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YARN-8357. Fixed NPE when YARN service is saved and not deployed. Contributed by Chandni Singh

(cherry picked from commit d9852eb5897a25323ab0302c2c0decb61d310e5e)

YARN-8316. Improved diagnostic message for ATS unavailability for YARN Service. Contributed by Billie Rinaldi

HDFS-13611. Unsafe use of Text as a ConcurrentHashMap key in PBHelperClient.

(cherry picked from commit c9b63deb533274ca8ef4939f6cd13f728a067f7b)

YARN-6919. Add default volume mount list. Contributed by Eric Badger

YARN-8319. More YARN pages need to honor yarn.resourcemanager.display.per-user-apps. Contributed by Sunil G.

(cherry picked from commit c05b5d424b000bab766f57e88a07f2b4e9a56647)

YARN-8346. Upgrading to 3.1 kills running containers with error 'Opportunistic container queue is full'. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 4cc0c9b0baa93f5a1c0623eee353874e858a7caa)

YARN-7530. Refactored YARN service API project location. Contributed by Chandni Singh

YARN-8327. Fix TestAggregatedLogFormat#testReadAcontainerLogs1 on Windows. Contributed by Giovanni Matteo Fumarola.

(cherry picked from commit f09dc73001fd5f3319765fa997f4b0ca9e8f2aff)

YARN-8344. Missing nm.stop() in TestNodeManagerResync to fix testKillContainersOnResync. Contributed by Giovanni Matteo Fumarola.

(cherry picked from commit e99e5bf104e9664bc1b43a2639d87355d47a77e2)

HDFS-13493. Reduce the HttpServer2 thread count on DataNodes. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

(cherry picked from commit cddbbe5f690e4617413f6e986adc6fa900629f03)

HDFS-13587. TestQuorumJournalManager fails on Windows. Contributed by Anbang Hu.

(cherry picked from commit c13dea87d9de7a9872fc8b0c939b41b1666a61e5)

HADOOP-15486. Make NetworkTopology#netLock fair. Contributed by Nanda kumar.

HDFS-13589: Add dfsAdmin command to query if upgrade is finalized. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru

(cherry picked from commit bc6d9d4c796d3c9d27dbbe3266031bf2adecde4f)

HDFS-13588. Fix TestFsDatasetImpl test failures on Windows. Contributed by Xiao Liang.

(cherry picked from commit c0c9b7a8ef2618b7641a0452d9277abd26815de2)

YARN-8297. Incorrect ATS Url used for Wire encrypted cluster.(addendum). Contributed by Sunil G.

(cherry picked from commit f61e3e752eb1cf4a08030da04bc3d6c5a2b3926d)

HDFS-13540. DFSStripedInputStream should only allocate new buffers when reading. Contributed by Xiao Chen.

(cherry picked from commit 34e8b9f9a86fb03156861482643fba11bdee1dd4)

Additional check when unpacking archives. Contributed by Jason Lowe and Akira Ajisaka.

(cherry picked from commit 745f203e577bacb35b042206db94615141fa5e6f)

HDFS-13601. Optimize ByteString conversions in PBHelper.

(cherry picked from commit 1d2640b6132e8308c07476badd2d1482be68a298)

YARN-8310. Handle old NMTokenIdentifier, AMRMTokenIdentifier, and ContainerTokenIdentifier formats. Contributed by Robert Kanter.

(cherry picked from commit 3e5f7ea986600e084fcac723b0423e7de1b3bb8a)

YARN-8332. Incorrect min/max allocation property name in resource types doc. (Weiwei Yang via wangda)

Change-Id: If74f1ceed9c045a2cb2d6593741278b65ac44a9f

(cherry picked from commit 83f53e5c6236de30c213dc41878cebfb02597e26)

YARN-8290. SystemMetricsPublisher.appACLsUpdated should be invoked after application information is published to ATS to avoid "User is not set in the application report" Exception. (Eric Yang via wangda)

Change-Id: I0ac6ddd19740d1aa7dd07111cd11af71ddc2fcaf

(cherry picked from commit bd15d2396ef0c24fb6b60c6393d16b37651b828e)

YARN-7960. Added security flag no-new-privileges for YARN Docker integration. Contributed by Eric Badger

(cherry picked from commit 6176d2b35c85715aae93526236c29540f71ecac8)

HADOOP-15450. Avoid fsync storm triggered by DiskChecker and handle disk full situation. Contributed by Arpit Agarwal.

(cherry picked from commit bcc8e76badc1341a6cf995c8e44fa5e422158de8)

YARN-8206. Sending a kill does not immediately kill docker containers. Contributed by Eric Badger

(cherry picked from commit 5f11288e41fca2e414dcbea130c7702e29d4d610)



YARN-8179: Preemption does not happen due to natural_termination_factor when DRF is used. Contributed by Kyungwan Nam.

(cherry picked from commit 0b4c44bdeef62945b592d5761666ad026b629c0b)

Skip the proxy user check if the ugi has not been initialized. Contributed by Daryn Sharp

(cherry picked from commit 73e9120ad79c73703de21e0084591861813f3279)

HADOOP-15478. WASB: hflush() and hsync() regression. Contributed by Thomas Marquardt.

(cherry picked from commit ba842847c94d31d3f737226d954c566b5d88656b)

YARN-7530. Refactored YARN service API project location. Contributed by Chandni Singh

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HDFS-13593. TestBlockReaderLocalLegacy#testBlockReaderLocalLegacyWithAppend fails on Windows. Contributed by Anbang Hu.

(cherry picked from commit 9775ecb2355d7bed3514fcd54bf69e8351c4ab99)

HDFS-13592. TestNameNodePrunesMissingStorages#testNameNodePrunesUnreportedStorages does not shut down cluster properly. Contributed by Anbang Hu.

(cherry picked from commit 57b893de3d36d20f65ee81b5cc3cfef12594b75b)