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YARN-3823. Fix mismatch in default values for yarn.scheduler.maximum-allocation-vcores property. Contributed by Ray Chiang.

HADOOP-12164. Fix TestMove and TestFsShellReturnCode failed to get command name using reflection. (Lei Xu)

HADOOP-12116. Fix unrecommended syntax usages in hadoop/hdfs/yarn script for cygwin in branch-2. Contributed by Li Lu.

MAPREDUCE-6121. JobResourceUpdater#compareFs() doesn't handle HA namespaces (rchiang via rkanter)

HADOOP-12124. Add HTrace support for FsShell (cmccabe)

HADOOP-12159. Move DistCpUtils#compareFs() to org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileUtil and fix for HA namespaces (rchiang via rkanter)

HADOOP-10798. globStatus() should always return a sorted list of files (cmccabe)

YARN-3827. Migrate YARN native build to new CMake framework (Alan Burlison via Colin P. McCabe)

MAPREDUCE-6407. Migrate MAPREDUCE native build to new CMake framework (Alan Burlison via Colin P. McCabe)

HDFS-8635. Migrate HDFS native build to new CMake framework (Alan Burlison via Colin P. McCabe)

HADOOP-12158. Improve error message in TestCryptoStreamsWithOpensslAesCtrCryptoCodec when OpenSSL is not installed.

YARN-3768. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with empty environment variables. (Zhihai Xu via gera)

MAPREDUCE-6384. Add the last reporting reducer info for too many fetch failure diagnostics. Contributed by Chang Li

HADOOP-12149. copy all of test-patch BINDIR prior to re-exec (aw)

Revert "HADOOP-12009 Clarify FileSystem.listStatus() sorting order & fix FileSystemContractBaseTest:testListStatus. (J.Andreina via stevel)"

This reverts commit 3dfa8161f9412bcb040f3c29c471344f25f24337.

HDFS-8627. NPE thrown if unable to fetch token from Namenode (Contributed by J.Andreina)

HADOOP-12154. FileSystem#getUsed() returns the file length only from root '/' (Contributed by J.Andreina)

HDFS-8579. Update HDFS usage with missing options (Contributed by J.Andreina)

HDFS-8493. Consolidate truncate() related implementation in a single class. Contributed by Rakesh R.

HDFS-8687. Remove the duplicate usage message from Dfsck.java. (Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula)

Merge branch 'trunk' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/hadoop into trunk

HADOOP-12107. long running apps may have a huge number of StatisticsData instances under FileSystem (Sangjin Lee via Ming Ma)

HDFS-8659. Block scanner INFO message is spamming logs. Contributed by Yongjun Zhang.

YARN-3770. SerializedException should also handle java.lang.Error on de-serialization. Contributed by Lavkesh Lahngir

HADOOP-12089. StorageException complaining " no lease ID" when updating FolderLastModifiedTime in WASB. Contributed by Duo Xu.

YARN-3695. ServerProxy (NMProxy, etc.) shouldn't retry forever for non network exception. Contributed by Raju Bairishetti

HADOOP-12112. Make hadoop-common-project Native code -Wall-clean (alanburlison via cmccabe)

HDFS-8653. Code cleanup for DatanodeManager, DatanodeDescriptor and DatanodeStorageInfo. Contributed by Zhe Zhang.

HADOOP-12104. Migrate Hadoop Pipes native build to new CMake framework (Alan Burlison via Colin P. McCabe)

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HDFS-7390. Provide JMX metrics per storage type. (Benoy Antony)