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Merge pull request #183 from bkalbfus/master

Allows fat jar to start without error finding asciidoctor in jruby.

Allows fat jar to start without error finding asciidoctor in jruby.

Signed-off-by: Brian Kalbfus <>

ISIS-2222: wip @Action#hidden


ISIS-2222: adds @Action#typeOf

23/46 done.

ISIS-2222: updates docs for @Action#associateWith

ISIS-2222: wip - @Action#associateWith plus fixes for Property#domainEvent


- improves tag handling of asciidoc to be more lenient to spaces.

ISIS-2340: fx: bind UI props and params to backend

ISIS-2340: fx: adds property associated action bar

ISIS-2340: fx collection view: object ref. clicks need an interact. ctx

ISIS-2340: some clean up

ISIS-2341: @antora/cli@2.2 currently not available (bumping versions)(2)

ISIS-2341: @antora/cli@2.2 seems no longer available (bumping versions)

ISIS-2340: fx collectiion view: add clickable object references

ISIS-2419: for a consistent user experience with action dialog validation messages, be less verbose (suppress the category) if its a Category.CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION

ISIS-2340: make common superclass finder a shared utility

and reuse for fx table view

ISIS-2340: fx table view: properly handle column visibility

ISIS-2340: excel-download extension: fix column visibility

ISIS-2340: fixes copy paste bug (sonar)

ISIS-2402: don't let DemoAppJavaFx depend on Wicket

ISIS-2340: fx: populate collection views in single transaction

ISIS-2340: fx/vaadin: fixes asking the wrong FactHolder for layout specific facets

ISIS-2340: renaming for consistency: getMember() -> getMetaModel()

ISIS-2340: more tests

ISIS-2407: Demo: setting max-http-header-size: 16KB

ISIS-2407: remove debug code

ISIS-2407: just comments

ISIS-2407: remove comments

ISIS-2407: fixes bulk select/toggle (UrlEncodingServiceNaiveInMemory)

ISIS-2407: use ViewModel nature for demo items

ISIS-2407: CORS to only filter resteasy