5897095d539be086ed37df011f024e37eb37b0cd)

(cherry picked from commit 0aa1b62b396f6fa43f15900c26dd28b95c4e40ce)

(cherry picked from commit dcdb3f250cd6b36f8a15070792c94dc854a6a42d)

Update CHANGES.txt for HDFS-8865

HDFS-8865. Improve quota initialization performance. Contributed by Kihwal Lee.

YARN-7084. TestSchedulingMonitor#testRMStarts fails sporadically. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 7f6118f918e0fbe81cb64e8b9f6959b8d66679f6)

HADOOP-14902. LoadGenerator#genFile write close timing is incorrectly calculated. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru

(cherry picked from commit 6f789fe05766a61b12ca10df3f26ee354eac84aa)



HADOOP-14881. LoadGenerator should use Time.monotonicNow() to measure durations. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham

(cherry picked from commit ac05a51bbb2a3fad4e85f9334a3408571967900a)

YARN-5195. RM intermittently crashed with NPE while handling APP_ATTEMPT_REMOVED event when async-scheduling enabled in CapacityScheduler. Contributed by sandflee and Jonathan Hung

HDFS-12323. Add CHANGES.txt

HDFS-12323. NameNode terminates after full GC thinking QJM unresponsive if full GC is much longer than timeout. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

(cherry picked from commit 90894c7262df0243e795b675f3ac9f7b322ccd11)

MAPREDUCE-6957. shuffle hangs after a node manager connection timeout. Contributed by Jooseong Kim

(cherry picked from commit e63a2d4d33a0a9af164bc4473ab84a0780ba6e4e)

Update CHANGES.txt for HADOOP-14827

HADOOP-14867. Update HDFS Federation setup document, for incorrect property name for secondary name node http address. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham.

HADOOP-14827. Allow StopWatch to accept a Timer parameter for tests. Contributed by Erik Krogen

(cherry picked from commit dd814946f68d52a9b1627ac4dd61f9ab093423ae)

MAPREDUCE-6937. Backport MAPREDUCE-6870 to branch-2 while preserving compatibility. (Peter Bacsko via Haibo Chen)