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ISIS-2001: removes duplication between ScalarPanelAbstract2 and ScalarModel

... pushes responsibility down to ScalarModel (which in turn now delegates to ObjectAdapterMemento)

ISIS-2001: caters for dependent defaults returning collection, also makes logic for recomputing default more sophisticated...

... based on *which* previous parameter actually changed.

ISIS-2001: (temporary) adds a mixin to reproduce issue

ISIS-2072: no longer uploads to

ISIS-2001: bumps demo apps to use incode-build:2.6

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Merge branch 'ISIS-2001'

ISIS-2001: generalizes the wicket viewer to support "dependent defaults"

Also, the Wicket viewer will automatically check that defaults are compatible with choices available for the argument (if any) and reset if required.

ISIS-2072: updates comments in .gitlab-ci.yml

ISIS-2072: reinstates pushing libraries into

ISIS-2072: push to 'apacheisis/simpleapp'

rather than 'apacheisiscommitters/simpleapp'

The former is the org_name, whereas latter is direct to user_name

ISIS-2072: debugging

ISIS-2072: debugging

ISIS-2072: debugging

ISIS-2072: updates gitlab, publish simpleapp to docker hub

ISIS-2072: skip assemble zip for GCP

entity too large

ISIS-2072: adds missing profile

ISIS-2072: updates gitlab ci to also publish to GCP.

ISIS-2072: now any exception will cause fallback welcome text to be used

INFRA-17745: updates docs, isis-site moved to github

ISIS-1811: further backporting of M2 release notes into master

ISIS-1811: backports release notes docs for v2 milestones

into master. In future, idea is to maintain them in master but to merge forward into v2

ISIS-1811: updates post 2.0.0-M2 release

making changes here to merge into v2 branch

ISIS-2072: bumps jackson from 2.8.0 to 2.9.8

in order to avoid dependency convergence issues with libraries sitting on top

wishing to exploit newer features (case insensitive enums in 2.9.0, fixing

security issues in 2.9.0 through 2.9.7)

EST-2091: updates blob and clob in the applib, now override equals and hashCode

ISIS-2090: extends MessageService with some simple overloads

ISIS-1290: adds profile for webdocker

... trying to replicate the way that apache/syncope pushes to docker hub

ISIS-1280: further tweaks on link

ISIS-1280: refactors redirection to use a BookmarkablePageLink

once more, so that can 'open in new tab'

Merge branch 'ISIS-2056_pr-136'

Merge branch 'ISIS-2056-Fix-Sonar-Findings' of into ISIS-2056_pr-136