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HDFS-7088. Archival Storage: fix TestBalancer and TestBalancerWithMultipleNameNodes. Contributed by Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze.

Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6584



YARN-2559. Fixed NPE in SystemMetricsPublisher when retrieving FinalApplicationStatus. Contributed by Zhijie Shen

HDFS-7078. Fix listEZs to work correctly with snapshots. (wang)

HDFS-7004. Update KeyProvider instantiation to create by URI. (wang)

Move some HDFS JIRAs to the correct CHANGES.txt

HADOOP-11040. Return value of read(ByteBuffer buf) in CryptoInputStream is incorrect in some cases. (Yi Liu via wang)

YARN-2558. Updated ContainerTokenIdentifier#read/write to use ContainerId#getContainerId. Contributed by Tsuyoshi OZAWA.

HADOOP-11016. KMS should support signing cookies with zookeeper secret manager. (tucu)

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HDFS-7075. hadoop-fuse-dfs fails because it cannot find JavaKeyStoreProvider$Factory. (cmccabe)

HDFS-6843. Add to CHANGES.txt

Merge changes from trunk

HDFS-6843. Create FileStatus isEncrypted() method (clamb via cmccabe)

HDFS-6705. Create an XAttr that disallows the HDFS admin from accessing a file. (clamb via wang)

Revert "HADOOP-11016. KMS should support signing cookies with zookeeper secret manager. (tucu)"

This reverts commit 0a495bef5cd675dce4c928cb5331588bb198accf.

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Revert "HADOOP-10982"

This reverts commit d9a86031a077184d429dd5463e7da156df112011.

HDFS-6864. Archival Storage: add user documentation. Contributed by Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze.

HADOOP-11062. CryptoCodec testcases requiring OpenSSL should be run only if -Pnative is used. (asuresh via tucu)

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Fix hadoop-hdfs-project/hadoop-hdfs/CHANGES.txt .

Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6584

HDFS-7072. Fix TestBlockManager and TestStorageMover. Contributed by Jing Zhao

HADOOP-11097. kms docs say proxyusers, not proxyuser for config params. (clamb via tucu)

HADOOP-11099. KMS return HTTP UNAUTHORIZED 401 on ACL failure. (tucu)

HADOOP-11016. KMS should support signing cookies with zookeeper secret manager. (tucu)

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YARN-1250. Addendum

YARN-1250. Generic history service should support application-acls. (Contributed by Zhijie Shen)

Merge changes from trunk

HDFS-7052. Archival Storage: Add Mover into hdfs script. Contributed by Jing Zhao.

HADOOP-10922. User documentation for CredentialShell. Contributed by Larry McCay.