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WICKET-6419 Localization of PageParameters

Add some checks to be on the safe side.

WICKET-6419 Localization of PageParameters

Explicitly set the default locale to ENGLISH so that the test doesn't fail on developer machines with DE locale.

WICKET-6419 Localization of PageParameters

WICKET-6412 Model#orElse behavior is inconsistent!

Add javadoc to IModel#orElse() with possible usages.

WICKET-6415 improved exception message when getPage() doesn't find a page.

Print more details about the component that has no parent Page.

WICKET-6415 improved exception message when getPage() doesn't find a page.

Added script code to generate the annunce md file for site

Renamed ajax10.adoc to ajax_10.adoc

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WICKET-6395 minor fixes to single.adoc

WICKET-6395 removed reference to no more existing factory methods for Ajax components and behaviors

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WICKET-6395 removed reference to no longer existing factory method Link#onClick

WICKET-6400 Object with array property fails on NPE when construction JSON object

Started to remove reference to lambda-based fatory methods that have been removed from code.

Add information how to setup Native WebSockets in Spring Boot application.

Based on feedback at users@ mailing list: http://markmail.org/message/ffvmoc2te5wxt6lb

(cherry picked from commit a95c59823a7d49af18c28d2b52c31700c360de56)

Added a paragraph for wicketstuff-lambda-components


* Each path is pushed directly, now

WICKET-6403 add reference to onError on onUpdate

Fixed a regression in the README content

"getting started" moved higher for better visibility

Changed link to user guide

README cleaned and updated with the right references to examples, documentation, etc...

WICKET-6402 OSGi-Manifest: wicket does not declare BSN

Change the packaging type to "bundle"

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WICKET-6397 WicketTester should take resulting HTTP status into account

Add a sentence that WicketTester#getLastResponse() should be used to get any information in the HTTP response.

(cherry picked from commit 371d61362db84e89634b12e4e8db2aa56ad2ccae)

Remove an editor backup file

(cherry picked from commit 91da6e5dcf4b34432c70e7ff557a1311d07bc749)

WICKET-4324 [wicket-ioc] LazyInitProxyFactory CGLIB proxies naming strategy may cause java.lang.IllegalAccessError

Change the calculation of the 'prefix' in WicketNamingStrategy from 'WICKET_package.Class' to 'package.Wicket_Proxy_Class'

(cherry picked from commit 27b9a67d9e986d8998888e9984125ce2a2248498)

WICKET-6399 Dequeuing of Border component with nested body fails

Update Mockito to 2.8.47

WICKET-6399 added javadoc to remind that border body container shall not be handled directly by hand

Removed StatelessLink#onClick from examples

Removed lambda factory method from StatelessLink (see WICKET-6322)