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ISIS-845: (wip) checks all instances of elements to see whether reference parent

ISIS-1521: adds cqnz app to 'powered by' page

Merge branch 'ISIS-1521_pr-65'

ISIS-1521: improves docs on performing a pull request

Dummy edit

ISIS-1533: fixes edit icon offset for blob and clob panels

ISIS-1496: explicitly installs a disabled AuditableFacet to correspond to @DomainObject(auditing=DISABLED)

ISIS-1521: reformats screencasts table, adds additional colun for 'contrib' playlist

ISIS-1521: adds links to screencast showing how to merge in pull requests

Merge branch 'ISIS-1524_pr-64'

ISIS-1524: Dates not showing in view model

Added support for java.util.Date to MementoService

ISIS-1521: adds support for monotree block in asciidoc docs

ISIS-1529: fixes pom.xml to be able to render plantuml asciidoc diagrams (as used in wicket viewer guide)

ISIS-1521: fixing bad links in docs; also updating screencasts

ISIS-1532: moves DN OS config props to the DN user guide

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ISIS-1529: changes TableColumnOrderService to use List<String> rather than Set<String>, as less confusing. Also added additional user guide docs on usage.

Merge branch 'ISIS-1526_pr-62'

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

ISIS-1529: adds TableColumnOrderService

Merge branch 'ISIS-1521_pr-60'

Merge branch 'typos' of into ISIS-1521_pr-60

A bunch of other typoes found while reading the docs

peekConfiguration() returns configuration

peekConfiguration() returns a new IsisConfigurationDefault that has a

copy of all the properties currently held within this.configuration.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

revert port

ISIS-1526 - proposed fix

peeking into configuration needs to take into account selective


ISIS-1470: updates to docs post 1.13.1 release

ISIS-1470: merges in release-1.13.1 branch to master

ISIS-1223: adds missing i18n resources that seem to be mandatory in Wicket 7

ISIS-1223: updates to Wicket 7.5.0