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[WICKET-6748] CSS onload/onerror is rewritten

Merge branch 'csp-configurable'

WICKET-6727: do not yet enable CSP by default, see WICKET-6733

WICKET-6732: Do not render URL when link is disabled or invisible

WICKET-6737: submit form via triggered submit event

This will also invoke any inline onsubmit handler on the form. Via

shouldTriggerJavaScriptSubmitEvent on SubmitLink (was

shouldInvokeJavaScriptFormOnsubmit) controls whether the event is used

or f.submit() is executed. The latter will not trigger any event


WICKET-6739: moved js from onclick to event bindings

WICKET-6735: replaced inline color:red with a css class

[WICKET-6725] dublicated class attribute is eliminated

INFRA-19481 Try with bb_slave6_ubuntu. Its issue with the Maven credentials should be fixed now. bb8 has the same issue with the creds

INFRA-19481 Try with bb_slave8_ubuntu. '7' has low disk space

INFRA-19481 Try with bb_slave7_ubuntu. '6' has problems with ~/.m2/settings.xml and cannot upload to repository.a.o

INFRA-19481 Try with bb_slave6_ubuntu

INFRA-19481 Trigger new build 4

INFRA-19481 Trigger new build 3

WICKET-6736: Replaced inline styling with class

Use JDK, not JRE

WICKET-6738: replaced inline styling with classes

Use AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.6 at Github Actions

This is an attempt to solve this issue:

[INFO] Running org.apache.wicket.cdi.ConversationPropagatorTest

[ERROR] Tests run: 8, Failures: 0, Errors: 8, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 1 s <<< FAILURE! - in org.apache.wicket.cdi.ConversationPropagatorTest

[ERROR] testPropagationAllBookmarkable Time elapsed: 0.013 s <<< ERROR!

java.io.IOException: cannot connect to jrt:/org.openjsse

[ERROR] testPropagationNonBookmarkable Time elapsed: 0 s <<< ERROR!

java.io.IOException: cannot connect to jrt:/org.openjsse

[ERROR] testPropagationAllHybridRefresh Time elapsed: 0 s <<< ERROR!

java.io.IOException: cannot connect to jrt:/org.openjsse

which seems to have started with



INFRA-19481 Trigger new build 2

INFRA-19481 Trigger new build

WICKET-6740: move inline js to event binding

WICKET-6732: move onclick handlers to event binding for links

Silenced some warnings when running tests

WICKET-6741: move inline event handling to binding

WICKET-6731: Use OnEventHeaderItem to render event bindings

WICKET-6725: fixed special Form placeholder rendering

WICKET-6731: fixed tests

WICKET-6727: license header

WICKET-6731: move inline onclick to event handler

Merge branch 'csp-form'