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Update kafka-component.adoc (#2474)

* Update kafka-component.adoc

* Improve the spring example

Add @PostConstruct method

* Improve Spring Example

using initMethod and destroyMethod @Bean(name = "offsetRepo", initMethod = "start", destroyMethod = "stop")

CAMEL-10650: fix documentation on http4 component

CAMEL-11134: enable ignored tests for https4

CAMEL-11134: fix https4 configuration

CAMEL-10650: rebase

CAMEL-10650: adding docs and fixing tests

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CAMEL-10947: camel-box

Add yaml to Marshal/Unmarshal definitions

CAMEL-11130: Lets output the jps command so we can see what the CI server outputs

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Update OpenTracing agent version to 0.0.11, and update rule file name/location.

CAMEL-11059: camel-spring-dm - Should be removed

CAMEL-11130: Only include test files. And skip flaky test

CAMEL-11130: Remove -kill option as CI server dont use it

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CAMEL-10650: renaming common methods

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CAMEL-10650: putting flag to enable global SSL config in all components

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camel-connector - Ensure read lines are trimmed

CAMEL-11133: Data format - Marshal and unmarshal should eager start their data formats

camel-connector - should handle lifecycle of before/after processors

CAMEL-11126: allow connector to be scheduled

Upgrade Zipkin Reporter to version 0.6.13

Fix wrong htmlunit version in camel-linkedin-api/pom.xml

CAMEL-10650: fix source style

CAMEL-10650: moving global config to Camel context

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Upgrade Brave Zipkin to version 4.1.1

Upgrade Opentracing to version 0.21.0

CAMEL-11131: Timer consumer - Should call start/stop of the processor

CAMEL-11126: add petstore connector for example

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CAMEL-10947: camel-box - Upgrade to log4j2 and fix Karaf feature

CAMEL-11126: add petstore connector for example

Upgrade Jgit to version