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Release process for 2.6.1: Set the release date for 2.6.1

YARN-3248. Moving it to improvements section in CHANGES.txt.

(cherry picked from commit df52ff92ae42977bc743630191d1cbe1e17d00cf)

CHANGES.txt: Dropping YARN-3379 as only the refactor part of it exists in branch-2.6.1.

Set the release date for 2.6.1-RC1

Revert "YARN-2890. MiniYARNCluster should start the timeline server based on the configuration. Contributed by Mit Desai."

This reverts commit 8a47d1aa559c380869861c070af9d1e7a8732607.

Set the release date for 2.6.1-RC0

Preparing for release 2.6.1: Posting release notes generated.

Preparing for release 2.6.1: mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=2.6.1

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Preparing for release 2.6.1: Updating site update page.

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HDFS-8384. Allow NN to startup if there are files having a lease but are not under construction. Contributed by Jing Zhao.

YARN-3222. Added the missing CHANGES.txt entry.

(cherry picked from commit 4620767156ecc43424bc6c7c4d50519e2563cc69)

(cherry picked from commit 015696fb81912d545ce602b245c456c2741a3922)

HDFS-8846. Add a unit test for INotify functionality across a layout version upgrade (Zhe Zhang via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit a4d9acc51d1a977bc333da17780c00c72e8546f1)

(cherry picked from commit 9264b7e119efb70fb355904652beeb97e7ad90b9)

HDFS-8486. Addendum patch to fix backporting bug.

(cherry picked from commit 6c9e26609ceac5d16434cc7f4a1013e6faacd92f)

HDFS-8863. The remaining space check in BlockPlacementPolicyDefault is flawed. (Kihwal Lee via yliu)

(cherry picked from commit 146db49f7ff0dec82cd51f366311030404b770d7)

HADOOP-10786. Fix UGI#reloginFromKeytab on Java 8. Contributed by Stephen Chu. Moved CHANGES.txt entry to 2.6.1

(cherry picked from commit d6050f06a3b7e049541b1cb4597c388abf00a5be)

YARN-4047. ClientRMService getApplications has high scheduler lock contention. Contributed by Jason Lowe (cherry picked from commit 7a445fcfabcf9c6aae219051f65d3f6cb8feb87c)

(cherry picked from commit 703fa1b141a98449746bd6fb3b144e74d964d1f5)

YARN-3999. RM hangs on draing events. Contributed by Jian He

(cherry picked from commit 3ae716fa696b87e849dae40225dc59fb5ed114cb)

(cherry picked from commit 2ebdf5bfcee9ede80681a5266df225885d830883)

Adding release 2.6.1 to CHANGES.txt

(cherry picked from commit 7c796fd12ca5092d74e6cc7044f28496f9884983)

HDFS-8486. DN startup may cause severe data loss. (Contributed by Daryn Sharp)

HADOOP-11932. MetricsSinkAdapter may hang when being stopped. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula (cherry picked from commit f59612edd74d1bef2b60870c24c1f67c56b2b3cb)

(cherry picked from commit 5950c1f6f8ac6f514f8d2e8bfbd1f71747b097de)

HADOOP-12280. Skip unit tests based on maven profile rather than NativeCodeLoader.isNativeCodeLoaded (Masatake Iwasaki via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 6f83274afc1eba1159427684d72d8f13778c5a88)

(cherry picked from commit e92107b18f82b3501deaa6170d322a0fb512ec71)

YARN-3978. Configurably turn off the saving of container info in Generic AHS (Eric Payne via jeagles)

(cherry picked from commit 3cd02b95224e9d43fd63a4ef9ac5c44f113f710d)

(cherry picked from commit 899df5bce03ea4f94487e48c1d38bd30ae10c26f)

YARN-3990. AsyncDispatcher may overloaded with RMAppNodeUpdateEvent when Node is connected/disconnected. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt (cherry picked from commit 32e490b6c035487e99df30ce80366446fe09bd6c)

(cherry picked from commit c31e3ba92132f232bd56b257f3854ffe430fbab9)

(cherry picked from commit 07d31d4c0808a169f4770187d655f38aa105255c)

HDFS-7314. When the DFSClient lease cannot be renewed, abort open-for-write files rather than the entire DFSClient. (mingma)

(cherry picked from commit fbd88f1062f3c4b208724d208e3f501eb196dfab)

(cherry picked from commit 516bbf1c20547dc513126df0d9f0934bb65c10c7)




(cherry picked from commit fb1bf424bdad20fff7ab390ce75c4bec558e7e6d)

YARN-3850. NM fails to read files from full disks which can lead to container logs being lost and other issues. Contributed by Varun Saxena (cherry picked from commit 40b256949ad6f6e0dbdd248f2d257b05899f4332)

(cherry picked from commit 0221d19f4e398c386f4ca3990b0893562aa8dacf)

(cherry picked from commit 87d2204f28f192a964c04a5fa1e2e31644d74b59)

YARN-3832. Resource Localization fails on a cluster due to existing cache directories. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula (cherry picked from commit 8d58512d6e6d9fe93784a9de2af0056bcc316d96)

(cherry picked from commit 15b1800b1289d239cbebc5cfd66cfe156d45a2d3)

(cherry picked from commit 38400507e3352d83c2a1f364de137366249b7983)

HDFS-8480. Fix performance and timeout issues in HDFS-7929 by using hard-links to preserve old edit logs, instead of copying them. (Zhe Zhang via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 7b424f938c3c306795d574792b086d84e4f06425)

(cherry picked from commit cbd11681ce8a51d187d91748b67a708681e599de)

HADOOP-7139. Allow appending to existing SequenceFiles (Contributed by kanaka kumar avvaru)

(cherry picked from commit 295d678be8853a52c3ec3da43d9265478d6632b3)

(cherry picked from commit 80697e4f324948ec32b4cad3faccba55287be652)

(cherry picked from commit b3546b60340e085c5abd8f8f0990d45c7445fe07)



(cherry picked from commit e9c8d8c58516aa64589cd44e9e5dd0a23ba72a17)

Add missing test file of YARN-3733

(cherry picked from commit 405bbcf68c32d8fd8a83e46e686eacd14e5a533c)

(cherry picked from commit 344b7509153cdd993218cd5104c7e5c07cd35d3c)

YARN-3733. Fix DominantRC#compare() does not work as expected if cluster resource is empty. (Rohith Sharmaks via wangda)

(cherry picked from commit ebd797c48fe236b404cf3a125ac9d1f7714e291e)

(cherry picked from commit 78d626fa892415023827e35ad549636e2a83275d)