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Updated the release notes for 2.6.5 post-release (the web site will use the correct release notes).

Set the release date for 2.6.5-RC1

Fixed CHANGES.txt for 2.6.5 for missing entries and incorrect versions.

Set the release date for 2.6.5-RC0

HDFS-10870. Wrong dfs.namenode.acls.enabled default in HdfsPermissionsGuide.apt.vm. (John Zhuge via lei)

(cherry picked from commit 2010dd302632c379702882126b5cf16cd170fd61)

Preparing for release 2.6.5: updating index page and mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=2.6.5

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Remove parent's env vars from child processes (fixed java 1.6 compilation error)

YARN-5009. NMLeveldbStateStoreService database can grow substantially leading to longer recovery times. Contributed by Jason Lowe

HADOOP-13579. Fix source-level compatibility after HADOOP-11252. Contributed by Tsuyoshi Ozawa.

HDFS-10763. Open files can leak permanently due to inconsistent lease update. Contributed by Kihwal Lee.

(cherry picked from commit 61e1348fe479872b0eb1b53c50b248b33b37d77b)

HDFS-9530. ReservedSpace is not cleared for abandoned Blocks (Brahma Reddy Battula)

HADOOP-13494. ReconfigurableBase can log sensitive information. Contributed by Sean Mackrory.

HDFS-9696. Garbage snapshot records linger forever. Contributed by Kihwal Lee

(cherry picked from commit 83e57e083f2cf6c0de8a46966c5492faeabd8f2a)



(cherry picked from commit 4766a3153dd517ac832d4761c884ed88a83a6c09)

(cherry picked from commit e3b809a284ba689034d9aa82ecd51e79f810911f)

YARN-5483. Optimize RMAppAttempt#pullJustFinishedContainers. Contributed by sandflee

YARN-5262. Optimize sending RMNodeFinishedContainersPulledByAMEvent for every AM heartbeat. Contributed by Rohith Sharma K S (cherry picked from commit 26b5e6116f392b6be91dca57968259f87554ce33)

YARN-4573. Fix test failure in TestRMAppTransitions#testAppRunningKill and testAppKilledKilled. (Takashi Ohnishi via rohithsharmaks) (cherry picked from commit c01bee010832ca31d8e60e5461181cdf05140602)



HADOOP-13434. Add bash quoting to Shell class. (Owen O'Malley)

(cherry picked from commit 49a95718754cb6d302371b2421e86da7bce50297)

YARN-5462. TestNodeStatusUpdater.testNodeStatusUpdaterRetryAndNMShutdown fails intermittently. Contributed by Eric Badger (cherry picked from commit db646540f094077941b56ed681a4f3e5853f5b7f)

HDFS-10653. Optimize conversion from path string to components. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

(cherry picked from commit bd3dcf46e263b6e6aa3fca6a5d9936cc49e3280f)

(cherry picked from commit 6a7fe835f19141cc633824cd5d21f1e30f014bce)

(cherry picked from commit 2a5b8e5b3a7ac716253f68ccd25f95ae189bc3ea)

HADOOP-13298. Fix the leftover L&N files in hadoop-build-tools/src/main/resources/META-INF/. (ozawa)

(cherry picked from commit ea9f43781e5a9a4a6121dd3be106ced6b811754d)

(cherry picked from commit 65adabd0d1bba1c59653cfcd9b4b6253815adb15)

HADOOP-13290. Appropriate use of generics in FairCallQueue. Contributed by Jonathan Hung.

(cherry picked from commit 728bf7f6988e13f17f03d2e3a4037b7238c4fd45)

(cherry picked from commit b95f1af8a9aafb3e482c7b8825f2097f2ceb0e8e)

(cherry picked from commit cbd885b6fa26b7a84a4a19d6084d95665f21378a)

(cherry picked from commit 45ed97e0d2a5a842842c3738f0413345aa633184)

HADOOP-11361. Fix a race condition in MetricsSourceAdapter.updateJmxCache. Contributed by Vinayakumar B, Yongjun Zhang, and Brahma Reddy Battula. (ozawa)

(cherry picked from commit 77ffe7621212be9f462ca37a542a13d167eca4e0)

(cherry picked from commit 7c5e7433e143a27763901e471e9f39f41bb24323)

HDFS-10544. Balancer doesn't work with IPFailoverProxyProvider.

(cherry picked from commit 087290e6b1cb1082646d966b65494082712ebe3e)

(cherry picked from commit 5b4e916b3cae2540267d48716fd9240dfc055288)

(cherry picked from commit af94dfaa53532d7c650478050621d216360e04b5)

(cherry picked from commit c7e1e92c1afea72b37fc4788956caa20fea7e5c6)

YARN-5353. ResourceManager can leak delegation tokens when they are shared across apps. (Jason Lowe via Varun Saxena).

YARN-4393. Fix intermittent test failure for TestResourceLocalizationService#testFailedDirsResourceRelease (Varun Saxana via rohithsharmaks) (cherry picked from commit 791c1639ae0b351e0bf0b2ecec854dc72ab07935)



HADOOP-13297. Add missing dependency in setting maven-remote-resource-plugin to fix builds. Contributed by Sean Busbey.

(cherry picked from commit 7bd5d4272cd686e06c5d5fcc489b69312dacb47b)

(cherry picked from commit 02b037f6257e7379b6bbd656ccbe4472d3f46c40)

HADOOP-13350. Additional fix to LICENSE and NOTICE. Contributed by Xiao Chen.

(cherry picked from commit 830516b8c5d25b8dd1434d8b9caab89cf5e43359)

YARN-5197. RM leaks containers if running container disappears from node update. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

HADOOP-13192. org.apache.hadoop.util.LineReader cannot handle multibyte delimiters correctly. Contributed by binde.

(cherry picked from commit fc6b50cc574e144fd314dea6c11987c6a384bfa6)

(cherry picked from commit 39ea0891d2b1369ec8c1ea4312489309e1a85227)

(cherry picked from commit e19cd05a878aafc94cc0de36ac6638d7977c6e6e)

HADOOP-13255. KMSClientProvider should check and renew tgt when doing delegation token operations. Contributed by Xiao Chen.

(cherry picked from commit ddf66427ff92a3886f94954e21d59e998412059b)