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HDFS-6581. Update CHANGES.txt in preparation for trunk merge

Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6581

HDFS-6754. TestNamenodeCapacityReport.testXceiverCount may sometimes fail due to lack of retry. Contributed by Mit Desai.

YARN-2179. [YARN-1492] Initial cache manager structure and context. (Chris Trezzo via kasha)

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HDFS-7171. Fix Jenkins failures in HDFS-6581 branch. (Arpit Agarwal)

Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6581




HDFS-7153. Add storagePolicy to NN edit log during file creation. (Arpit Agarwal)

Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6581

HADOOP-11117 UGI HadoopLoginModule doesn't catch & wrap all kerberos-related exceptions (stevel)

HADOOP-11113. Namenode not able to reconnect to KMS after KMS restart. (Arun Suresh via wang)

HADOOP-11156. DelegateToFileSystem should implement getFsStatus(final Path f). Contributed by Zhihai Xu.

YARN-2602. Fixed possible NPE in ApplicationHistoryManagerOnTimelineStore. Contributed by Zhijie Shen

YARN-2594. Potential deadlock in RM when querying ApplicationResourceUsageReport. (Wangda Tan via kasha)

YARN-2387. Resource Manager crashes with NPE due to lack of synchronization. Contributed by Mit Desai

YARN-2627. Added the info logs of attemptFailuresValidityInterval and number of previous failed attempts. Contributed by Xuan Gong.

HDFS-7167. NPE while running Mover if the given path is for a file. Contributed by Jing Zhao.

Preparing to branch hadoop-2.6

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HADOOP-11145. TestFairCallQueue fails. Contributed by Akira AJISAKA.

HADOOP-11154. Update BUILDING.txt to state that CMake 3.0 or newer is required on Mac. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

HDFS-7129. Metrics to track usage of memory for writes. (Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao)

HDFS-7159. Use block storage policy to set lazy persist preference. (Arpit Agarwal)

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Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6581

HDFS-6779. Add missing version subcommand for hdfs. Contributed by Sasaki Toru.

Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6581

HADOOP-11130. NFS updateMaps OS check is reversed. Contributed by Brandon Li

HADOOP-11153. Make number of KMS threads configurable. (wang)

HDFS-7122. Use of ThreadLocal<Random> results in poor block placement. (wang)

YARN-2606. Application History Server tries to access hdfs before doing secure login (Mit Desai via jeagles)

HDFS-7124. Remove EncryptionZoneManager.NULL_EZ. (clamb via wang)

Merge branch 'trunk' into HDFS-6581