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YARN-6853. Add MySql Scripts for FederationStateStore. (Contributed by Giovanni Matteo Fumarola via curino)

HADOOP-14683. FileStatus.compareTo binary compatible issue. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka.

HDFS-12217. HDFS snapshots doesn't capture all open files when one of the open files is deleted.

HADOOP-14495. Add set options interface to FSDataOutputStreamBuilder. (Lei (Eddy) Xu)

HADOOP-14701. Configuration can log misleading warnings about an attempt to override final parameter. Contributed by Andrew Sherman.

HADOOP-14660 wasb: improve throughput by 34% when account limit exceeded. Contributed by Thomas Marquardt.

HDFS-14676. Wrong default value for fs.df.interval. Contributed by xiangguang zheng.

YARN-6872. Ensure apps could run given NodeLabels are disabled post RM switchover/restart. Contributed by Sunil G

HADOOP-14245. Use Mockito.when instead of Mockito.stub. Contributed by Andras Bokor.

MAPREDUCE-6921. TestUmbilicalProtocolWithJobToken#testJobTokenRpc fails.

Revert "YARN-6873. Moving logging APIs over to slf4j in hadoop-yarn-server-applicationhistoryservice. Contributed by Yeliang Cang."

This reverts commit 1a78c0ff016097930edf68e8278f826b637e918c.

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HADOOP-14397. Pull up the builder pattern to FileSystem and add AbstractContractCreateTest for it. (Lei (Eddy) Xu)

HADOOP-14343. Wrong pid file name in error message when starting secure daemon

Signed-off-by: Allen Wittenauer <aw@apache.org>

YARN-6873. Moving logging APIs over to slf4j in hadoop-yarn-server-applicationhistoryservice. Contributed by Yeliang Cang.

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HADOOP-14644. Increase max heap size of Maven javadoc plugin. Contributed by Andras Bokor.

HADOOP-14420. generateReports property is not applicable for maven-site-plugin:attach-descriptor goal. Contributed by Andras Bokor.

Revert "MAPREDUCE-5875. Make Counter limits consistent across JobClient, MRAppMaster, and YarnChild. (Gera Shegalov via kasha)"

This reverts commit e8a31f2e1c34514fba2f480e8db652f6e2ed65d8.

HDFS-12082. BlockInvalidateLimit value is incorrectly set after namenode heartbeat interval reconfigured. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

HADOOP-14677. mvn clean compile fails. Contributed by Andras Bokor.

HADOOP-14672. Shaded Hadoop-client-minicluster include unshaded classes, like: javax, sax, dom, etc. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham.

HADOOP-14690. RetryInvocationHandler should override toString(). Contributed by Yeliang Cang.

YARN-5728. TestMiniYarnClusterNodeUtilization.testUpdateNodeUtilization timeout.

YARN-6902. Update Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server version in License.txt. (Botong Huang via Subru).

YARN-6870. Fix floating point inaccuracies in resource availability check in AllocationBasedResourceUtilizationTracker. (Brook Zhou via asuresh)

YARN-6897. Refactoring RMWebServices by moving some util methods to RMWebAppUtil. (Giovanni Matteo Fumarola via Subru).

Revert "MAPREDUCE-6199. AbstractCounters are not reset completely on deserialization (adhoot via rkanter)"

This reverts commit 390a7c12f543b2c94a74f08d6d2a28410472043a.

Revert "MAPREDUCE-6286. A typo in HistoryViewer makes some code useless, which causes counter limits are not reset correctly. Contributed by Zhihai Xu."

This reverts commit 433542904aba5ddebf9bd9d299378647351eb13a.

HADOOP-14229. hadoop.security.auth_to_local example is incorrect in the documentation. Contributed by Andras Bokor.

HDFS-12206. Rename the split EC / replicated block metrics.

HDFS-12044. Mismatch between BlockManager.maxReplicationStreams and ErasureCodingWorker.stripedReconstructionPool pool size causes slow and bursty recovery. (Contributed by Lei (Eddy) Xu)