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Merge branch 'trunk' into MR-2841

YARN-2519. Credential Provider related unit tests failed on Windows. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

HDFS-6898. DN must reserve space for a full block when an RBW block is created. (Contributed by Arpit Agarwal)

HDFS-6940. Refactoring to allow ConsensusNode implementation. Contributed by Konstantin Shvachko.

HDFS-6986. DistributedFileSystem must get delegation tokens from configured KeyProvider. (zhz via tucu)

MAPREDUCE-6077. native-task: Remove CustomModule examples in nativetask (seanzhong)

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YARN-2508. Cross Origin configuration parameters prefix are not honored (Mit Desai via jeagles)

HADOOP-11070. Create MiniKMS for testing. (tucu)

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MAPREDUCE-6074. native-task: Fix release audit warnings

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HADOOP-11065. Rat check should exclude **/build/**. (kasha)

HADOOP-11052. hadoop_verify_secure_prereq's results aren't checked in bin/hdfs (aw)

HADOOP-11067 [HDFS-6998]. Fix CHANGES.txt

HDFS-6998. warning message 'ssl.client.truststore.location has not been set' gets printed for hftp command. (Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao)

HDFS-6862. Add missing timeout annotations to tests. (Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao)

HDFS-6979. Fix minor error in CHANGES.txt. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

HDFS-6979. hdfs.dll not produce .pdb files. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/trunk' into MR-2841

HDFS-6831. Inconsistency between 'hdfs dfsadmin' and 'hdfs dfsadmin -help'. (Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao)

HDFS-6376. Distcp data between two HA clusters requires another configuration. Contributed by Dave Marion and Haohui Mai.

HADOOP-11069. KMSClientProvider should use getAuthenticationMethod() to determine if in proxyuser mode or not. (tucu)

MAPREDUCE-6071. JobImpl#makeUberDecision doesn't log that Uber mode is disabled because of too much CPUs. Contributed by Tsuyoshi OZAWA

MAPREDUCE-6067. native-task: fix some counter issues (Binglin Chang)

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HDFS-6714. TestBlocksScheduledCounter#testBlocksScheduledCounter should shutdown cluster (vinayakumarb)

HDFS-6886. Use single editlog record for creating file + overwrite. Contributed by Yi Liu.

HDFS-6996. SnapshotDiff report can hit IndexOutOfBoundsException when there are nested renamed directory/file. Contributed by Jing Zhao.

YARN-2511. Allowed all origins by default when CrossOriginFilter is enabled. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles.

YARN-2431. NM restart: cgroup is not removed for reacquired containers. Contributed by Jason Lowe

HADOOP-11063. KMS cannot deploy on Windows, because class names are too long. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

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Fixing HDFS CHANGES.txt, missing HDFS-6905 entry

YARN-2509. Enable Cross Origin Filter for timeline server only and not all Yarn servers (Mit Desai via jeagles)