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WICKET-4008 fixing test name

WICKET-4008 changing PropertyResolver tokenizer to use parsed input

WICKET-4008 parser differentiates java identifiers from bean properties

WICKET-4008 edge test cases plus breaking property into different types in the grammar

WICKET-4008 property expression parser implementation

Add some weird test cases

restoring PropertyResolverTest.java

WICKET-6244 split choices; use TreeSet for speed-up

WICKET-6243 testing session's locale on each auto linked resource rendering

WICKET-6241 CheckingObjectOutputStream should track the original instance, before writeReplace()

WICKET-6239 Use Response#addHeader() instead of #setContentLength()

Followup to commit 2994b1109b298a444820d3bedd4b2038a3791694

removing redundant dependency scopes

WICKET-4008 property expression parser implementation

WICKET-6236 honoring the javadoc by putting a wait only after the 10th failed attempt to delete a file

WICKET-6165 renaming MarkupStream#hasMore to MarkupStream#isCurrentIndexInsideTheStream

WICKET-6237 Uses PageRequestHandlerTracker to check last IRequestHandler encapsulated in IRequestHandlerDelegate

PageRequestHandlerTracker fix

WICKET-6190 Added documentation about LambdaModel

Guide changed due to WICKET-6137

WICKET-6235 visit items in the table body only

WICKET-6231 wicket:enclosure and getVariation().

Use "sameorigin" as a value for "X-Frame-Options" because "deny" would break the Ajax functionality and Modal window with a page

Add a section for CsrfPreventionRequestCycleListener

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Minor improvements to the security guide

Fix example code

Cache the contents of headerBuffer.getContents() as a local var

Update maven-war-plugin to 3.0.0

Added documentation for external security checks

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WICKET-6161 SecuritySettings.setEnforceMounts() should be applicable for all kind of pages

Revert 74e7767635b5f1f20c61c07be34c4141e1da2571 from WICKET-5094 and update javadocs

WICKET-6226 DOCTYPE URL in properties.xml example in wicket documentation won't work.

WICKET-6234 Log the decrypted url in CryptoMapper for debugging purposes