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Set the release date for 2.7.0

Set the release date for 2.7.0-RC0

Preparing for 2.7.0 development: Updating releasenotes.html.

Preparing for 2.7.0 development: Fixing hadoop-project/src/site/apt/index.apt.vm to point to 2.6.0 as the last stable release.

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Preparing for 2.7.0 development: mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=2.7.0

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Revert "Adding release 2.7.1 to CHANGES.txt" from branch-2.7.0.

This reverts commit 2b44fcaa53846087e34544ea355c364d59dff408.

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Adding release 2.7.1 to CHANGES.txt

(cherry picked from commit 623fd46c1eac057ea9bc4b503a47ad1a831cdacf)

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YARN-3055. Fixed ResourceManager's DelegationTokenRenewer to not stop token renewal of applications part of a bigger workflow. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

(cherry picked from commit 9c5911294e0ba71aefe4763731b0e780cde9d0ca)



HDFS-8063: Fix intermittent test failures in TestTracing (Masatake Iwasaki via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 61dc2ea3fee4085b19cd2d01de9eacdc4c42e21f)

(cherry picked from commit 8dac245920f41709dd6343873682f172fdbeb0a1)

HADOOP-11815. HttpServer2 should destroy SignerSecretProvider when it stops. Contributed by Rohith.

HDFS-8025. Addendum fix for HDFS-3087 Decomissioning on NN restart can complete without blocks being replicated. Contributed by Ming Ma. (cherry picked from commit 5a540c3d3107199f4632e2ad7ee8ff913b107a04)



Revert HDFS-7813.

Revert HDFS-7808.

HDFS-8072. Reserved RBW space is not released if client terminates while writing block. (Arpit Agarwal)

HADOOP-11801. Update BUILDING.txt for Ubuntu. (Contributed by Gabor Liptak)

HADOOP-11796. Skip TestShellBasedIdMapping.testStaticMapUpdate on Windows. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

(cherry picked from commit bd77a7c4d94fe8a74b36deb50e19396c98b8908e)

(cherry picked from commit 6e70611819e81eb0690dda00b9789ed250f3959c)

HDFS-8038. PBImageDelimitedTextWriter#getEntry output HDFS path in platform-specific format. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

(cherry picked from commit 672ed462965ea7da10ce3df48c02e2a3bd13f0ae)

(cherry picked from commit 950dc1b1995191327e6b919ee17a87e59b749264)

HDFS-8071. Redundant checkFileProgress() in PART II of getAdditionalBlock(). Contributed by Konstantin Shvachko.

HDFS-7999. FsDatasetImpl#createTemporary sometimes holds the FSDatasetImpl lock for a very long time (sinago via cmccabe)

(cherry picked from commit 28bebc81db8bb6d1bc2574de7564fe4c595cfe09)

(cherry picked from commit a827089905524e10638c783ba908a895d621911d)

HADOOP-11776. Fixed the broken JDiff support in Hadoop 2. Contributed by Li Lu.

(cherry picked from commit 4b3948ea365db07df7a9369a271009fafd1ba8f5)

HADOOP-11377. Added Null.java without which jdiff completely flops. Contributed by Tsuyoshi Ozawa.

(cherry picked from commit 5370e7128b4b78dabff79986a92151f1de39eeed)

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HDFS-8051. Fix missing import statement from backport.

HDFS-8051. FsVolumeList#addVolume should release volume reference if not put it into BlockScanner. (Lei (Eddy) Xu via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit ef591b1d6a08f08358b19763a874de6010227307)

(cherry picked from commit b26ba22a9023ac2ae058abf509db67aa8ef64b41)

HDFS-7996. After swapping a volume, BlockReceiver reports ReplicaNotFoundException (Lei (Eddy) Xu via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 023133cef9a7ca05364cefbcead57c921589eda7)

(cherry picked from commit 0c5069c4329305db876f0c0f5bd8e983d46f854e)

HDFS-8039. Fix TestDebugAdmin#testRecoverLease and testVerfiyBlockChecksumCommand on Windows. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

(cherry picked from commit db80e428919e4e763f56b9344c748e7f8fb46491)

(cherry picked from commit 28e0602e7bf20581e3ce477512c60a854a4612d3)



HDFS-7811. Avoid recursive call getStoragePolicyID in INodeFile#computeQuotaUsage. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao and Jing Zhao.

(cherry picked from commit 72f6bd4893dcf10d6dad24753f9be99505a87a1f)



(cherry picked from commit 2c1f33d17853bc5e9bd00872d221067f1fa7c9c7)



MAPREDUCE-6303. Read timeout when retrying a fetch error can be fatal to a reducer. Contributed by Jason Lowe. (cherry picked from commit eccb7d46efbf07abcc6a01bd5e7d682f6815b824)

HDFS-7954. TestBalancer#testBalancerWithPinnedBlocks should not be executed on Windows. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao

HDFS-8001 RpcProgramNfs3 : wrong parsing of dfs.blocksize. Contributed by Remi Catherinot

(cherry picked from commit 4d14816c269f110445e1ad3e03ac53b0c1cdb58b)

(cherry picked from commit 27970b3f46674ef7824a4478141d968ef2c16ebb)

HADOOP-11757. NFS gateway should shutdown when it can't start UDP or TCP server. Contributed by Brandon Li

(cherry picked from commit 60ce825a71850fe0622d551159e8d66f32448bb5)

(cherry picked from commit 8e2f1a93e462ed15084c2dfa010086d0112f89bd)