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Release process for 2.7.2: Set the release date for 2.7.2

In CHANGES.txt, move HDFS-9294 to Release 2.6.4.

Set the release date for 2.7.2-RC2

Preparing for release 2.7.2: Updating release notes.

HDFS-9574. Reduce client failures during datanode restart. Contributed by Kihwal Lee. (cherry picked from commit b06e39de4fc4f9c35afb472eef0bba2adf91954f)



Fix yarn entry CHANGES.txt.

Add missing CHANGES.txt entry for HDFS-8767. (cherry picked from commit e50dd19a9c816c81c64fff8b958f4036dcb98822)



(cherry picked from commit 62eabec549ef13ac7e6ed517ef628b5b01d0ab77)

HADOOP-5323. Trash documentation should describe its directory structure and configurations. (Weiwei Yang via ozawa) Moved entry from HDFS CHANGES.txt to that of common.

(cherry picked from commit cb73c753dab836105247945392ad4e43695a50bc)

Set the release date for 2.7.2-RC1

Preparing for release 2.7.2: Updating release notes.

HADOOP-12415. Fixed pom files to correctly include compile-time dependency on netty. (Tom Zeng via cos) Addendum commit to include CHANGES.txt entry.

(cherry picked from commit ce16541c62728f69634111dc2ddb321690d3d29b)

(cherry picked from commit 7b3f027ed4311559a4724bd3df603d356810fcbd)

HDFS-9445. Datanode may deadlock while handling a bad volume. Contributed by Walter Su. (cherry picked from commit a48301791e9564363bc2abad4e89e344b0d7a5ff)

YARN-4434. NodeManager Disk Checker parameter documentation is not correct. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

(cherry picked from commit 16dc65811d4e0e7ab61c61295149848fe53ddd89)

(cherry picked from commit 925bb94d87db7e916ed380d4512225e796f9e03d)

(cherry picked from commit c9be259f26a4b6b03fe2e3e380d86a80af30f9e8)

YARN-4424. Fix deadlock in RMAppImpl. (Jian he via wangda)

(cherry picked from commit 0e9cef45599c59fd7010a191beecbfdcc067d84f)

HDFS-9273. Moving to 2.6.3 CHANGES section to reflect the backport.

YARN-4348. ZKRMStateStore.syncInternal shouldn't wait for sync completion for avoiding blocking ZK's event thread. (ozawa)

(cherry picked from commit 0460b8a8a3de232f236f49ef6769d38cda62cc28)

HDFS-9294. DFSClient deadlock when close file and failed to renew lease. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula

HDFS-9470. Encryption zone on root not loaded from fsimage after NN restart. Xiao Chen via wang.

(cherry picked from commit 9b8e50b424d060e16c1175b1811e7abc476e2468)

(cherry picked from commit ce1111ceea830cce5f0833db55201e0e88c3b199)

(cherry picked from commit 8676959d137f2984d6ae5b54f255998ea360eadf)

MAPREDUCE-6549. multibyte delimiters with LineRecordReader cause duplicate records (wilfreds via rkanter) (cherry picked from commit 7fd00b3db4b7d73afd41276ba9a06ec06a0e1762)



(cherry picked from commit e1b6a5413f018c939e0100bdfbdc018d49c7c6a4)

HDFS-9426. Rollingupgrade finalization is not backward compatible (Contributed by Kihwal Lee)

YARN-4365. FileSystemNodeLabelStore should check for root dir existence on startup. Contributed by Kuhu Shukla (cherry picked from commit f5acf94ecafb301a0cc8e8f91f19c8bcbc8da701)



(cherry picked from commit b68f527b9fee64e3c92766befe9544f780f1347e)

MAPREDUCE-5883. "Total megabyte-seconds" in job counters is slightly misleading. Contributed by Nathan Roberts (cherry picked from commit cab3c7c8892ad33a7eb0955b01e99872ab95e192)

(cherry picked from commit 4ba5667aed5b5c677eca5b0ed7405fb63452315f)

Move HDFS-9434 to 2.6.3 in CHANGES.txt.

YARN-4344. NMs reconnecting with changed capabilities can lead to wrong cluster resource calculations. Contributed by Varun Vasudev (cherry picked from commit d36b6e045f317c94e97cb41a163aa974d161a404)



(cherry picked from commit 5bd40d7099d1cf177162eeefa9265ec3b3606c6e)

HADOOP-12577. Bumped up commons-collections version to 3.2.2 to address a security flaw. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

(cherry picked from commit 70c26703f462e97361924eaf6cbf80be1fce309f)

HDFS-9434. Recommission a datanode with 500k blocks may pause NN for 30 seconds for printing info log messags.

YARN-2859 addendum: move the entry from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 in hadoop-yarn/CHANGES.txt.

(cherry picked from commit 866dce4e8e105d0e2c7e041b5d30213536a61702)

(cherry picked from commit 8347b1048d063adaf40fc4f537aaa9bfd1157c37)

(cherry picked from commit eb9296d3167611ab47db62fc5b8c16fd0850d562)

YARN-2859.addendum: fix the remaining issue from the previous patch

(cherry picked from commit f114e728da6e19f3d35ff0cfef9fceea26aa5d46)

(cherry picked from commit be65d319fae8f8644c46ee7c44108ce72dafc9c7)

(cherry picked from commit fe67c6f43f80f32b15f362179ea2082967d861d1)

HDFS-9431. DistributedFileSystem#concat fails if the target path is relative. Contributed by Kazuho Fujii.

(cherry picked from commit ac1aa6c8197268ea83f44747199d560be9e299ae)

(cherry picked from commit c74e42b4a2293c8adb99b22929047a8d07242d06)

(cherry picked from commit bb6983e1531a6420e1c357d98cc469ccdfa42ab2)

MAPREDUCE-6377. JHS sorting on state column not working in webUi. Contributed by zhihai xu. (cherry picked from commit 790a861766dcd60212d83f444f2f96d3acf20a94)



(cherry picked from commit b96377334c29bef135c41f7b2215ab23e1c08920)