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YARN-4849. Addendum patch to improve pom for yarn-ui. (Wangda Tan via Sunil G)

YARN-5804. New UI2 is not able to launch with jetty 9 upgrade post HADOOP-10075. (Sunil G via wangda)

(cherry picked from commit ddebaa6b7ae1031899139d153d57df5387d60542)

HDFS-10455. Logging the username when deny the setOwner operation. Contributed by Rakesh R.

YARN-5799. Fix Opportunistic Allocation to set the correct value of Node Http Address. (asuresh)

YARN-5773. RM recovery too slow due to LeafQueue#activateApplications (Bibin A Chundatt via Varun Saxena)

HADOOP-10075. addendum to fix compilation on Windows

HDFS-11061. Update dfs -count -t command line help and documentation. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

YARN-3460. TestSecureRMRegistryOperations fails with IBM_JAVA. Contributed by Pascal Oliva

HDFS-11048. Audit Log should escape control characters. Contributed by Eric Badger

YARN-4963. capacity scheduler: Make number of OFF_SWITCH assignments per heartbeat configurable. Contributed by Nathan Roberts

YARN-5767. Fix the order that resources are cleaned up from the local Public/Private caches. Contributed by Chris Trezzo

YARN-5027. NM should clean up app log dirs after NM restart. Contributed by sandflee

HADOOP-13770. Shell.checkIsBashSupported swallowed an interrupted exception. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang

YARN-5785. [YARN-3368] Accessing applications and containers list from Node page is throwing few exceptions in console. (Akhil P B and Sreenath Somarajapuram via Sunil G)

YARN-5779. [YARN-3368] Addendum patch to document limits/notes of the new YARN UI . (Sunil G via Sreenath Somarajapuram)

YARN-5794. Fix the asflicense warnings. Contributed by Yiqun Lin

HDFS-10926. Update staled configuration properties related to erasure coding. Contributed by Sammi Chen

HDFS-11064. Mention the default NN rpc ports in hdfs-default.xml. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HADOOP-13763. KMS REST API Documentation Decrypt URL typo. Contributed by Jeffrey E Rodriguez.

YARN-2306. Add test for leakage of reservation metrics in fair scheduler. (Hong Zhiguo and Yufei Gu via subru).

YARN-4743. FairSharePolicy breaks TimSort assumption. (Zephyr Guo and Yufei Gu via kasha)

MAPREDUCE-2631. Potential resource leaks in BinaryProtocol$TeeOutputStream.java. Contributed by Sunil G.

HADOOP-10075. Update jetty dependency to version 9 (rkanter)

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HDFS-11047. Remove deep copies of FinalizedReplica to alleviate heap consumption on DataNode. Contributed by Xiaobing Zhou

YARN-4668. Reuse objectMapper instance in Yarn. (Yiqun Lin via gtcarrera9)

HDFS-9500. Fix software version counts for DataNodes during rolling upgrade. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

YARN-3432. Cluster metrics have wrong Total Memory when there is reserved memory on CS. (Brahma Reddy Battula via curino)

YARN-3568. TestAMRMTokens should use some random port. (Takashi Ohnishi via Subru).

YARN-4765 Split TestHBaseTimelineStorage into multiple test classes (Varun Saxena via Vrushali C)

(cherry picked from commit 513dcf6817dd76fde8096ff04cd888d7c908461d)

YARN-5776. Checkstyle: MonitoringThread.Run method length is too long (miklos.szegedi@cloudera.com via rkanter)