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ISIS-968: javadoc changes only

ISIS-1019: fix to RegisterEntities

the upgrade to org.reflections seems to have made RegisterEntities (which searches for implementations of @PersistenceCapable entities on the classpath) start working again (I suspect it wasn't); however, it was finding subclasses of entities that are anonymous etc (for testing purposes).

These are now excluded

Update Jackson to 2.5.0

ISIS-1019 Update Resteasy to 3.0.10. This way it doesn't bring dependency to Javassist 3.12.x

Update GSON to 2.3.1

Update JUnit to 4.12

Update SLF4J to 1.7.10

ISIS-988 Upgrade to Log4j 2.x


There are still some changed APIs for which I didn't find easy replacement

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ISIS-1019 Upgrade dependencies to javassist, org.reflections

Upgrade Reflections to 0.9.9

ISIS-1012: in select2 choices, only use IConverter for value types, but continue to use titleString() for reference types (ie domain objects).

ISIS-987 Make IsisSignInPanel easier to be extended

Merge branch 'ISIS-968'

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ISIS-1012-date-patterns'

ISIS-968: @ActionLayout(contributed=...) support.

Add a helper method to lookup a domain service to PanelAbstract

ISIS-968: adding unit tests, updates to the todo app.

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ISIS-1018 Do not allow http session replacement in Wicket because Shiro knowledge becomes outdated

ISIS-968: extending @DomainService(nature=...).

Also deprecating @NotInServiceMenu.

ISIS-1016 Make it possible to use brand logo instead of plain text in the header

Additionally mark applicationCss and applicationJs optional because they are not really required.

ISIS-1012 ISIS-1015 Update the TODO

ISIS-1012 Use the current user session locale for the converter in Select2 text provider

ISIS-1012 Fix the name used in JodaLocalDateTimeValueSemanticsProvider#toString()

ISIS-1012 Preserve the datePattern for DateConverterForJavaSqlTimestamp. It could be used as a fallback

ISIS-1012 Use BigDecimalConverterWithScale for view mode when rendering JavaMathBigDecimalPanel in compact mode and in Select2 (via IsisConverterLocator)

ISIS-1012 Add support for BigInteger in IsisConverterLocator

ISIS-1012 Add support in IsisConverterLocator for BigDecimal type

ISIS-1012 Introduce IsisConverterLocator - a locator for the best IConverter for ObjectAdapters

Deprecate WicketViewerSettings#getDatePickerPattern(). Instead each converter should use either #getDatePattern() or #getDateTimePattern() depending on its type

ISIS-1012 Make JodaDateTimeValueSemanticsProviderAbstract#formats a constant

ISIS-1012 Optimize imports. No functional changes!

ISIS-928: tiny change to fixture script framework, making ExecutionContext#lookup(...) public and deprecating FixtureScript#lookup(...).