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Fix javac, javadoc and checkstyle issues before branch-2 merge.

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Revert "HADOOP-14948. Document missing config key hadoop.treat.subject.external. Contributed by Ajay Kumar."

This reverts commit 1452ba139ea845ad9e82a5902d239b59a789bff3.

HADOOP-14938. Configuration.updatingResource map should be initialized lazily (misha@cloudera.com via rkanter)

HADOOP-14948. Document missing config key hadoop.treat.subject.external. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

(cherry picked from commit e906108fc98a011630d12a43e557b81d7ef7ea5d)

YARN-7333. container-executor fails to remove entries from a directory that is not writable or executable. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 8620140a6a3ec0117675ede06d92d830da3da551)

YARN-7124. LogAggregationTFileController deletes/renames while file is open. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 1fcbe7cf5f2f7c609cd4158912f151848268ca9e)

HADOOP-14949. TestKMS#testACLs fails intermittently.

(cherry picked from commit 152317d40ece8abfa76fb5bd29f04878c1b0d3d8)



YARN-7275. NM Statestore cleanup for Container updates. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit a50be1b8f432f50c940b66d12c7de87b95ea47c0)

HDFS-12485. expunge may fail to remove trash from encryption zone. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

(cherry picked from commit 8dbc8909c92d502d10a7f94d1de3171878a43b04)

HDFS-12642. Log block and datanode details in BlockRecoveryWorker.

(cherry picked from commit 971b3ca1acc15d9a1f8e774291813dafd16ef704)

HDFS-12603. Enable async edit logging by default. Contributed by Andrew Wang.

(cherry picked from commit d0311dfc5fe92a0e0f3fb8ae92e412edce609740)

YARN-7190 Ensure only NM classpath in 2.x gets TSv2 related hbase jars, not the user classpath (Contributed by Varun Saxena via Vrushali C)

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HADOOP-14935. Azure: POSIX permissions are taking effect in access() method even when authorization is enabled. Contributed by Santhosh G Nayak

Cherry-picked from commit 9fcc3a1fc8cab873034f5c308ceb2d5671a954e8

HDFS-12659. Update TestDeadDatanode#testNonDFSUsedONDeadNodeReReg to increase heartbeat recheck interval. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

(cherry picked from commit 11a7729c1474aa379a62c0440c8c1a11be261a75)

Fix problems in yarn.cmd due to rebase.

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YARN-7321. Backport container-executor changes from YARN-6852 to branch-2. (Varun Vasudev via wangda)

Change-Id: Ib6434b5a5ebe591050c3949cac12ff9e2a2bbaa5

Addendum fix for: YARN-7269. Tracking URL in the app state does not get redirected to ApplicationMaster for Running applications. (Wangda Tan)

Change-Id: If1fe4a62e07b25e6f1b8ba803495da87e2cb2df6

(cherry picked from commit 87ea1dff9c431fb88e064e497b35fc17c65f1d53)

YARN-7270. Fix unsafe casting from long to int for class Resource and its sub-classes. (Yufei)

(cherry picked from commit 7a27c2c367518e1bf6ee393391a2f9b412113819)

(cherry picked from commit dbf6c48af9aa2f3b41b1146643db6eb0140b38c5)

MAPREDUCE-5951. Add support for the YARN Shared Cache.

(cherry picked from commit e46d5bb962b0c942f993afc505b165b1cd96e51b)

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YARN-7317. Fix overallocation resulted from ceiling in LocalityMulticastAMRMProxyPolicy. (contributed by Botong Huang via curino)

(cherry picked from commit 13fcfb3d46ee7a0d606b4bb221d1cd66ef2a5a7c)

YARN-6033. Add support for sections in container-executor configuration file. (Varun Vasudev via wangda)

Change-Id: Id1ded3ee11e6242dfed5616903580f329f3bb26a

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HADOOP-13102. Update GroupsMapping documentation to reflect the new changes. Contributed by Esther Kundin.

(cherry picked from commit 075358eb6fff5ae4a40ac4dfde292e2a9a4ceddf)

HADOOP-13556. Change Configuration.getPropsWithPrefix to use getProps instead of iterator. (Larry McCay via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit b6c2c9058e83116dcca46cd6934db3428f931347)

HADOOP-14913. Sticky bit implementation for rename() operation in Azure WASB. Contributed by Varada Hemeswari.

Cherry-picked from commit ref 3de574413c4d5554213d02bd0ad343ba82cf82aa

MAPREDUCE-6951. Improve exception message when mapreduce.jobhistory.webapp.address is in wrong format. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph.

(cherry picked from commit 639f98cc9dc9fca034d0d7c26f30d5c588b9d7b8)

HADOOP-14912. FairCallQueue may defer servicing calls. Contributed by Daryn Sharp

(cherry picked from commit 1123f8f0b62292197f5433cd40e66d8620044608)

YARN-7309. TestClientRMService#testUpdateApplicationPriorityRequest and TestClientRMService#testUpdatePriorityAndKillAppWithZeroClusterResource test functionality not supported by FairScheduler (rkanter)

(cherry picked from commit ec8bf9e48ac4dc675516a57c06a29890b5138548)

Merge branch 'YARN-5734-branch-2' into branch-2. (xgong)

Revert "HDFS-12603. Enable async edit logging by default."

This reverts commit 42d3229e6f604d13a0419ac32979500dae306066.

HDFS-12603. Enable async edit logging by default.