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ISIS-1670: changes ScalarPanelAbstract2 to use onInitialize to onBefore

NB: work-in-progress, this doesn't correctly work because doesn't install all the callbacks as required. For example, in kitchensink, if bring up a ReferenceObject, and change "Some Other Object Optional With Choices" (as an editable property), first time works, but second time the callback to bring up the prompt is not installed.

ISIS-1668: only enables prompt if the associated action is visible and enabled.

Note that this still leaves ISIS-1670 (view is not dynamic)... but since ISIS-1670 was a problem even for regular editable properties, decided that the fix in this commit addresses ISIS-1668 sufficiently.

ISIS-1521: trivial improvement of CSS for select2 with nullable choice

Revert "Revert "Revert "ISIS-1647: bumps to wicket 7.8.0"""

This reverts commit 86e87403fa15212d7dfd0b70bc8618959ce0b8f4.

ISIS-1667: tidies up defunct comments etc in ActionParametersPanel

ISIS-1667: add guard in ComponentFactory for action parameters panel, ensure has parameters. Also...

Also, flip the if statement in the panel itself and make more obvious failing fast.

ISIS-1667: reworks HomePage to call FormExecutorDefault directly

(this was the cause of the stack trace ... simple fact of when there's a home page).

Revert "Revert "ISIS-1647: bumps to wicket 7.8.0""

This reverts commit 333a209eb41a20f1313a4ac989efce433c60c102.

ISIS-1667: moves the no-arg execution logic from ActionParametersPanel to ActionLinkFactoryAbstract

ISIS-1667: trivial refactorings / tidy-up

ISIS-1667: PromptFormAbstract now defines hook for FormExecutorStrategy rather than FormExecutor.

ISIS-1667: adds some missing license headers

ISIS-1667: simplifies FormExecutorDefault and Strategy implementations

The FormExecutorDefault now obtains the model from the strategy, and rename the strategy implementations from their old name

ISIS-1667: renames FormExecutorAbstract to FormExecutorDefault

ISIS-1667: refactors FormExecutorAbstract hierarchy with delegation

with the original subclasses implementing a new, and simpler, FormExecutorAbstract#FormExecutorStrategy interface.

ISIS-1667: removes formExecutor hint from ActionModel and ScalarModel

The only consumer of this (that didn't already have knowledge of the actual implementation held by the model) was PromptFormAbstract; so using a mandatory hook method instead (

ISIS-1667: inlines addHeader in ActionParametersPanel

to better understand the logic

ISIS-1667: refactors ActionParametersPanel and FormExecutorAbstract to understand flow better


- inlined some methods in ActionParametersFormExecutor

- comments to FormExecutorAbstract (is all)

- renamed local vars in ActionParametersPanel (is all)

ISIS-1667: simply inlines buildGui etc methods in ActionParametersPanel

in order to start understanding the logic better

ISIS-1521: fixes bad links

ISIS-1521: fixes broken links

  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1521: reformats some adocs, each sentence on its own line

  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1521: fixing bad links

  1. … 32 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1521: fixing bad links

  1. … 69 more files in changeset.
ISIS-1652: fixes issue with bulk actions no longer being serializable.

ISIS-1654: improves implementation of ObjectAdapterMementoProviderFor... so that they return a simple ArrayList rather than a guava internal class

This change was made as an initial attempt to fix the validator stack trace (which was eventually fixed by way of the implementation in Select2Validator); but have decided to keep in these changes, since makes code more consistent.

ISIS-1654: configures closeOnSelect for collection parameters (SelectMultiChoiceExt), same as for scalar parameters done previously (SelectChoiceExt)

ISIS-1654: fixes issue with select2 validator, was not coping with collection parameters (see Select2Validator, inner class of ScalarPanelSelect2Abstract). Also...


- factored out some duplicated code in ReferencePanel and ValueChoicesSelect2Panel, moving up to their superclass (ScalarPanelSelect2Abstract)

ISIS-1655: fixes logger to use

ISIS-1648: hides the copy link, and changes the bookmarking and breadcrumbs so that the URLs do not include hints.

Also tweak to CSS to make up for absence of copy link after the title.