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HDFS-7188. support build libhdfs3 on windows (Thanh Do via Colin P. McCabe)

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HDFS-7018. Implement hdfs.h interface in libhdfs3 (wangzw via cmccabe)

HDFS-7577. Add additional headers needed by Windows (Thanh Do via Colin P. McCabe)

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Merge branch 'apache-trunk' into HDFS-6994

HDFS-7056. Snapshot support for truncate. Contributed by Konstantin Shvachko and Plamen Jeliazkov.

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HDFS-3107. Introduce truncate. Contributed by Plamen Jeliazkov.

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HADOOP-11465. Fix findbugs warnings in hadoop-gridmix. (Contributed by Varun Saxena)

YARN-2643. Don't create a new DominantResourceCalculator on every FairScheduler.allocate call. (kasha via rkanter)

HDFS-7600. Refine hdfs admin classes to reuse common code. Contributed by Jing Zhao.

HDFS-5445. PacketReceiver populates the packetLen field in PacketHeader incorrectly (Jonathan Mace via Colin P. McCabe)

HDFS-7598. Remove dependency on old version of Guava in TestDFSClientCache#testEviction (Sangjin Lee via Colin P. McCabe)

HADOOP-11473. test-patch says "-1 overall" even when all checks are +1 (Jason Lowe via raviprak)

HDFS-7533. Datanode sometimes does not shutdown on receiving upgrade shutdown command. Contributed by Eric Payne.

HDFS-7326. Add documentation for hdfs debug commands (Vijay Bhat via Colin P. McCabe)

YARN-2957. Create unit test to automatically compare YarnConfiguration and yarn-default.xml. (rchiang via rkanter)

YARN-3027. Scheduler should use totalAvailable resource from node instead of availableResource for maxAllocation. (adhoot via rkanter)

HDFS-7323. Move the get/setStoragePolicy commands out from dfsadmin. (jing9 via yliu)

HDFS-7596. NameNode should prune dead storages from storageMap. Contributed by Arpit Agarwal.

HADOOP-11400. GraphiteSink does not reconnect to Graphite after 'broken pipe' (Kamil Gorlo via raviprak)

YARN-3014. Replaces labels on a host should update all NM's labels on that host. Contributed by Wangda Tan

YARN-2956. Added missing links in YARN documentation. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki

HDFS-7182. JMX metrics aren't accessible when NN is busy. Contributed by Ming Ma.

HADOOP-9992. Modify the NN loadGenerator to optionally run as a MapReduce job. Contributed by Akshay Radia

YARN-3002. YARN documentation needs updating post-shell rewrite (aw)

HADOOP-11464. Reinstate support for launching Hadoop processes on Windows using Cygwin. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

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HDFS-7574. Make cmake work in Windows Visual Studio 2010 (Thanh Do via Colin P. McCabe)

HADOOP-11470. Remove some uses of obsolete guava APIs from the hadoop codebase (Sangjin Lee via Colin P. McCabe)

HDFS-7579. Improve log reporting during block report rpc failure. Contributed by Charles Lamb.

YARN-2997. Fixed NodeStatusUpdater to not send alreay-sent completed container statuses on heartbeat. Contributed by Chengbing Liu

HDFS-7589. Break the dependency between libnative_mini_dfs and libhdfs. Contributed by Zhanwei Wang.