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HDFS-12299. Race Between update pipeline and DN Re-Registration. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula.

(cherry picked from commit 5a83ffa396089972e23c533eca33c9cba231c45a)

Revert "HDFS-12299. Race Between update pipeline and DN Re-Registration. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula."

This reverts commit 94bb6fa9dfa0877d68b388fa85309623ce71b21d.

HADOOP-12862. LDAP Group Mapping over SSL can not specify trust store. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang and Konstantin Shvachko.

(cherry picked from commit 2216bde322961c0fe33b5822510880a65d5c45fd)

HADOOP-15345. Backport HADOOP-12185 to branch-2.7: NetworkTopology is not efficient adding/getting/removing nodes. Contributed by He Xiaoqiao.

HDFS-13195. DataNode conf page cannot display the current value after reconfig. Contributed by maobaolong.

(cherry picked from commit d2c3a56ad8cd331040d737d0da23d1cd108987a4)

HDFS-12884. BlockUnderConstructionFeature.truncateBlock should be of type BlockInfo. Contributed by chencan.

(cherry picked from commit 8d898ab25f1c2032a07c9bbd96ba3d0c4eb5be87)

Revert "HADOOP-13119. Add ability to secure log servlet using proxy users. Contribute by Yuanbo Liu."

This reverts commit b13492a0ab6e92517528d2f622591d4682071ead.

HADOOP-15283. Upgrade from findbugs 3.0.1 to spotbugs 3.1.2 in branch-2 to fix docker image build.

(cherry picked from commit 8ad3ec6aabd265cae01242100729e3d02d794256)

HADOOP-15279. increase maven heap size recommendations

Signed-off-by: Jason Lowe <jlowe@apache.org>

Signed-off-by: Chris Douglas <cdouglas@apache.org>

(cherry picked from commit d4cc50f62279dc4d607cd05c16de480a76f05880)

(cherry picked from commit dbd69cb2ce2a060e36280b222cac05fc05e065d1)

HDFS-11187. Optimize disk access for last partial chunk checksum of Finalized replica. Contributed by Gabor Bota, Wei-Chiu Chuang.

HADOOP-15206. BZip2 drops and duplicates records when input split size is small. Contributed by Aki Tanaka

(cherry picked from commit 0898ff42e9e5c53f2fce7ccdeb4e1cd7d0f123b3)

HDFS-13112. Token expiration edits may cause log corruption or deadlock. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

(cherry picked from commit 47473952e56b0380147d42f4110ad03c2276c961)

MAPREDUCE-7052. TestFixedLengthInputFormat#testFormatCompressedIn is flaky. Contributed by Peter Bacsko

(cherry picked from commit a53d62ab26e170a0338f93e228718da52e9196e4)

xattr api cleanup

MAPREDUCE-7048. Uber AM can crash due to unknown task in statusUpdate. Contr ibuted by Peter Bacsko

HDFS-10453. Update CHANGES.txt.

HDFS-10453. ReplicationMonitor thread could stuck for long time due to the race between replication and delete of same file in a large cluster.. Contributed by He Xiaoqiao.

HDFS-13120. Snapshot diff could be corrupted after concat. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

(cherry picked from commit 8faf0b50d435039f69ea35f592856ca04d378809)

HADOOP-15212. Add independent secret manager method for logging expired tokens. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

(cherry picked from commit 2dd960de983a30bf0d9ee957bdb09f825f9d40a3)

MAPREDUCE-7020. Task timeout in uber mode can crash AM. Contributed by Peter Bacsko

Move changes for YARN-7590 to hadoop-yarn-project/CHANGES.txt

YARN-7590. Improve container-executor validation check. Contributed by Eric Yang.

HADOOP-15177. Update the release year to 2018. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham.

(cherry picked from commit cdaf92c9f57560219b8f915a19ad8603ddf2a505)

(cherry picked from commit b0c9b89281c9264c70ae79b1e4830e0fa2411b4f)

MAPREDUCE-7028. Concurrent task progress updates causing NPE in Application Master. Contributed by Gergo Repas

(cherry picked from commit fe35103591ece0209f8345aba5544313e45a073c)

HADOOP-15143. NPE due to Invalid KerberosTicket in UGI. Contributed by Mukul Kumar Singh.

(cherry picked from commit cb60c05c3aff762c39d7d81df9a7b6e071acb181)

(cherry picked from commit dd1de1ea373a2afa9bd475cccd655b9d74710f42)



(cherry picked from commit 7ca1d96b4facf5a9d8700e8e1879abfbb0716cb7)



HDFS-12347. TestBalancerRPCDelay#testBalancerRPCDelay fails very frequently. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham

(cherry picked from commit c7499f2d242c64bee8f822a22161d956525f7153)