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dynamic parameter names.

Incomplete. Design ok, but a lot of impact... have to pass targetAdapter down to NamedFacet everywhere

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ISIS-1633: updates docs for INLINE_AS_IF_EDIT

ISIS-1640, ISIS-1641, ISIS-1642: updates docs

ISIS-1640, ISIS-1641, ISIS-1642: lets breadcrumb and bookmark panels optionally be hidden, and removes memory leak in Breadcrumbs.

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ISIS-1521: fix to bad link in docs in simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1613: fixes for prompt style when .layout.json is used

ISIS-1521: further minor tidy up of simpleapp archetype

ISIS-1521: cleans up the simpleapp archetype, adds in mavendeps (brought in from incode)

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ISIS-1633: fixes to UI, for reference panel and boolean panel

ISIS-1633: adds support for INLINE_AS_IF_EDIT prompt style

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ISIS-1613: fixes for CSS of dropdowns

ISIS-1592: fixes unit tests

ISIS-1613: no-arg actions no longer prompt (if inline)

ISIS-1613: action defaults are now honoured for inline prompts

ISIS-1613: uses small checkboxes for table view (large for regular form view)

ISIS-1613: standardizes the 'mandatory' CSS for fields by various types (move up to ScalarPanelAbstract2 superclass)

ISIS-1592: updates docs

ISIS-1394: updates docs for optional fieldset

ISIS-1394: fieldset#name now optional so can suppress in layout

ISIS-1592: extends ixn.xsd and cmd.xsd

to include logicalMemberIdentifier.


- extended OTOA and OTMA so have getOnType, same as ObjectAction. Required in order to be able to obtain the objectSpec in order to populate the new logicalMemberIdentifier field

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ISIS-1613: ok, dynamic icon and also reference working, I think.

Was throwing an exception when cleared reference, resultant from pending value in the ScalarModel. Call clearPending on detach (for ScalarModel) to fix this.

Also, rather than EntityIconAndLinkPanel overriding isVisible(), instead use that for its immediate child, the 'entityLink' component

ISIS-1613: small CSS fix to introduce a gap for value panel when have actions to the right

ISIS-1613: fixes concurrency issue with entity icon and title panel

ISIS-1613: work in progress, to get icons dynamic

ISIS-1613: tweaking CSS for drop down menus, font awesome icons

ISIS-1613: now seems to correctly toggle visibility of the icon for reference panel (via the EntityIconAndTitlePanel)

ISIS-1613: inverts nested if statements in ReferencePanel

to simplify the flow.

This is around the area where we obtain the EntityIconAndTitle panel

ISIS-1613: introduces ObjectAdapterModel as a simplified 'live' model for EntityIconAndTitlePanel

ISIS-1613: suppresses rendering of (none) for reference panel when null and is inline prompt

bumps to non-SNAPSHOT version of the asciidoc 'improvethisdoc' plugin