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HDFS-7847. Modify NNThroughputBenchmark to be able to operate on a remote NameNode (clamb)

Revert "YARN-3181. FairScheduler: Fix up outdated findbugs issues. (kasha)"

This reverts commit c2b185def846f5577a130003a533b9c377b58fab.

HDFS-7940. Add tracing to DFSClient#setQuotaByStorageType (Rakesh R via Colin P. McCabe)

YARN-3243. CapacityScheduler should pass headroom from parent to children to make sure ParentQueue obey its capacity limits. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

HADOOP-11721. switch jenkins patch tester to use git clean instead of mvn clean (temp commit)

YARN-3197. Confusing log generated by CapacityScheduler. Contributed by Varun Saxena.

HDFS-5356. MiniDFSCluster should close all open FileSystems when shutdown() (Contributed by Rakesh R)

MAPREDUCE-4653. TestRandomAlgorithm has an unused import statement. Contributed by Amir Sanjar.

HADOOP-11720. [JDK8] Fix javadoc errors caused by incorrect or illegal tags in hadoop-tools. Contributed by Akira AJISAKA.

MAPREDUCE-5755. MapTask.MapOutputBuffer#compare/swap should have @Override annotation. (ozawa)

MAPREDUCE-6100. replace mapreduce.job.credentials.binary with MRJobConfig.MAPREDUCE_JOB_CREDENTIALS_BINARY for better readability. Contributed by Zhihai Xu.

HDFS-7838. Expose truncate API for libhdfs. (yliu)

YARN-3339. TestDockerContainerExecutor should pull a single image and not the entire centos repository. (Ravindra Kumar Naik via raviprak)

YARN-3349. Treat all exceptions as failure in TestFSRMStateStore#testFSRMStateStoreClientRetry. Contributed by Zhihai Xu.

HADOOP-8059. Update CHANGES.txt to target 2.7.0.

HADOOP-11638. OpensslSecureRandom.c pthreads_thread_id should support FreeBSD and Solaris in addition to Linux. Contributed by Kiran Kumar M R.

HDFS-7886. Fix TestFileTruncate falures. Contributed by Plamen Jeliazkov and Konstantin Shvachko.

MAPREDUCE-6105. nconsistent configuration in property mapreduce.reduce.shuffle.merge.percent. Contributed by Ray Chiang.

MAPREDUCE-4414. Add main methods to JobConf and YarnConfiguration, for debug purposes. Contributed by Plamen Jeliazkov.

HDFS-2360. Ugly stacktrce when quota exceeds. (harsh)

HADOOP-11714. Add more trace log4j messages to SpanReceiverHost (cmccabe)

YARN-2854. Addendum patch to fix the minor issue in the timeline service documentation.

HADOOP-9477. Amendment to CHANGES.txt.

HADOOP-11692. Amendment to CHANGES.txt.

YARN-1453. [JDK8] Fix Javadoc errors caused by incorrect or illegal tags in doc comments. Contributed by Akira AJISAKA, Andrew Purtell, and Allen Wittenauer.

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YARN-3171. Sort by Application id, AppAttempt and ContainerID doesn't work in ATS / RM web ui. Contributed by Naganarasimha G R

HDFS-7915. The DataNode can sometimes allocate a ShortCircuitShm slot and fail to tell the DFSClient about it because of a network error (cmccabe)

Revert "HADOOP-11558. Fix dead links to doc of hadoop-tools. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki."

This reverts commit 7da136ecca4dafc83ef69b5d9980fa5b67ada084.

HADOOP-11558. Fix dead links to doc of hadoop-tools. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki.

HADOOP-11558. Fix dead links to doc of hadoop-tools. Contributed by Jean-Pierre Matsumoto.