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YARN-6616: YARN AHS shows submitTime for jobs same as startTime. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph

(cherry picked from commit 04105bbfdb041a41062c856632641140de84fba8)

HADOOP-16049. DistCp result has data and checksum mismatch when blocks per chunk > 0.

Contributed by Kai Xie.

HDFS-12729. Document special paths in HDFS. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki.

(cherry picked from commit dc5af4c6b7bdf437713a8c6ca3c535c4b6d6992e)

HADOOP-16055. Upgrade AWS SDK to 1.11.271 in branch-2.

YARN-9222. Print launchTime in ApplicationSummary

(cherry picked from commit 6cace58e212d3ee0aec988926a5a17c9cc58e645)

(cherry picked from commit bf760e7e81f8e02ad413c470fccf78aaa9cb9f86)

(cherry picked from commit 80a08c29adc9d07974bbe8087abcec750d5f7916)

(cherry picked from commit c71054c428b3abe00507792099e13a2dad337697)

YARN-9210. RM nodes web page can not display node info. Contributed by Jiandan Yang.

HADOOP-15481. Emit FairCallQueue stats as metrics. Contributed by Christopher Gregorian.

HADOOP-15617. Node.js and npm package loading in the Dockerfile failing on branch-2.

Contributed by Akhil PB.

YARN-8747. [UI2] YARN UI2 page loading failed due to js error under some time zone configuration. Contributed by collinma.

(cherry picked from commit 104ef5df36fd45f1c2d07a2f3d441263aa85e22e)

HADOOP-16013. DecayRpcScheduler decay thread should run as a daemon. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

YARN-8833. Avoid potential integer overflow when computing fair shares. Contributed by liyakun.

HADOOP-16030. AliyunOSS: bring fixes back from HADOOP-15671. Contributed by wujinhu.

(cherry picked from commit f87b3b11c46704dcdb63089dd971e2a5ba1deaac)

HADOOP-16016. TestSSLFactory#testServerWeakCiphers fails on Java 1.8.0_191 or upper

(cherry picked from commit d4ca907da636892e4ab98e232fe0f7f77f1f7aac)

Revert "HADOOP-15759. AliyunOSS: Update oss-sdk version to 3.0.0. Contributed by Jinhu Wu."

This reverts commit e4fca6aae46a3c04fc56897986a4ab4e5aa98503.

Revert "HADOOP-15671. AliyunOSS: Support Assume Roles in AliyunOSS. Contributed by Jinhu Wu."

This reverts commit 2b635125fb059fc204ed35bc0e264c42dd3a9fe9.

(cherry picked from commit 1f425271a73fff1fdbe3fbfdb71e906fd1ac0574)

HADOOP-15323. AliyunOSS: Improve copy file performance for AliyunOSSFileSystemStore. Contributed wujinhu.

(cherry picked from commit 040a202b202a37f3b922cd321eb0a8ded457d88b)

HADOOP-16025. Update the year to 2019.

Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

HADOOP-16009. Replace the url of the repository in Apache Hadoop source code.

(cherry picked from commit eee29ed7066e9401c7530b8b6f3b221bacef9a8a)

HDFS-14171. Performance improvement in Tailing EditLog. Contributed by Kenneth Yang.

(cherry picked from commit e9a005dfcf4d2249235aeff4da85b321dddc1ca9)

(cherry picked from commit c48640ffbd3852b75f898325ae0b3ea0ba864578)

(cherry picked from commit f24684ca9cd70326e24376a33cda937c98295af0)

(cherry picked from commit 054594c6145711c60f3cb848f08e515c4179f0c4)

YARN 9108. Fix FederationIntercepter merge home and secondary allocate response typo. Contributed by Abhishek Modi.

HADOOP-15973. Configuration: Included properties are not cached if resource is a stream. Contributed by Eric Payne

HADOOP-16008. Fix typo in CommandsManual.md

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

YARN-9085. Add Guaranteed and MaxCapacity to CSQueueMetrics

(cherry picked from commit cc51607ccdf60f4ebecf7afa3e2056297ca0ac5f)

HADOOP-15950. Failover for LdapGroupsMapping. Contributed by Lukas Majercak.

Revert "HADOOP-15950. Failover for LdapGroupsMapping. Contributed by Lukas Majercak."

This reverts commit b98ffbe3f228b706b8e547f82e134233ab691443.

HADOOP-15950. Failover for LdapGroupsMapping. Contributed by Lukas Majercak.

YARN-7794. SLSRunner is not loading timeline service jars, causing failure.

YARN-9036. Escape newlines in health report in YARN UI. Contributed by Keqiu Hu

HADOOP-15959. Revert "HADOOP-12751. While using kerberos Hadoop incorrectly assumes names with '@' to be non-simple"

HDFS-13870. WebHDFS: Document ALLOWSNAPSHOT and DISALLOWSNAPSHOT API doc. Contributed by Siyao Meng.

(cherry picked from commit 0e36e935d909862401890d0a5410204504f48b31)

HADOOP-15943. AliyunOSS: add missing owner & group attributes for oss FileStatus. Contributed by wujinhu.

(cherry picked from commit 5ff0cf86a940fd83f1425794921cc075b19f1108)