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HADOOP-13883. Addendum patch to correct the message and alphabetized with the earlier patch. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HDFS-11280. Allow WebHDFS to reuse HTTP connections to NN. Contributed by Zheng Shao.

YARN-5931. Document timeout interfaces CLI and REST APIs (Contributed by Rohith Sharma K S via Daniel Templeton)

HADOOP-13942. Build failure due to errors of javadoc build in hadoop-azure. Contributed by Kai Sasaki

MAPREDUCE-5155. Race condition in test case TestFetchFailure cause it to fail (Contributed by Haibo Chen via Daniel Templeton)

HDFS-11275. Check groupEntryIndex and throw a helpful exception on failures when removing ACL.

HDFS-11267. Avoid redefinition of storageDirs in NNStorage and cleanup its accessors in Storage. (Manoj Govindassamy via lei)

HDFS-11251. ConcurrentModificationException during DataNode#refreshVolumes. (Manoj Govindassamy via lei)

HDFS-11274. Datanode should only check the failed volume upon IO errors. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

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HDFS-11278. Add missing @Test annotation for TestSafeMode.testSafeModeUtils() (Contributed by Lukas Majercak via Daniel Templeton)

YARN-4882. Change the log level to DEBUG for recovering completed applications (templedf via rkanter)

YARN-5906. Update AppSchedulingInfo to use SchedulingPlacementSet. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

YARN-5719. Enforce a C standard for native container-executor. Contributed by Chris Douglas.

YARN-6024. Capacity Scheduler 'continuous reservation looking' doesn't work when sum of queue's used and reserved resources is equal to max. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

YARN-6001. Improve moveApplicationQueues command line. Contributed by Sunil G.

YARN-5756. Add state-machine implementation for scheduler queues. (Xuan Gong via wangda)

HDFS-11252. TestFileTruncate#testTruncateWithDataNodesRestartImmediately can fail with BindException. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

YARN-5257. Fix unreleased resources and null dereferences (yufeigu via rkanter)

YARN-5962. Spelling errors in logging and exceptions for resource manager code (gsohn via rkanter)

YARN-5969. FairShareComparator: Cache value of getResourceUsage for better performance. (zhangshilong via kasha)

YARN-5938. Refactoring OpportunisticContainerAllocator to use SchedulerRequestKey instead of Priority and other misc fixes (asuresh)

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HDFS-11270. Document the missing options of NameNode bootstrap command. Contributed by Yiqun Lin

HADOOP-13932. Fix indefinite article in comments (Contributed by LiXin Ge via Daniel Templeton)

HADOOP-13943. TestCommonConfigurationFields#testCompareXmlAgainstConfigurationClass fails after HADOOP-13863. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula.

HADOOP-13940. Document the missing envvars commands (Contributed by Yiqun Lin via Daniel Templeton)

HDFS-11272. Refine the assert messages in TestFSDirAttrOp. Contributed by Jimmy Xiang.

HDFS-11250. Fix a typo in ReplicaUnderRecovery#setRecoveryID. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HDFS-11271. Typo in NameNode UI. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

YARN-6026. A couple of spelling errors in the docs. Contributed by Grant Sohn.

YARN-6000. Make AllocationFileLoaderService.Listener public. (Tao Jie via kasha)