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YARN-7355. TestDistributedShell should be scheduler agnostic. (Contributed by Haibo)

(cherry picked from commit 6b7c87c94592606966a4229313b3d0da48f16158)

YARN-7261. Add debug message for better download latency monitoring. (Yufei Gu)

(cherry picked from commit 0799fde35e7f3b9e8a85284ac0b30f6bdcbffad1)

YARN-4090. Make Collections.sort() more efficient by caching resource usage. (Contributed by Yufei Gu, Shilong Zhang and Xianyin Xin)

(cherry picked from commit 1f4cdf10681b6903207a63fb5c306c9665ed9464)

(cherry picked from commit 96106b8f5fe50e2d5c0c4df5dbddea4f89f278d9)

HADOOP-14944. Add JvmMetrics to KMS.

Ensuring right apis are called as per jetty version in branch2 (trunk has different jetty)

YARN-7170. Improve bower dependencies for YARN UI v2. (Sunil G via wangda)

HDFS-12620. Backporting HDFS-10467 to branch-2. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

YARN-7359. TestAppManager.testQueueSubmitWithNoPermission() should be scheduler agnostic. (Contributed by Haibo Chen)

(cherry picked from commit 7b4b0187806601e33f5a88d48991e7c12ee4419f)

YARN-7294. TestSignalContainer#testSignalRequestDeliveryToNM fails intermittently with Fair Scheduler. (Contributed by Miklos Szegedi)

(cherry picked from commit cbd2b73ef81a7e275c5d4f842cac5b81ff2f8c84)

YARN-6623. Add support to turn off launching privileged containers in the container-executor. (Varun Vasudev via wangda)

  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
YARN-7338. Support same origin policy for cross site scripting prevention. (Sunil G via wangda)

HDFS-12619. Do not catch and throw unchecked exceptions if IBRs fail to process. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

(cherry picked from commit 4ab0c8f96a41c573cc1f1e71c18871d243f952b9)

HADOOP-14880. [KMS] Document&test missing KMS client side configs. Contributed by Gabor Bota.

(cherry picked from commit 97c70c7ac6881f87eee1575bcbdd28b31ecac231)



HDFS-12502. nntop should support a category based on FilesInGetListingOps.

(cherry picked from commit 60bfee270ed3a653c44c0bc92396167b5022df6e)

(cherry picked from commit aecf6c50d351e7aed2008a682677a1edb104585d)

HADOOP-14958. Fix source-level compatibility after HADOOP-11252. Contributed by Junping Du.

(cherry picked from commit b016f08f67830ed3ca741bc6a10c3f5164781be5)

(cherry picked from commit 9433f9eb09af0ca61f01a2eb42ff3ffe31a94d5f)

YARN-6608. Backport all SLS improvements from trunk to branch-2. (Carlo Curino via wangda)

  1. … 44 more files in changeset.
YARN-7311. Fix TestRMWebServicesReservation parametrization for fair scheduler. (Yufei Gu via Subru).

(cherry picked from commit 75323394fbc4211596a2c8fbb5e584f3183f742f)

Fixing checktyle warnings during rebase

YARN-2928 and YARN-5355: YARN Timeline Service v.2: alpha 2 (varunsaxena)

For a list of commits and contributors, see YARN-2928 and YARN-5355 branch history.

Fix javac, javadoc and checkstyle issues before branch-2 merge.

  1. … 41 more files in changeset.
YARN-7341. TestRouterWebServiceUtil#testMergeMetrics is flakey. (Robert Kanter via Haibo Chen)

(cherry picked from commit acabc657ff5433f36ce1b238cecd3a3b5bbe87ae)

Revert "HADOOP-14948. Document missing config key hadoop.treat.subject.external. Contributed by Ajay Kumar."

This reverts commit 1452ba139ea845ad9e82a5902d239b59a789bff3.

HADOOP-14938. Configuration.updatingResource map should be initialized lazily (misha@cloudera.com via rkanter)

HADOOP-14948. Document missing config key hadoop.treat.subject.external. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

(cherry picked from commit e906108fc98a011630d12a43e557b81d7ef7ea5d)

YARN-7333. container-executor fails to remove entries from a directory that is not writable or executable. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 8620140a6a3ec0117675ede06d92d830da3da551)

YARN-7124. LogAggregationTFileController deletes/renames while file is open. Contributed by Jason Lowe.

(cherry picked from commit 1fcbe7cf5f2f7c609cd4158912f151848268ca9e)

HADOOP-14949. TestKMS#testACLs fails intermittently.

(cherry picked from commit 152317d40ece8abfa76fb5bd29f04878c1b0d3d8)



YARN-7275. NM Statestore cleanup for Container updates. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit a50be1b8f432f50c940b66d12c7de87b95ea47c0)

HDFS-12485. expunge may fail to remove trash from encryption zone. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

(cherry picked from commit 8dbc8909c92d502d10a7f94d1de3171878a43b04)

HDFS-12642. Log block and datanode details in BlockRecoveryWorker.

(cherry picked from commit 971b3ca1acc15d9a1f8e774291813dafd16ef704)