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HDFS-11896. Non-dfsUsed will be doubled on dead node re-registration. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula.

(cherry picked from commit c4a85c694fae3f814ab4e7f3c172da1df0e0e353)

HADOOP-14686. Add patchprocess/ to .gitignore. Contributed by Sean Busbey.

Revert "HADOOP-14686 update .gitignore"

This reverts commit ca523c9ce4a3310cd53cc83fe5846b02e608abb6.

HADOOP-14686 update .gitignore

Signed-off-by: Allen Wittenauer <aw@apache.org>

Addendum fix for HADOOP-10829 to update CHANGES.txt

HDFS-11742. Improve balancer usability after HDFS-8818. Contributed by Kihwal Lee Updated CHANGES.txt (cherry picked from commit e229ffee64e8abd1df4d819b81151582ed3a16e2)

HDFS-12177. NameNode exits due to setting BlockPlacementPolicy loglevel to Debug. Contributed by Jiandan Yang.

HDFS-11472. Fix inconsistent replica size after a data pipeline failure. Contributed by Erik Krogen and Wei-Chiu Chuang.

(cherry picked from commit 2a5a313539e211736fef12010918a60f9edad030)

YARN-6818. User limit per partition is not honored in branch-2.7. Contributed by Jonathan Hung.

HADOOP-14356. Update CHANGES.txt to reflect all the changes in branch-2.7. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula.

Add CHANGES entry for YARN-3260

YARN-3260. AM attempt fail to register before RM processes launch event. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt

(cherry picked from commit a5ae5ac50e97cf829c41dcf01655cd9bd4d36a00)

HADOOP-14586. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException breaks org.apache.hadoop.util.Shell on 2.7.x with Java 9. Contributed by Uwe Schindler.

HADOOP-10829. Iteration on CredentialProviderFactory.serviceLoader is thread-unsafe. Contributed by Benoy Antony and Rakesh R.

(cherry picked from commit b82485d6fed2194bf0dc2eedfab7e226e30a7cf0)

(cherry picked from commit c0e294ffc82d611a64b352e3962bce9399ddbe5f)

MAPREDUCE-6697. Concurrent task limits should only be applied when necessary. Contributed by Nathan Roberts.

(cherry picked from commit a5c0476a990ec1e7eb34ce2462a45aa52cc1350d)

MAPREDUCE-6433. launchTime may be negative. Contributed by Zhihai Xu.

HDFS-11345. Document the configuration key for FSNamesystem lock fairness. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

(cherry picked from commit 2c769167dbdb66c52d2ba7b7193a686444085570)

(cherry picked from commit 6b3c13d543ddaba3b4a2e6a5649420982a107603)

Update CHANGES.txt for YARN-6719.

YARN-6719. Fix findbugs warnings in SLSCapacityScheduler.java. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka.

(cherry picked from commit 582bdfd423a1c163ed945cf0e686e58de1de39c0)

HDFS-11583. Parent spans are not initialized to NullScope for every DFSPacket. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki.

HDFS-11736. OIV tests should not write outside 'target' directory. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HDFS-11708. Positional read will fail if replicas moved to different DNs after stream is opened (Contributed by Vinayakumar B)

HDFS-11743. Revert the incompatible fsck reporting output in HDFS-7933 from branch-2.7.

YARN-1471. Preserve scheduler typeinfo in simulator to work with resource monitors. Contributed by Carlo Curino. Backport by Ye Zhou.

(cherry picked from commit e07f3c87cd3542760efcf713f909375b69eec00f)

HADOOP-14440. Add metrics for connections dropped. Contributed by Eric Badger.

(cherry picked from commit abdd609e51a80388493417126c3bc9b1badc0ac1)

(cherry picked from commit 9854682ea46006d98b6d865739b228db804c72ca)

YARN-5988. RM unable to start in secure setup. Contributed by Ajith S.

HADOOP-14474. Use OpenJDK 7 instead of Oracle JDK 7 to avoid oracle-java7-installer failures. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka.

(cherry picked from commit 5e40efe0ec38f1e1228846a5448d93bf040868ff)

(cherry picked from commit d946387850ae2fe383df90dd2722560986236e31)



HDFS-11856. Ability to re-add upgrading nodes to pipeline for future pipeline updates. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.